Prepositions after "suggestive"

suggestive of, for, in, about or rather?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 92% of cases suggestive of is used

And that's suggestive of, well, clubbing.

It is obviously suggestive of a causal connection.

It was horribly suggestive of a tumultuous pursuit.

Grierson, whose whip-toting image is alarmingly suggestive of what he was capable.

Released this month, his Metempsychosis EP is suggestive of his musical transition.

Examination of individual responses is suggestive of a small group of responders '.

The lectern rested on a blue-carpeted stage, inside a circle of white stars suggestive of the presidential seal.

Certain other tests are used to diagnose amyloidosis and, while suggestive of this condition, are not definitive.

But they are more suggestive of the humorous and humane man who wrote the greatest plays in the English language.

To me (and I've never been) this is very suggestive of the wafers in last communion / Eucharist -- the last supper.

In 2% of cases suggestive for is used

The distorted left wing finger is suggestive for this.

Finally it is film that is most suggestive for Benjamin.

Some are too large or the wording too suggestive for the office.

Not a hard and fast roll-out (or arbitrary deadline which, by the way, was suggestive for movement only) deadline.

But it is suggestive for the tradition of scepticism in feminist film theory that continuously denounces the patriarchal functions of the image.

In 2% of cases suggestive in is used

She's not dressed immodestly or suggestive in any way.

The HAPs study is again highly suggestive in this regard.

Question: Obviously, this is not the first time you are posing suggestive in a picture.

None of this information was, however, suggestive in any way of a clandestine relationship.

Smoking Gun refers to evidence that is highly suggestive in favor of a particular hypothesis.

Conclusion The excavation of season 2010/11 is suggestive in nature, indicating the potentiality of the site.

Oddly enough, when the speaker was no longer in front of them, there seemed to be much that was suggestive in what he had said.

Did I ever stated upfront here or in anyway suggestive in this webpage that PAP is evil or anything of the evil type? Please don't misunderstand.

A murder was brought to light in Bellevue hospital which is suggestive in some of its details of the Whitechapel crimes in London that made Jack the Ripper notorious.

In 1% of cases suggestive about is used

The evidence is also pretty suggestive about who is winning this war.

Therefore they are not specific rather they are suggestive about how to measure or gauge compliance.

In 1% of cases suggestive rather is used

Scenery was almost always suggestive rather than realistic.

Setting and action tend to be suggestive rather than panoramic or colossal.

While the researchers considered this a suggestive rather than a definitive finding, it is intriguing one.

For the species you mention, the evidence seems to be variable, and often suggestive rather than conclusive.

For the species you mention, the evidence seems to me to be variable, and often suggestive rather than conclusive.

And these acolytes could be correct since historical patterns are merely suggestive rather than Marxist Iron Laws.

It's suggestive rather than demonstrable, but I'd trying to say that techniques sometimes filtered up from AG to war on terror prisoners, not only down.

Much of the evidence presented has been very suggestive rather than concrete in nature, however, several elements emerge to generate tangible conclusions.

There are very few lane markings except on main streets, and traffic lights only on main junctions, but these seem to be suggestive rather than proscriptive.

In 1% of cases suggestive to is used

Its alphabet contains forty-two letters, suggestive to a stranger of Chinese.

I don't like 3 because it is suggestive to me of a form one might use when the past liking refers to an event that is now present.

Typically, a cycle of medication use, followed by partial headache relief, followed by another headache, can be suggestive to medication overuse headache.

Although he explicitly stated they weren't forecasts, seeing those curves dropping below 0% growth rate was strongly suggestive to those looking for evidence that peak oil was near at hand.

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