Prepositions after "suggest"

"suggest to" or "suggest by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases suggest to is used

I suggest what i suggest to all reverts.

You simply must uncover people and suggest to them you exist.

Geppert recently suggested to me? Still other questions arise.

However Angelika declined and suggested to Monica to just go and but her something.

After several months I decided they would be happier on a farm and suggested to Mrs.

Jim Hagerty came in and suggested to the President that perhaps he too was ready to go.

I managed to bat away most of the stuff suggested to me, and the way the interview might go took shape in my mind.

Sensors and metering were suggested to more equitably balance abstractions between upstream and downstream farmers.

I suggested to him that if I was advising Gordon Brown I would be telling him to make a particular speech right now.

One professional philosopher suggested to me that really we should interpret the blackboard question more charitably.

In 30% of cases suggest by is used

In the 2013 edition -- as suggested by ultra-marathoner, Atty.

I like the guidelines suggested by former spook Sr David Omand for his trade.

This has been suggested by one professor who looked at my innovative software methods.

Diagnosis is suggested by the clinical and radiographic features discussed previously.

It's being suggested by some that AW may end up spending around 40 million this summer.

They are still effective, but I used condoms as a backup during the first 7 full days, as suggested by my doctor.

Understood the knowledge from different perspectives suggested by others who came from different major departments.

Apart from being the nearest road of the three suggested by the Surveyor, the adopted street has several advantages.

A number of these sites were suggested by different viewers and linked by the DLSU Webteam after careful evaluation.

In 15% of cases suggest in is used

I've done what you suggested in the OP.

Adapt the discussions suggested in here.

As suggested in some comments on the St.

President Obama has suggested in the past that he might be open to changing the seniors ' health.

Anyway, I love him, and maybe I need to provide more of the environment the author suggests in the book.

I'd not sure why you think it will become safe for them to do any of the things you suggest in the future.

I absolutely LOVE the Holloween costume tips GG suggests in her post, I may just go with static cling as its easy.

This is not to suggest in any way that those who attack the great Madhhab s are the conscious tools of Islam's enemies.

All of the follow-up discussions suggested in this section should happen by the time your child enters adolescence and puberty.

In the measures that were suggested in achieving the new set targets, the cost saving schemes should be put forward especially by the private sector.

In 7% of cases suggest for is used

A number of reasons can be suggested for this.

You may find this an odd skill to suggest for an editor.

A number of possible reasons can be suggested for these trends.

Are the methods that the Guide suggests for doing these things feasible? Are they sufficient.

So long he is an educated and influential man, does not suggest for him to be the next president.

Your stock broker will suggest for you on the most worthwhile stocks available in the market nowadays.

A variety of technologies have been suggested for the bioremediation of treated wood at the end of its life cycle, i.

I'd not suggesting for one minute that this situation occurs every day but it is just one example of what we deal with.

Not suggesting for a moment that I have reached firm conclusions on all this (apart from on the uselessness of impact factors).

I do not suggest for one moment that those who wear this ridiculous garment are in any way comparable to the scribes of Jesus ' day.

In 3% of cases suggest as is used

What would you suggest as an alternatve? http: //soulmeetsworld.

The following is suggested as a rational and minimal basis for discussion.

Biomass energy is often suggested as a replacement for fossil fuel combustion.

Various ceramic bearing upgrades have been suggested as the most profitable action in this area.

Because of this, the swan was suggested as the obvious choice for a badge by Governor Weld in 1870.

His name has been suggested as a possible successor to Joe Clark, the leader of the federal Conservative party.

These were suggested as the final resting places for water ice deposited by collisions between the moon and comets.

The project is in the development stage and no actress is attached, although Nicole Kidman has been suggested as a good physical likeness.

Basic reduce a few piece you might have about by incorporating domestic hot water and some of that soap that people suggested as well as stroke this a little.

Going by the difficult moment the nation is passing through, what would you suggest as solution? The only thing is that back home, Nigerians should come together.

In 3% of cases suggest on is used

He suggested on his blog: The model is brilliant, if you have an audience.

Suggesting on the way forward, the actor noted that there are diverse guilds in the movie industry.

This plan of action is suggested on the basis of the previous case study and Quality Model of Service Gap by Parsuraman.

I am more in favour of restricting voting to tax payers and pensioners, or as I suggested on my blog yesterday http: **28;1325;TOOLONG? q=node.

Food is excellent, but you can ignore the light lunch before hand suggested on the website as there is more than enough food on the tour for even a.

Evidence from several studies suggest on average, undergraduate students commonly consume unhealthy diets high in salt, saturated fat and sugar and low in fruit and vegetables.

In 1% of cases suggest about is used

What do you suggest about the electronics, etc.

Is there anything you can suggest about Feng Shui regarding the car.

Further to what Malcolm and others have suggested about getting the government we deserve.

As it happens, we have been talking about doing something very much like what he suggests about taking work in Poetry as the basis for discussion.

In 1% of cases suggest at is used

Several recommendations were suggested at yesterday's meeting.

Suggested at the recent hearing but found to be to complex (for some reason) would be to move to a 5 year holding period for long term gains.

Any water existing now is likely to be under the surface of the planet as ice/frost in the soil, but these features suggest at some time in the past there was very clearly water on the surface.

In 1% of cases suggest from is used

Thus, because of its in vitro nature, the present model may be useful to test hypothesis on neuronal interactions that at present can only be suggested from in vivo results.

In 1% of cases suggest with is used

The game was maybe tighter though than the scoreline suggests with the sides level with ten minutes to go only for the home side to produce a strong conclusion to clinch the victory.

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