Prepositions after "sufficient"

sufficient for, in, to, as or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases sufficient for is used

The Bible is sufficient for the.

A word is sufficient for the wise.

And thus much is sufficient for the.

The presence of bilateral vestibular schwannomas is sufficient for the diagnosis.

Occasionally the measurement of an indicant is sufficient for the task at hand e.

Answer My paying for lunch is necessary and sufficient for your paying for dinner.

There are often two infected persons per family but the savings are hardly sufficient for the treatment of one.

The syntax will merely show all possible values of a field, which may be sufficient for the developer, but not.

This water is sufficient for the plant growth as well as for maintaining the surroundings humid and hospitable.

There is no such thing as absolute certainty, but there is assurance sufficient for the purposes of human life.

In 12% of cases sufficient in is used

They are self sufficient in food.

Is it not sufficient in regard to.

It soon proves sufficient in itself.

I also usually find that maj and min is sufficient in most instances for starters.

Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things? '.

Ensure that the venue you have chosen is sufficient in terms of space and amenities.

A few hours exercise might possibly be sufficient in your team to read managing software program with the gurus.

It obviously didn't prove sufficient to the -- the nature of the attack and sufficient in that -- in that moment.

India is almost self sufficient in food and feeds other nations as well, being the top exporter of major cereals.

Any building with a large enough roof can be fitted with solar panels and become self sufficient in energy terms.

In 5% of cases sufficient to is used

A word is sufficient to the wise.

Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.

Yet, God's grace has been sufficient to GNAAS.

This may be sufficient to sow fear in the common conscience of the Sinhala people.

Bother not about the morrow, for sufficient to the day Is the evil (rather more so).

Yes, if it is sufficient to itself, a cigar can be enriched by a well-tuned alliance.

If it's not caused then it's sufficient to itself, and if it's sufficient to itself it is what I call necessary.

This is not the least of their transgressions in these things, but is sufficient to violate all they do besides.

If you come across that one web site is not responsive sufficient to you or to other customers, stop right away.

It obviously didn't prove sufficient to the -- the nature of the attack and sufficient in that -- in that moment.

In 2% of cases sufficient as is used

Allah is sufficient as Trustee.

Allah is sufficient as a Helper.

We are sufficient as a Reckoner.

A couple of nights are sufficient as the real joy of Mongolia lies in its countryside.

Interest based opportunities alone are still not sufficient as a gifted education programme.

This might be perfectly satisfactory at the time, but was not sufficient as against the prisoner.

He needs a partner to do a shop yet he wants to be self sufficient as a young adult without leaning on the parent.

We believe that that will be sufficient as a result of our financing to get us bring the company to cash flow breakeven.

If the bin is indoors, a sheet of dark plastic or burlap sacking placed loosely on top of the bedding is sufficient as a cover.

Non-secure information, such as the contact email address or account billing address, is not sufficient as a security verification.

In 2% of cases sufficient of is used

I cant get sufficient of this blog.

I just can not get sufficient of it.

That is sufficient of that exchange.

The Political Economy of Good from the absence of sufficient of good times to one into.

So He thought himself sufficient of preaching activities of Khilafat, and stopped doing that.

My Lord You have created me and have obliged me although You were self sufficient of my existence.

The pound note was rapidly withdrawn once sufficient of the coins were in circulation, forcing its use by the public.

If you say that your property says sleeps x then make sure there is sufficient of everything for that number of guests.

Eventually appointees were chosen to ensure there were sufficient of them to support legislation abolishing the Council.

Make sure that your computer have sufficient of power supply as insufficient of power will cause malfunction of hardware.

In 2% of cases sufficient on is used

They were in many ways self sufficient on Hoy.

KiwiSaver is not seen as sufficient on its own.

Neither is sufficient on its own, both are required.

Senses alone are not sufficient on this job so the brain must also rely from external factors.

But it is unlikely to be sufficient on its own for a growing number of instructors and learners.

Both are sufficient on the Schofield Test, but are they even necessary? Dog poo might do as well.

The reasoning for being self sufficient on solar PV was given here and over the last few weeks posts and comments.

None of the factors like these would be sufficient on its own to unilaterally bring about a catastrophe of such scale.

The wrong expert The two mistakes described above were sufficient on their own to justify a successful appeal in 2003.

A return to higher growth rates may trigger one or both of these conditions but may (or may not) be sufficient on its own.

In 1% of cases sufficient at is used

An away draw is sufficient at this point.

Three kids is quite sufficient at this point.

It's also extremely sufficient at repairing itself after receiving damage.

For some nutrients, the data are not sufficient at this time to establish a UL.

Volume was sufficient at a middle setting (6/10) and the call was pretty clear.

For a game board, printing it out on one or more pieces of paper is sufficient at this stage.

While regular vacuuming is often sufficient at this stage, in extreme cases you may need to spray a second time.

May be I am already sufficient at SEO, but I could not find much new information that helped me improve my web sites.

Kenya offers a variety of habitats that would have been sufficient at this stage) and then the technology could have been exported after validation.

And allowing that even this might not be sufficient at any one location, a strong measure of redundancy would also have to be factored into the scheme.

In 1% of cases sufficient by is used

Neither one is sufficient by itself.

Is this sufficient by the Shari'ah? A.

State exchanges must be self sufficient by 2015.

There are two main approaches to addressing NCDs, neither of which is sufficient by itself.

The ISA is usually sufficient by itself, but if wording is required it should be kept short.

Even if there are plural values, this is neither necessary nor sufficient by itself to explain conflict.

The rights have to be seen as sufficient by the minorities and also have to be seen as necessary by the majority.

Our government continues to encourage the general population to become self sufficient by taking on these practices.

A rash of suicide bombings against Syrian government targets is sufficient by itself to dispel any doubts about that.

Many Hills district residents like the Kentwells were self sufficient by having their own cow, fruit, vegetables, eggs, etc.

In 1% of cases sufficient unto is used

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Sufficient unto each day is the evil thereof.

No nation is an island sufficient unto itself.

What should he do about her? Well, sufficient unto the day was the evil thereof.

I enumerate these partly to indicate that the village of 700 was sufficient unto itself.

Another point you have got to bear in mind is that your relatives are sufficient unto you.

But, yes, each little happiness is a promise of more to come, while being at the same time, sufficient unto itself.

Verily, we are sufficient unto you against the scoffers, who take with God another god, but they will come to know.

From the beginning, then, its purpose is to be separate, sufficient unto itself and independent of any power except its own.

If you're Facebook you don't need that leverage, but few people in publishing have an ecosystem that is sufficient unto itself.

In 1% of cases sufficient with is used

It is important to drink sufficient with the fibre.

Ten years is not sufficient with the amount of costs they are throwing away.

But its more than sufficient with everything you could need for a comfortable stay.

The breakfast was good &; sufficient with a choice of continental, American or Nongsa.

It would be very much sufficient with just 50% volume till I may consider it as very loud.

A 10% deposit should be sufficient with payments to follow as each stage of work is completed.

The amount of energy that a small village house uses should be self sufficient with a few solar cells.

A reliable and well-designed VFD system will be sufficient with a minimum Operating time and maintenance.

However, 4 per cent of the respondents stated that the present space was sufficient with unmarried children.

The Tree Houses are completely self sufficient with a fridge and microwave for morning coffee and late night snacks.

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