Prepositions after "sue"

"sue for", "sue in" or "sue by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases sue for is used

Xi Xia was forced to sue for peace.

Any company can be sued for anything.

Right to sue for execution of trust 59.

If you are an attorney representing a fake trust, or bank you can and will be sued for fraud.

Crick also revealed that the accused would sue for libel should the BBC broadcast the programme.

Now greedy Agus Anwar is being sued for bankruptcy in Singapore (in spite of his hidden millions).

For houses built since November 2004, you may be able to sue for breach of the implied warranties in the building contract.

Accidents can happen and, should an incident occur in the studio, you are liable if an individual needs to sue for damages.

In December 2011, a blogger was sued for defamation in the US for an online post that relied on an anonymous source for information.

But as to celebrities/politicians, celebrities (rich celebrities) are perfectly capable of hiring good lawyers and suing for libel.

In 15% of cases sue by is used

Pyne is being sued by Sandals for allegedly making US$1.

Some races as small as 100 runners have been sued by this company.

NJ attorneys tell us representing consumers who are being sued by predatory debt companies are wreaking havoc.

Bloggers and social media users have also been sued by both private individuals and public figures in other countries.

On being sued by 50 Cent I didn't sue him, he took me to court for child support, he sued me for defamation of character.

Ray Beckerman, a New York lawyer that has represented clients sued by the RIAA, was shocked by the industry's latest move.

Afterall, I didn't want to be sued by Chanel or Mui Mui -- that would place me in financial hardship for the rest of my life.

Several years after leaving the firm, Mr Iqbal represented an individual who was being sued by Dean Manson in the county court.

However, he received his comeuppance when he was sued by just about every boy band on the planet for frauding them out of gazillions.

In 12% of cases sue in is used

I recall the trustees of the Stanley Cup were sued in the last lockout.

Section 6 States can not be sued in federal courts by a foreign country.

If you or your lawyer can't reach an agreement with ICBC, you may sue in court.

The UCI sued in Swiss courts because it was easy to do so and they knew Floyd would not show.

It looks like a never-ending pattern of companies getting sued in the telecommunications industry.

They are plaintiffs (those who are suing in a civil case) or defendants (those being sued in a civil case or accused in criminal cases).

They are plaintiffs (those who are suing in a civil case) or defendants (those being sued in a civil case or accused in criminal cases).

While the mortgage mess is mostly covered by federal and state laws, You can still sue in small claims court for a great deal of related things.

In 3% of cases sue on is used

C may compel B on a proper indemnity to allow C to sue on the contract in B's name.

B may sue on behalf of himself and C for an injunction to restrain A from making the sale.

Tanzanian activist lawyers added to the problem by suing on behalf of families of allegedly-buried miners around Bulyanhulu.

In 3% of cases sue over is used

The software giant are being sued over misleading advertising regarding the amount of storage space in the 32GB Surface tablet.

In 2008, Fox threatened to sue over The Day the Earth Stopped, for similarities to the studio's release The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Why would Romney's face and eyes get all red and blotchy after that? Romney looked like he was about to CRY! Boehner is ready to sue over copyright infringements.

In 1% of cases sue due is used

Parmalat eventually filed for bankruptcy and very sued due to manipulation of reports among many other claims.

In 1% of cases sue upon is used

Here, there was nothing to stay because the agreement being sued upon did not contain an arbitration agreement.

There are however certain specific exceptions, such as statute-barred debts, debts which could not be sued upon (e.

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