Prepositions after "suck"

"suck into" or "suck at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases suck into is used

In a gradual way I became sucked into this.

But he often allowed himself to be sucked into minutiae.

We have been sucked into this war which has devastated us.

Getting sucked into a job, where you have to trade hours for dollars, is just as bad.

Gentarou says yes and whatever it takes, and then he gets sucked into the dark nebula.

Now, John Key has been sucked into the same cess-pit of slime that Banks crawled out of.

Their children who are also struggling to adjust to the culture get sucked into the American high school behavior.

You have said that you buy into the dual-loyalty canard and that as a result of this Jews get? sucked into? lying.

I'd not going to lie, the deeper the mystery went the more I got sucked into the story and just didn't want to stop reading.

We got into trouble the last time we dared question why so many women in the technology industry get sucked into the public sector.

In 22% of cases suck at is used

Unfortunately, I suck at hip hop.

We can't skate we suck at surfing.

I have this, and I suck at lining.

I suck at choosing whats more important than the other thing -- it just doesn't work for me.

STFU already you pathetic sad little troll that makes excuses as to why you suck at this game.

I have a girlfriend who is disinterested in games and sucks at them when she plays to amuse me.

I guess it shows how much the government sucks at making websites when they choose to use facebook instead of their own sites.

Give me: a real manual focus ring, 1080/60p, AF that doesn't suck at EV3 and at least half hour video clips, and then we'll talk.

If she sucks at giving head (or doesn't ), you need to tell her exactly what needs to happen to make sure that she gets you worked up a little bit.

What other choice do I have that gives me great 2D and good 3D???????? If a projector is only giving me great 2D but sucks at 3D then it's not a good choice.

In 13% of cases suck on is used

Has she been sucking on a pacifier? MARGE Uh.

My fingers teased her lips and I sucked on her ear lobe.

Go back to sucking on the preverbial baby bottle of the liberals.

Suck on her ear lobes, because she especially loves that! Tell her that you love her ears.

She pulled them out slowly, and placed them in her mouth, sucking on them between pursed lips.

Adults and nymphs suck on flowers and developing fruits causing flower abortion and early nutfall.

Keep nuzzling right on up to your big Fed mother and keep sucking on her teet! I think you get the jist of my arguement.

Outrageous, easily proven lies, and we have been told to suck on them like they're a candy cane sticking out of the pants of Uncle Sam.

We emphasize feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness so that learning does not become yet another time suck on our already busy daily operations.

The complainant said that she didn't like a tight-fitting mask, to which he replied, ' You can suck on the end of a tube for all I care, as long as you get some oxygen.

In 9% of cases suck in is used

It might push up some prices and suck in some imports.

GAA is so huge in this country that it arguably sucks in all our best athletes.

Their products only suck in the eyes of people who are smart enough to compare them with competing software.

High summer temperatures on the Eurasian continent that suck in colder, moist air from the ocean, fuel the monsoon.

I see no compelling reason or feature to pay for Windows 7, and it will suck in the enterprise just as badly as Vista did.

We're sucked in early with fairytales and if we're lucky, by watching our parents verbalize their admiration for one another.

I know I've almost got sucked in a few times, then realised I need to break free and go and read some stuff about folk music, cookery or warts.

To suck in young boys and their families into playing football and spending all that time training in the hope that they one day might be just like them.

Iceland did a sort of Argentina default in 2008, when it sucked in foreign banking deposits into a significantly over-leveraged domestic banking system.

Also do not suck in your stomach when taking pictures as your chest puffs up unattractively and your facial muscles tense up, giving a stuffed turkey look.

In 8% of cases suck up is used

Don't suck up to hollyweird in any way plz.

Lately Perez has sucked up to Hollywood now that he is semi famous.

Really, I doubt that this is some temporary sucking up to religion.

So that means that infastructure has to be put in place and the costs sucked up until people come.

Many God-worshipers seem to have an unquenchable desire to suck up to rich, powerful authority-claimants.

Large solicitor firms have sucked up most remaining business and work their employees like battery hens.

Saying at least we have media watch does not make me feel any better even you want to suck up to Murdoch, by the tone of this article.

There was no need for AK or for TA or Anna to constantly be in the media and suck up to them with interviews, sound bites and turning panellists.

Key, by essentially advancing all traditional Labour positions (extending welfare, sucking up to Maori etc ), has forced Labour even more to the left.

So what do the Nat's do? Try and stop NZF getting back into parliament or suck up to them? One thing is certain, Shearer is quietly stearing Labour to victory.

In 4% of cases suck for is used

I feel bad for the players on the bench sucks for them.

Considering they are a business, it's understandable, it just sucks for us gamers.

Just like Miami when it first came together, you guys are probably going to suck for a while.

The stupid Indian army is not going to attack Pakistan or try to do so -- they know that would suck for them.

No AWS on the 920 International (according to WP Central) kinda sucks for me as I was hoping to use it on Wind or Mobi.

In 4% of cases suck from is used

He had sucked from her every three or four days thereafter.

There is more juice to be sucked from this experience than we can begin to imagine.

Caridan agreed to this bargain, promised her soul and permitted this familiar to suck from her.

Vapour is sucked from a cars fuel tank at the same rate as fuel is dispersed limiting dispersion into the atmosphere.

An auto-style alternator is actually only around 60% efficient so the actual amount of horsepower we'll be sucking from the engine to power our cell is going to be around 6.

In 4% of cases suck out is used

The liquefied fat is then sucked out of the body.

The life had long been sucked out of conferences by this point.

As the waters get sucked out of the bays we take out our cameras.

When the air is sucked out of the balloon, a tight grip is created.

The record will deteriorate and its life will gradually be sucked out of it.

We should have forced the Government to refund us all the money that they and the corporations sucked out of us.

I am not exaggerating when I say that you could feel the air literally being sucked out of the room by that announcement.

Spend that extra 14 cents for employee insurance, and I won't bitch about the free extra dollar you suck out of my wallet for every delivery.

A final thought: Considering the amount of money sucked out of the club by Glazer and his linear descendants, imagine where they would be if they had that sort of money to spend on football matters.

In 2% of cases suck about is used

It totally sucks about budget cuts.

The 4 Cycle Solution This is what SUCKS about diets.

As I've posted already, I really suspect that there's a lot more that will suck about this choice that just a few minutes of extreme discomfort on Jan 20.

In 1% of cases suck without is used

My life would suck without you 4.

In 1% of cases suck with is used

Her personality Sucks with a capital S.

In 1% of cases suck off is used

Blame anything to avoid the reality that this Susan Rice is another GooberMINT idiot employee sucking off the taxpayer's money while delivering nothing but stupidity.

In 1% of cases suck as is used

He now officially sucks as a leader, and rightly so.

Just because the iPad sucks as a laptop replacement, don't make the mistake of thinking all tablets suck as laptop replacements.

Just because the iPad sucks as a laptop replacement, don't make the mistake of thinking all tablets suck as laptop replacements.

The iPad is a perfect example of why companion devices purchased as laptop replacements suck and boy, does the iPad ever suck as a laptop replacement.

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