Prepositions after "succeed"

succeed in, by, at, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases succeed in is used

Ergo, if they did succeed in seceding.

And I think he succeeded in doing that.

All of us try to succeed in such ventures.

She watches as Joe succeeds in luring Susan away from her rich boyfriend Jack Wales.

By the time the operator succeeded in getting the call through, it was two o'clock.

The show succeeds in many areas, but it fails in making the music a true part of it.

Hinda, wife of Abu Soofyaan offered Wahshi her valuable necklace if he succeeded in disposing of Hazrat Hamza (R.

The good sister took a knife, cut off one of her little fingers, put it in the door, and succeeded in opening it.

Had the military not succeeded in eliminating the LTTE, Sri Lanka would not have found access to these resources.

The first night in camp, Joe, the sour one, was punished roundly--a thing that Spitz had never succeeded in doing.

In 6% of cases succeed by is used

Colonel Williams was succeeded by Mr.

He was succeeded by his eldest son, Malik Shah.

He left no son, but was succeeded by his widow.

Tughril Beg was succeeded by his nephew Alp Arslan after his death in August, 1063.

Finachta was succeeded by Loingseach, son of Aenghus, in the sovereignty of Ireland.

The ' Great Leader ', as he was known, was succeeded by his son Kim Jong-il, in 1994.

Repole resigned to take up the position of Principal of Excelsior Community College and she was succeeded by Mrs.

Decide why you want a mentor programme Goal: Set your programme up to succeed by defining goals and involving top execs.

Make sure inspirational moments are succeeded by follow on actions, so your employees see that you act upon your inspiration.

Normally a growth in agriculture is followed by a growth in manufacturing industry which is succeeded by the service industry.

In 5% of cases succeed at is used

It succeeds at doing just that.

It was succeed at the car business or die.

It also seeks to show why girls are succeeding at school.

They are eager to succeed - at something! - and what they can succeed at is making trouble.

And that was very, very rewarding because you had to work very hard to succeed at that game.

Finally, despite my misgivings, I do want to see Tebow succeed at some level in this league.

Thus, the DELF B1 course is an excellent way for you to make the progress needed to succeed at DELF B2 more easily.

The best thing to do if you're an ambitious goaltender who wants to succeed at the position is to study pro goaltenders copiously.

We want to explore how a MOOC pedagogy might work with a construction of the teacher that has an immediacy that can succeed at scale.

Many coaches in these countries liked the methods and the results have been astounding, Tennis CAN be much easier to learn and to succeed at.

In 4% of cases succeed with is used

The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.

The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING in this case.

You can succeed with the strategy simply because the Internet is so huge.

Go for the middle-high-end of the market to prove it can succeed with that segment.

But broad demographic changes have prevented them from succeeding with this strategy.

You'll get everything that you'll need to succeed with your 20/20 Challenge! That's right.

In fact I've gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you'll get everything you need to succeed with this package.

Or they succeed with a modification which will make it easier on a person and she ends up paying more per month than she started.

It's a horrible thing to say in a way because we'd love to see a team succeed with the youth of the area at the heart of the team.

In 3% of cases succeed to is used

Then joy and gladness succeeded to sorrow and grief.

We wait, the Dems stonewall and succeed to sweeping it under the carpet.

This provision shall apply to every Associate Justice who succeeds to the office of the Chief Justice.

He succeeds to David Pollock who spared no efforts in taking over the presidency of the EHF for six years.

Guy of Lusignan had succeeded to the throne of Jerusalem following the death of Baldwin IV and of Baldwin V.

Upon Yar'Adua's death on 5 May 2010, Jonathan succeeded to the Presidency, taking the oath of office on 6 May 2010.

Only son of Thomas Pryse, of that place, upon whose death May 1745, he succeeded to an estate of 3000 per annum, b.

George Howe, was the Editor and Government Printer in 1816; and he (the witness) succeeded to the situation in 1821.

She said her object in writing the book was to generate a conversation, and she's obviously succeeded to that extent.

Drysdale would almost certainly have succeeded to a life on the land had a series of events not occurred in the following year.

In 2% of cases succeed on is used

They succeeded on the 30th of June.

Fair to say he was not their preferred choice, but he has succeeded on both counts.

Surprising as it may be, most professors would like their students to succeed on exams.

Not having a mentor in the industry and then to have succeeded on her own is commendable.

Mervyn Pratt died in 1890 and was succeeded on his death by his eldest son - Major Mervyn Pratt, in 1927.

We're sorry you didn't succeed on this occasion but we wish you luck if you decide to try again in the future.

Though the Newsweek article successfully gets you to read by being provocative, it doesn't succeed on the facts.

In the end most musicians have to succeed on so many levels to make money that it weeds out the undetermined and untalented.

Neither search engine, nor any other, is going to kill Google -- certainly not overnight -- but they can still succeed on a global level.

In 2% of cases succeed without is used

No one ever succeeds without help from someone else.

So I don't want to make it look like you won't succeed without a plan.

Afghanistan can not succeed without success in Pakistan, and vice versa.

On manly virtues in the classic sense, no, the republic can't succeed without them.

The Lazy: This set of people just hate work and you can not succeed without working.

No policy will succeed without a baseline level of trust between officials in Washington and Kiev.

No matter how much social buzz you generate, your eCommerce website won't succeed without a strong foundation.

And the other side note is the tools business where innocent Amway prospects get sucked into thinking they can not succeed without attending seminars and getting.

Thus, because he chose to make it virtually impossible to succeed without help, it automatically makes that not a good example to argue because it's not a natural scenario.

With compassion as his motivation, Junior Smart has made a great success of his life and helped many others do the same - his case proves that we can succeed without being ruthless.

In 1% of cases succeed against is used

Will Rajapaksa regime succeed against rise of people's power? Media Freedom is virtually non-existent in Sri Lanka.

Donovan had functioned as an informal emissary to Britain for Roosevelt during 1940-41, assigned to gauge Britain's ability to succeed against Germany.

The scientifically based Mindset program was developed following studies of world class athletes, business leaders and individuals who had displayed strength of mind and succeeded against the odds.

In 1% of cases succeed as is used

But to succeed as a country we need to do these things in numbers.

It also underlines Hong Kong's commitment to succeed as the wine trading hub in the region.

On her page, she discusses the topic of personality and various tips for succeeding as an introvert.

Enjoy/tolerate Aussie rock By now you should have enough to succeed as an undercover foreigner, in most scenarios.

Hong Kong is a small territory and in order for it to succeed as a global city, everyone needs to pull much more more than their own weight.

We need to be responsible if we are to succeed as a movement and not throw figurative bombs at means by which business people conduct affairs.

In 1% of cases succeed for is used

Whatever succeeds for you is best for you.

Yet to succeed for Liddell was more than just coming first.

It could put them out of business after succeeding for over 16 years.

One of the following applies: The call succeeded for some of the destinations but not others.

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