Prepositions after "substantial"

substantial in, for, to, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases substantial in is used

That support was substantial in the US.

Muslim Igbos are hardly substantial in size.

While certainly substantial in some sites (e.

As a result, existing systems are substantial in determining what will be adopted.

Impacts on the forest are already occurring and will be substantial in the future.

They are expected to (read: must) bring gifts back home, as gifting is still very substantial in Chinese culture.

He had heard somewhere of Bills of Sale -- there was to his ears something comfortingly substantial in the phrase.

These were sometimes extremely substantial in the past but, in some of the weaker offices, now amount to very little.

Nevertheless, foreign reserves remain substantial in relative terms as they translate into an import cover ratio of 11.

In 14% of cases substantial for is used

That's pretty substantial for yeah.

Finally something substantial for Kirsten Dunst.

However the savings are substantial for family groups too.

Insurance premiums are usually substantial for sports autos and Sports utility vehicles.

The idea of imitation rankings substantial for people who can not afford the large flashy brands.

The savings are substantial for large groups, considering that regular deluxe room rates are P4,800 per night.

The QLCCDQ demonstrated good reproducibility with kappa coefficients of at least substantial for most questions.

However, I made, much smaller but substantial for me, amount doing up a flat in London in a supposed bubble pop.

We have a long way to go for percentages to be substantial for people to notice, but ringtones, clip rights, etc.

In 8% of cases substantial to is used

Standing adding anything substantial to the picture.

You have not added anything substantial to our conversation.

Up to now skins haven't offered anything substantial to Android as far as I know.

Of course, it wasn't my intent not to add something substantial to understanding.

Eat a balanced diet As you all know, healthy eating is substantial to our health.

And believe it or not, some series can make their fillers substantial to the plot.

Further, nothing ought to be inserted in the form except what is substantial to it.

Repeating these facts, these mere descriptions adds nothing substantial to the debate.

The advantage of leasing truck rather then buying can be substantial to many companies.

Secondly, most quotations are hyperbole and add nothing substantial to the the news release.

In 5% of cases substantial about is used

I mean, really, you said NOTHING substantial about the event.

I will be dissappointed if Obama says nothing substantial about this process.

One knows nothing detailed, nothing perfectly true and substantial about her.

There isn't anything substantial about the environment that I could find on the site.

Even moreso because I went there not knowing anything substantial about the culture or the language.

And the Zionist project in its early stages was not going to do anything substantial about the Jews afflicted by the pogroms.

Since every culture that was not so derived necessarily predates literacy, little is left that we know anything substantial about.

Congressman Michelle Bachmann really should be a cosponsor, then we'd know whether she meant to do anything substantial about the economy.

Is it too audacious to hope that Barack Obama will be watching? This president has had a year to do something substantial about the levees.

My views would have been limited, and it very possibly could have squelched my desire to learn anything substantial about the world around me.

In 5% of cases substantial with is used

Interest rate savings are more substantial with a longer term mortgage.

I've written it all down, and I intend do something substantial with it.

That would seem substantial with me, and a lot of my bloke Texans will consent.

I suspect the salvage on it will be substantial with the Diesel and six speed tranny.

And the breakfast buffet was substantial with a wide range of western and Asian foods.

And I'd at the point in my life where I would like to find something substantial with someone new.

Social media coverage was substantial with a highlight being a feature on Perez Hilton's blog (www.

Social media coverage was substantial with a highlight being a feature on Perez Hilton?? s blog (www.

Road disruption would be substantial with a gravity system, since some of the pipe trenches would have to be quite deep.

CONCLUSION: The burden of symptomatic hip OA is substantial with one in four people developing this condition by age 85.

In 5% of cases substantial on is used

That delay is substantial on a balance sheet.

Developing a web site is substantial on the priority of many people.

It's on the creamier side of things and feels substantial on my skin.

His spectacular relationship with student union presidents past is substantial on its own.

They were warned and the result for non compliance should have been substantial on the spot fines.

Also I Challenge you to prove those taxcuts which will be substantial on paper here where we all can see.

The dude just can't seem to break out of his famous sisters ' shadows and become something substantial on his own.

Although there are whispers of illegal or money grabbing behaviour, I haven't been able to find anything substantial on the web.

I'd not sure what you don't understand about energy capacity and resource planning, but it seems to be quite substantial on your behalf.

That includes our refugee processes which is why we have always, as a nation, had a substantial on shore humanitarian refugee program through the UNHCR.

In 4% of cases substantial as is used

It is not half so substantial as a cobweb.

I think I'd be a lot more substantial as a host now.

However, the gas reserves are three times as substantial as the crude oil reserves.

This of around 390 to assist you to 780% Interest rate is a lot substantial as opposed to virtually any common personal loans.

The benefits are substantial as the memory is super-fast, over 4 times in most tests, silent and unlike Hard Disk should never fail.

The energy that is needed for this process to progress as it should is quite substantial as the rubber is often difficult to break down.

You would absolutely determine various forms as well as dimensions such that round, oblong, square, curved, long, substantial as well as small sacks.

In contrast in the western sector of the watershed, farther from the Black Sea, deforestation was already substantial as the Roman Empire expanded there.

In 4% of cases substantial at is used

The gain in life is substantial at all ages.

The capital investment to build the LAMP is substantial at RM 2.

This suggests that dire wolf populations were substantial at 10,000 B.

She added that flooding was not nearly as substantial at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

The costs of breaking an artist in a major market remain substantial at up to US$1.

The barriers to winning at the highest level are fairly substantial at both schools.

As has been shown in previous surveys, the number of Catholics who have abandoned the Church remains substantial at 12%.

Our total profit remains substantial at RM631,817, of which RM464,064 has already been realised from previous share sales.

Our total profit remains substantial at RM639,116, of which RM461,664 has already been realised from previous shares sales.

Our total profit remains substantial at RM626,512, of which RM464,064 has already been realised from previous shares sales.

In 4% of cases substantial of is used

The most substantial of the batch is mound 66.

The most substantial of these is the biography William Colenso, by A.

This edition sees plenty of game play touch-ups, the most substantial of these being ball control.

One of the more substantial of many published interviews is Sue Kedgley's (Our Own Country, 1989).

But this rule, with this most substantial of spiritual costs, didn't have quite the intended effect.

The most substantial of the earliest compositions are sets of three piano sonatas and three piano quartets.

Perhaps the most substantial of all those figures was Pat Garrett, a sheriff in Texas, who set out to bring Billy The Kid to justice.

The scientists, similarly, can not see anything at all substantial of the universe so they have no way of being able to understand it.

Nowhere near as substantial of changes as you seem to think, and certainly not enough to make the kind of turnaround they did in the rankings.

In 3% of cases substantial from is used

I can barely take anything substantial from it home.

Pop into Bills for a cuppa or something more substantial from the mouth watering menu.

At least he tried to pull something more substantial from both Colville-Anderson and Adams.

Current Threat Level The current UK threat level is SUBSTANTIAL from international terrorism.

As a result they deserve - and will most probably get - nothing substantial from their time in government.

Given the usual hopeful nature I bring to conferences, I made it my mission to gain something substantial from the gathering.

Every discussion over the past couple of years has been heavy on western enthusiasm with nothing substantial from the other side.

Neither France nor Germany has gained anything substantial from Slovakia, in their EU integration, AND LAND has never been an issue.

Consider about substantial from the Rolex replica? Several may perhaps express that it seriously is chilly which it will not build winter season feelings.

In 2% of cases substantial by is used

The 50 sen seemed little in amount, but substantial by percentage.

It is just insufficient to register anything substantial by way of improving living conditions.

Other than general advice, I'd like to offer something slightly more substantial by way of trying to help you out.

The organization determines whether the value of an item or benefit is substantial by using Revenue Procedures 90-12 and 92-49 and the inflation adjustment in Revenue Procedure 2010-40.

In 2% of cases substantial over is used

The forcing is substantial over the past 2,000 years, up to four times as large as the 1.

Inflation measures tend not to capture technological improvements, which are substantial over time.

It is highly unregulated with substantial over claim of the treatment effectiveness coupled with the authenticity of the herbs.

Doctors have been unable to tell us anything substantial over the last twenty years as this once rare disorder became an epidemic.

The fact that the changes for all of the personality traits were not very substantial over all can be attributed to the fact that society really does care about attractiveness.

As the Virus changed fairly substantial over time; from the Virus A, to the B, then the Virus C, and now the TI, has the way you work with the Virus also changed? I own all of them.

And China's growth is slowing, which could reduce agricultural exports to that giant nation in the short run -- although they're almost certain to remain substantial over the long term.

In 1% of cases substantial within is used

You just need to eat something substantial within a couple of hours of getting up.

It's a seismic victory for the club -- undoubtedly the most substantial within the series ' history.

Someone can also take in numbers which are substantial within your present relationship with an individual.

Is actually commanded incredibly living beneath the blocks discomfort commanded of vertical quality plastic substantial within hardwood grain.

In 1% of cases substantial plus is used

Celtic Ugg boot styles are available in numerous measures which include regular, lower leg and joint substantial plus approximately 23 colours.

The follow mass pattern about winter months car or truck tyres is usually more substantial plus much more evident when compared with upon regular tyres.

In 1% of cases substantial out is used

Users of government hospital already pay substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

Being able to making something substantial out of something that is not significant is what the Heidelberg Projects are all about.

From our study we find that users of government hospitals already pay substantial out-of-pocket expense for buying services which are not available.

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM) wrote to the PM stating? SIAM is not convinced that India is going to gain anything substantial out of this FTA.

Our findings are consistent with a Tanzanian study that found users of government health facilities incurred substantial out of pocket expenses including 57% on drugs 9.

In 1% of cases substantial like is used

And finished with something substantial like horsehair braid.

They also have the more substantial like Steak and Indonesian mains.

I am still waiting for a meaty role to come my way; something very substantial like Ammaji.

As a result, I would usually ditch these things for something more substantial like some Low G.

You might need to make home improvement, or perhaps you want to buy something substantial like a car or property.

In 1% of cases substantial during is used

Tourism tends to be more substantial during the dry season (January to April).

Trade with the Roman Empire (overland, and by sea through the southern ports) became substantial during the 1st century AD; there was also overland trade with China.

Other restrictions on freedom of movement remained substantial during 2009, as the authorities imposed lockdowns on Beijing and neighboring provinces surrounding the Octoberanniversary.

In 1% of cases substantial down is used

Client pays substantial down payment in cash and balance is financed by an unusual source or offshore bank.

But, a substantial down payment on future deficit reduction should include major elements of the sequester.

Most buyers, particularly first time buyers, require a substantial down payment towards the purchase of their new home.

You need to not only front a substantial down payment, but have the time and patience to see your investment through to the end,.

My advice would be to take your time, and grow a substantial down payment first while looking around and educating yourself about the market.

Client pays substantial down payment in cash and balance is financed by an unusual source (for example a third party or private lender) or offshore bank.

In 1% of cases substantial despite is used

Finally, there has been an increase in the volume of foreign investment in the country and the rate of economic growth has been substantial despite starting from a very low base.

In 1% of cases substantial depending is used

The filing fees can be substantial depending on company size and are usually a disincentive for pursuing this type of visa.

If you choose to drive onto the ferry the wait time could be quite substantial depending on the time and the day (typically 1.

A small amount copied from a much larger work will often not be viewed as substantial depending on the nature of the work, and the proportion of what is copied to the underlying work as a whole.

In 1% of cases substantial after is used

I can not see how 75K can grow to anything substantial after fees are removed, has anyone's pension grown more than a few % year on year over the past decade? Is there even any anecdotal.

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