Prepositions after "submit"

"submit to" or "submit by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases submit to is used

I submitted to the girthy wall.

No one is obliged to submit to violation.

I believe the United States should submit to the U.

That is the proper order, provided what the husband wants you to submit to is not sin.

Otherwise he has his own human will that is not submitted to God and he is sinning.

Records were submitted to the solicitor and now he says that he acted in good faith.

Black, White, Yellow, Red etc Now if the world were ALL Christian by the biblical definition submitted to Christ.

Ensures that details of mail submitted to the office are retained, facilitating replacement should the need arise.

The Fees Policy must be completed and submitted to the local CCC for approval before 5 October 2012 at the latest.

In a statement which was submitted to the Chairman of the Reichstag he characterised the war as one of annexation.

In 25% of cases submit by is used

Submitted by dissappointedwhofan.

Congratulations! Submitted by Valerie A.

Submitted by G on Tue, 2012-07-10 00:42.

Submitted by: adrian toma Thu, Aug 23, 2012 Thanks for making this important point.

This needs to be submitted by 31 January 2014, at which point the tax will also be due.

At least you'll bring back the beard! Submitted by Hoodoo12345 on Tue, 2012-07-17 16:45.

Nutting is a nutcase! Submitted by: marc on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 This has to be some sort of sick nightmare.

Why is this site still advertising an event that ended on May 7? Submitted by Loretta Land on May 16, 2012 - 10:21pm.

The forum examined the bills submitted by the complainant but his allegations went un-rebutted and un-controverted as.

In 6% of cases submit for is used

Taped videocassettes should be submitted for clearance by Customs.

All information so submitted for examination shall be confidential.

Client hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication on Elive Ltd.

Comments are submitted for possible publication on the condition that they may be edited.

No stories should be submitted for inclusion in the archive without the author's permission.

The winning entry will receive $1,500 and will be submitted for publication in The Urban Lawyer.

Typically articles for refereed journals now need to be supplied with tags when they are submitted for consideration.

A medical waiver form must be filled out and submitted for authorization with our offices before taking final payment.

Each university nominates the top final year undergraduate software engineering project to be submitted for the awards.

Your school will be credited as a co-author and you will have sight of the paper before it gets submitted for publication.

In 6% of cases submit in is used

This article has been submitted in affiliation.

Your print job can be submitted in a variety of different formats.

The decision I had to make was whether I was going to submit in person.

So Please, only use your actual name and limit the that You submitted in your comment.

Though the interim reports were submitted in April, the final reports are yet to be ready.

In HSBC's response, they sent the same Promissory Note that was submitted in the Proof of Claim.

Local lawyers will understand the proper functions of methods to submit in the area, as well as, information regarding exemptions.

The enquiry on the Impeachment Motion against the Chief Justice submitted in accordance with the provision stipulated in the more.

Article 7: AMENDMENTS Amendments to the By-laws may be proposed by any member of the Society and must be submitted in writing to the E.

After all, this investigation started not by investigating Shane's story, but investigating the name of torturers submitted in a Gitmo filing.

In 3% of cases submit on is used

Applications, to be submitted on the school application forms, close at 4.

November 4 Registrations submitted on November 3, 2012 will not be accepted.

Sealed offers are submitted on that date and the seller chooses the best one.

The statements in forms V-16 and V-17 will additionally be submitted on floppy diskettes.

There are many panies available who need press announcements to be written and submitted on multilple web sites.

Industrial Basis: Residential rates are commonly discovered by costs are submitted on the franchiser once an calendar year.

In 2% of cases submit with is used

Curtayne? I would submit with great respect? Mr.

College transcripts must be submitted with your application.

Entries for the plaque models were not to be submitted with a name on them.

This letter must be submitted with the Change of Name application to the Registry Agent to submit to Vital Statistics.

Original counterfoil of the fee payment challan will have to be submitted with the Call Letter at the time of written test.

New written consent from the non-applying parent must be obtained and submitted with any future passport application for the minor under age 16.

In 1% of cases submit as is used

He reveals he has since written a statement to be submitted as part of the investigation.

Before anything could be published on our website or submitted as a press release it had to pass through our legal department.

Some art-lovers have suggested he should be flogged and the punishment filmed, with the footage submitted as a potential Turner Prize winner.

In 1% of cases submit at is used

Countries outside the WPIO agreement must be submitted at the same time.

TO BE SUBMITTED AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION Duly completed Form 48R with your signature and date is necessary to apply for the visa.

If such applications are submitted at the Nigerian missions abroad, they must be reffered to the Comptroller - General of Immigration for approval.

If two or more amendments shall be submitted at the same time, they shall be submitted in such a manner that electors may vote for or against each such amendment separately.

In 1% of cases submit before is used

This should be submitted before leaving the reserves.

Proposals should be submitted before 31 January 2013 to Annie Noblesse-Rocher (noblesse.

This letter, as well as the affidavit submitted before the magistrate, should contain your current name and the name you want to switch to.

We have included also the work of the group of Peter Grnberg which, while published later in Physical Review B, was actually submitted before the Letter of the Fert group.

They count, for examination purposes, roughly the same as a 16-lecture course and are assessed by means of notebooks and programmes submitted before the examinations in the summer.

What's wrong in waiting for the official draft of a report to be submitted before sacking a minister? If ministers are sacked on leaked drafts - we'd better get used to the stagnant economy.

In 1% of cases submit from is used

Songs have been submitted from Sweden, the U.

In 1% of cases submit via is used

Inmost cases all originals have to be submitted via postal mail, as electronic copies sent by e-mail are not acceptable.

Abstracts of 300 words maximum (for 20 minutes papers) should be submitted via email to the convener by Friday 30 November 2012.

In 1% of cases submit within is used

The application for the student visa must be submitted within minimum 3 months before the start of the approved courses.

This application must be submitted within six months from the date the SPR spouse or SPR parent/child/sibling # obtains SC or the birth of the SC child, whichever is earlier.

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