Prepositions after "stupid"

stupid for, in, of, to or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases stupid for is used

Make them feel stupid for trying.

Don't be stupid for heavens sake.

I am stupid for not ignoring you.

But it's still bloody stupid for us to be over-dependent on a single political party.

Which is why it is stupid for anyone else to vote for puppet politicians but they do.

It wasn't stupid for them to trade Burns as he helped rebuild the team a lot quicker.

The word retard has been used as an insult to mean someone who says something stupid for as long as I can remember.

I'd just so glad to find out that I'd not silly or stupid for still having the occasional weep when I think of him.

I think it was stupid of him to make the statement if it's not what he meant, not stupid for us to misinterpret it.

TheRealDave says: 10:22am 31/10/12 Qld Labor were stupid for not having the election in the aftermath of the floods.

In 15% of cases stupid in is used

So are the stupid in the world.

I was so stupid in so many ways.

That is plain stupid in my book.

Even though I support a ship, there are many things bordering on stupid in this drama.

Ren02: Comments like yours are going to look so stupid in a few months, mark my words.

The best we can hope for now is something stupid in a fun way, or fun in a stupid way.

I've got a recording studio -- you can be stupid in a recording studio -- but at home you have to just be practical.

So are the stupid in the world who have faith in Buddhism, who practice good teachings and who do meritorious works.

Well, maybe 90% of the 80 million are that stupid in their eyes, but I strongly suggest they read up on their history.

In fact the AI was pretty stupid in the original, just the overall difficulty made it so that it didn't really matter.

In 10% of cases stupid of is used

Stupid of liar, take your pick.

You are the most stupid of all.

Oh, were you? How stupid of you.

We have become a nation of idiots who survive on the most mundane and stupid of stories.

But it would be stupid of me to rig the program and at the same time publicly publish it.

Whoever ends up in the Fire will consider himself/herself to be the most stupid of people.

I don't know anything about Roger Bowler's letter to IBM, but it would of been stupid of him to ask for a free ride.

It was stupid of RB to go with that strategy for Vettel, but it will serve as a alarm for them in the strategy area.

P/s: Please do get all your fact ready before your post here again as it looks extremely childish and stupid of you.

It was stupid of Musharaf regime to prefer PSA over Chinese operators and the dismal outcome is there for all to see.

In 8% of cases stupid to is used

It's stupid to suggest that he is.

It goes beyond stupid to suicidal.

In some point, it looks stupid to me.

Killing a stone golem with simple punches looked quite stupid to me, until i tried it.

I can tell people they're ignorant and stupid to their face while pissing on their leg.

Explain that to the millions of 12 year olds who jiggled themselves stupid to Monkey Man.

But just because the sting requires these acorn people to be stupid to work doesn't mean it did n't, you know, work.

For what it's worth, I'd a believer myself, but I strenuously believe in free speech, and the law seems stupid to me.

The key thing is a little stupid to me, and after about 5 minutes killing aliens it just gets a little boring for me.

It really is stupid to believe in all of it, including islam hindu and judaism theyre just products of the human mind.

In 7% of cases stupid like is used

Windows is a bit stupid like that.

Nana is not stupid like people like you.

Not romantically, or anything stupid like that.

She gave me valium! Valium has a half life of 20 hours or something stupid like that.

Appalling from Sheehan who is starting to become more and more stupid like Alan Jones.

Just because some are stupid like Germany cutting nukes has little impact except there.

We'll watch the Russian's house tonight, make sure he doesn't do anything stupid like try to report what happened.

To get kicked out of school you had do something stupid like getting caught smoking in the john or drunk in class.

TeamBella76 Really? Are you that stupid like the left wing media? Howzah123 Fellow Conservatives and Independents.

But when he does something stupid like that, it is difficult for me, difficult for him and difficult for the team.

In 6% of cases stupid on is used

That was pretty stupid on Newt's part.

Well, that's just stupid on your part.

She is stupid on purpose in other words.

I WILL stop stuffing myself stupid on eating roasted macadamia nuts straight from the packet.

It was stupid, stupid, stupid on Petraeus ' part, and mostly just stupid on Broadwell's part.

This is very stupid on their part, but they are seeking power and that doesn't require brains.

And after reading some news or interesting facts, people get drifted and end up in doing something stupid on the web.

Ngina wrote: All I want is for kales to stop being stupid on this matter, for the last time I am not kalenjin warrior.

And it did work last season (esp against Man U but they played 4-4-2 as well that day which was stupid on their part).

You have to ask yourself which is more decrepit Arlen or those groups backing him? That is so stupid on so many levels.

In 5% of cases stupid about is used

Likely he feels stupid about it.

Nothing stupid about that either.

There is nothing stupid about surds.

But I realized today yet another reason why the owners are utterly stupid about this.

Tagg said something incredibly stupid about a sitting President of the United States.

What the hell is wrong with these people? So much burning stupid about a single topic.

Now, I feel totally stupid about presenting to a dentist, and I can not even imagine how much all this will cost.

The English were for decades pretty stupid about their empire and the unqualified good it was supposed to be doing.

Well, you turned my opinion in ashes and I even feel stupid about my previous opinion:) Agota Posted 43 days ago 1.

RMS is very skilled at computer programming, but at the same time, very stupid about human motivations and relations.

In 5% of cases stupid with is used

HERE is STUPID with a captial S.

Also less stupid with better cast.

I used to be really stupid with it.

And I think just the fact that we like a ****** good time but we're not stupid with it.

As the French would say, Americans look stupid with those plastered smiles on their faces.

FAT dumb and stupid with SMall dick like El Rushbo LIMPbaughLs is NO way to go thru life son.

When TV does it, they make it look completely stupid with an 80lb female is smacking the heck out of a 180 lb man.

Strauss must feel pretty stupid with his comments about the aura of the Aussies after this meek display yesterday.

I'd not for any jokers so you'll be sure to find yourself kicked out and ignored if you try anything stupid with us.

The black ops team just forced LE to go along with it because they made em look stupid with such a professional hit.

In 4% of cases stupid as is used

I can almost say -as stupid as a religion.

It's as old and stupid as the abortion debate.

I seriously can't believe we are so stupid as a nation.

I swear, I didn't think people could be as bigoted and stupid as what the GOP has become.

Sometimes, the editorial decisions at that paper are so entirely stupid as to defy belief.

Knowing that everyone else could remember things made me feel stupid as a child in school.

Pleaase cite your sources for the sake of the stupid as well as for those here with a mind toward academic integrity.

CBS and the rest of the mainstream media are as corrupt, arrogant and stupid as the man they are protecting -- Obama.

What I really -- REALLY -- want to know is if there is any people in the world so stupidly stupid as to believe that.

Anonymous Each day I think to myself the Right/GOP CAN NOT do anything more stupid as what they've done the day before.

In 4% of cases stupid at is used

It's just stupid at this point.

That looks stupid at first sight.

I can be apparently stupid at times.

It has become ridiculously stupid at the moment where and the Country is blind as bat.

If you say something stupid at a bar or somewhere else it usually dies into the whispers.

You are popular between friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget things easily.

He would have been a contributor on a National Championship team if he wasn't so self admittedly stupid at the time.

Oh, and I also think that all of our Superkids are decent human beings (even Elayne; she's just really stupid at times).

There's nothing stupid at all about dusting off a lesser known word and holding it up to see if it should regain some stature.

That kind of single mindedness is stupid at times and that's why I said I wish I could just remember to stop and smell the roses.

In 3% of cases stupid by is used

They are made stupid by education.

But Shenzi is not stupid by any means.

If I'd stupid by your standards, so be it.

People may not be educated in a particular field, but they aren't stupid by any means.

I'd shocked Heskey continues to play, his purchase looks increasingly stupid by the week.

Wake up Drew and Jonathon and the other trustee backers; you look more stupid by the day.

One who's not meeting expectations, but trying to ' exceed ' expectations will be seen simply stupid by the customer.

Senator Lightbourne shot back at his remark, only to be called stupid by Knight, before he stepped out of parliament.

The BPI are, quite frankly, making themselves look petty and stupid by trying to get ISPs to block a few torrent sites.

The last thing you need is to be insulted, berated or made to feel stupid by someone who is supposed to be supporting you.

In 1% of cases stupid without is used

Im still laughing over the way a guy on british tv just sounded so stupid without realising it.

I think it's stupid That I can't tell you I think you're stupid without you getting pissed off.

I'd sure that your son is smart enough not to do anything stupid without you telling him that it's okay.

Yes, they use algorithms sometimes, but I doubt they're that simple and stupid without anybody noticing.

Also you can't make the generalization that the show is stupid without at least watching up to episode 10.

The people of Bangladesh are so stupid without any thinking support these two leaders and are ready to die for them.

Those who say that this article is stupid without giving their counter arguments should just shut up as you are not adding any value to the discussion.

My mother has an ingenious way of shutting people up in a Buy Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3 way that makes them look incredibly stupid without being at all offensive.

In 1% of cases stupid within is used

It's certainly not going to be the last time anyone says something stupid within their party.

She was so rude to everyone (not just me) and called me thick and stupid within my first week.

It's not going to be the last time anyone says something stupid within our party, but it can't be tolerated within our party.

In 1% of cases stupid over is used

Cuz my Chinese friends go stupid over plenty of ugly western girls.

And as for his stupid over protectiveness, I'd like to give an example.

They chose being seen as stupid over being seen as lying to their donor base.

How can the government be so blinded and (sorry to say) stupid over this senseless contract?

He was half drunk again and he was making himself look stupid over dancing so that I would give him my attention.

Caveat: This assumes the US and the EU don't do anything stupid over the coming months to double-dip the world economy.

In 1% of cases stupid from is used

That's just stupid from Geyling.

Usuck That's a great gap, kind of stupid from Sony.

Putting six extremists from each party on this committee was stupid from the get-go.

It is stupid from a pragmatic point of view before morals or ethics are even considered.

The whole campaign has been deeply flawed &; stupid from the start I am really very annoyed.

Ooh not so stupid from my perspective - there was one fare last time from the USA via IST plus MH code share in J for about 1400 USD.

I don't get what is so down about this? For the people that think this will ruin Cod you obviously are way to stupid from previous years which is.

On 15th March 2009, the Guinness World Record-beating People's Premiere launched The Age of Stupid from a solar-powered cinema tent in Leicester Square.

Colin McDonald This whole situation has been stupid from the start, Marn was stupid for making stupid comments about someone being stupid on a stupid show.

I am talking about the actual situation now and in my opinion, it would've been stupid from Todt to disregard the fans, teams and engine manufacturers change in opinion.

In 1% of cases stupid beyond is used

That's just stupid beyond belief.

It's not, it's stupid beyond belief.

Only some of them are stupid beyond words.

Unwatchable, unreadable, uninvolving, stupid beyond belief.

That to me is both impolite and really stupid beyond all belief.

Oh well we Africans are so short-sighted &; stupid beyond belief.

Legal Fair Housing is IMPORTANT! Discrimination is stupid beyond belief.

This new tax is not only absurd, but it is politically stupid beyond belief.

The thing that saved Iceland and they want to give it up? Stupid beyond belief.

Reality suggests stunts like that of the three aussies are stupid beyond belief.

In 1% of cases stupid because is used

I did something stupid because I was fed up.

It's sad to know that I'd stupid because of you.

Tox - the precautionary principle is academic theory and stupid because of it.

I did something nice and was made to feel inconsiderate and stupid because of it.

Most of the films made anymore just make people stupid because of their dumb plots.

By the way, some managers are really very stupid because of the things they send by e-mail.

I get mad a lot! Got mad at myself yesterday when I did something really stupid because of my disease (it hurt!).

If you move around a lot, owning a home would be stupid because of all the money you?? d be paying every time you moved.

For example people might think you are mean because of your looks or think that you are stupid because of bad grades that you get in school.

And Emma took him back again, which was just stupid because of if my psycho husband kidnapped my son who could have been killed, i would have divorced him.

In 1% of cases stupid after is used

Americans aren't so stupid after all.

Maybe Magnotta isn't so stupid after all.

So maybe Eaqub is not so stupid after all.

Perhaps the lesson from the US election is that the people are not so stupid after all.

Oh, and my clothes that also have holes in them are also stupid after wearing them too much.

Or not doing things which, on reflection, would be accepted as rather stupid after the event.

Needless to say, we felt pretty stupid after putting two and two together and got a seriously good laugh at ourselves.

We aren't stupid after all -- we know what side our bread is buttered on and we aren't about to screw things up for ourselves.

There was an article in (IIRC) Salon circa 1999 about the overblown threat of terrorism, and it looked pretty stupid after 9/11.

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