Prepositions after "stunning"

"stunning in", "stunning on" or "stunning with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases stunning in is used

You look stunning in everything.

It looked stunning in real life.

It looks stunning in your avatar.

But Magnus Klavborn, vocalist of course, he's stunning in the video, he looks so evil.

The zebra shark is not a particularly common shark but is quite stunning in appearance.

Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi were richly watercolored and stunning in their scope.

He was absolutely stunning in this, his portrayal of Dr Guttmann was brilliant right down to the German mannerisms.

Well-toned back muscles not only look stunning in a low-back dress, it makes you look slimmer without losing a gram.

It looks stunning in its constant movement on an otherwise understated and relatively unrecognizable all grey watch.

The tips and tricks for the beautiful makeup are so easy to use and so stunning in the form of their amazing results.

In 12% of cases stunning on is used

I think they'd look stunning on me.

You looked stunning on the cat walk.

This looks absolutely stunning on her.

I have tried it on my friend who has darker skin tone and it looked stunning on her.

Stunning on the outside, but the most appalling explosion in a Lucas parts bin inside.

Thanks!!! xx That dress look absolutely stunning on you! Especially with the bare back.

Keith Airie is the ace guitarist featured on the CD, and Steve Rodford (Jim's son) is absolutely stunning on drums.

I know you're going to look stunning on your wedding day, and I'd so happy that you'll be in a dress that you love.

It looked stunning on the website, a real holiday of a lifetime, but it turned out to be the worst money we ever spent.

I love seeing you use the cotton, it is just stunning on your table, you put together a beautiful space for Thanksgiving.

In 12% of cases stunning with is used

Each garden is stunning with its own specific charm.

The game is visually stunning with simple and fun gameplay.

It is quite stunning with the new array of beer and thus caps.

The beaches here are just stunning with the white sand, calm waters and palm trees.

The scenery is just stunning with glorious sweeping views of the land from the top.

The view of the bay is stunning with two limestone monoliths accessible at low tide.

The press conference was started at half past 4 and the girls looked stunning with their ' Like This ' costumes.

The phone looks stunning with a red gold exterior, and there's even a layer of sapphire crystal to protect the 3.

The Bocas del Toro and San Blas Island groups are both stunning with plenty of sunset bars and romantic hideaways.

Ricci become more &; more stunning with age??? I didn't particularly think her attractive circa Adams Family, but.

In 5% of cases stunning at is used

This one just happens to be stunning at the same time.

Stunning at times, yet so far from the norm of Scotland.

I've had a few exhibitions and they look stunning at A3 and A2.

She's a former fashion model who still looks stunning at 40, even with a one-year-old in tow.

It's perhaps most stunning at dusk, when the ancient city is aglow with thousands of candles.

Tissue paper pom-poms are so fun to make, and really stunning at a wedding or to decorate a party.

Long evening gowns look stunning at occasions such as prom nights, weddings, graduation parties or business events.

Although it is known as the Temple of the Dawn, it's absolutely stunning at sunset, particularly when lit up at night.

It looks eerie and stunning at the same time and it lifts the show above the low-budget feel of the rest of the episode.

I love the hotel in general - its got a distinct modernist feel and the sleek glass superstructure is stunning at night.

In 5% of cases stunning for is used

This is stunning for 3 reasons.

The results are stunning for both partners.

Milford Sound was stunning for its scenery.

This is something, which makes them far more stunning for the professional and merchant.

It may possibly be stunning for you to know that you have been infested by these insects.

I'd talking Swarovski sparkle ladies! Stunning for the modern bride who loves to stand out.

Whether you want to learn a process you can use every day or look stunning for a special occasion, here's how to get it right.

For each season and occasion they have all the time make an effort to highlight something unique and much exceptionally stunning for the women.

The images portray the reality of children's lives, as opposed to being selected on the basis of beauty, but are nonetheless stunning for this.

The always stylish star looked stunning for the pair's outing, opting to bare her legs in chilly Manhattan by wearing a short knitted mini dress.

In 4% of cases stunning of is used

It is also one of the most stunning of them.

The most stunning of thesemercial privileges for all nations.

The most stunning of these three reports is the one from Krakow.

Okay, so maybe not the most stunning of prosaic masterpieces, but you can't say it's not accurate.

The RSPCA is strongly opposed to all forms of slaughter that do not involve prior stunning of the animal.

The views from its peninsula are stunning of both Discovery Bay on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

Having said that, a few of the standouts are Dannika, Malin, Meggan, Oli, and the most stunning of them all Natalie.

From the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden Palace, there are lots of things to do and see in this most stunning of countries.

Cutting down on travel time, from there travelling between parks is done by light aircraft giving you a stunning of Kenya from the air.

La Digue, arguably the most stunning of the archipelago, boasts Anse Source d'Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

In 4% of cases stunning to is used

Must be stunning to him, still.

The transformation in Bush was that stunning to me.

He looked stunning to her that she lowered her eyes.

Most stunning to Am was that the slave somehow managed to escape the Lord's estate in one piece.

I know it really is stunning to many of you guys, but simple with me for some time the following.

Most stunning to him, was that the slave somehow managed to escape the Lord's estate in one piece.

It's just there, like the Almighty showed it to you, and I bet just as stunning to me as it was to you that morning.

It is stunning to me that the kneejerk reaction to Benghazi from the right has been to blame Americans at every turn.

It's just stunning to me how the battles between Persia and Babylon are playing out yet again with Iranian involvement in Iraq.

This is a cult like religion and it is stunning to me that we could be looking at a president from this faith leading our nation.

In 3% of cases stunning as is used

Stunning as a pop of colour on the lower lash line.

However, according to even Eve, Ainsley was simply stunning as a bride.

It's not easy decorating a home so it looks stunning as well as comfortable.

So stunning as the number is, it may only be indicative, not a half-way hard figure.

Ladies want to produce alone stunning as well as fabulous with any expensive jewelry.

Listed here are a few of the approaches to have a very stunning as well as sleek dermis.

It wasn't as visually stunning as the white sandy beaches of Florida, but it was much much more historically interesting.

Which means that you are able to encounter to not invest money could be stunning as well as long lasting omega watches replica.

Stunning as a centrepiece in the bedroom or living room yet gentle and welcoming in a hall or hallway, the Delight is aptly named.

Sri Lanka is world renowned for its lovely gushing rivers which are visually stunning as well as an essential element of the local agriculture-based economy.

In 2% of cases stunning about is used

There was nothing stunning about that.

What is particularly stunning about her achievement is the way Ms.

What is stunning about the briefings presented on 9-11 and 9-12 to senior U.

What's so stunning about this machine is not just its dimensions and weight (9.

What is stunning about MacShane, however, is the lengths he goes to to avoid making amends for his behaviour.

The most stunning about the Ozone Bar is that they offer an outside terrace with one of the most spectacular views I have seen in Hong Kong.

What I find most stunning about all this (the elephant in the kitchen still waiting to be recognized) is its implications for global agribusiness (Cargill, W.

Here is what is so stunning about this find: the Cambrian period when true multi-cellular animals first appear in the fossil record only ends about 500 million years ago.

With circular backs, like two tree trunk halves with their insides hollowed out and a slab inserted for a seat, what is stunning about these chairs is their meticulously carved outer surfaces.

What is stunning about the Birmingham Six case is the rationale used by Britain's highest judicial body to deny the appeal: If the six men win, it will mean that the police were guilty of perjury.

In 2% of cases stunning by is used

Playing on PC so it looks stunning by way of compensation.

Flick went in relation to A quarter-hour as well as wasn't stunning by any means.

The intensity of the sky is stunning by itself, but that wouldn't be enough to win.

I liked that Sarah Hassan who is stunning by the way!! advised ladies to go natural.

Tips On How To Look Stunning By: Beatrix Deville Any human face can be a beautiful thing.

It's ' Stunning floors ' board connotes that your floors can be just as stunning by using their products and of course, all the floors are stunning.

Whatever the event, someone can commence to feel stunning by putting on the Hello Cat necklace which will instantly seize the eye of numerous people, specifically other women.

Stunning by bolt shot or electric shock before slaughter is not valid and should be avoided, as it is tantamount to torturing an animal, which is inhumane and unlawful in Islam.

In the end, I think that's probably about as much as we can say about it, which I have a hunch is probably the view of the original poster (who's work is stunning by the way, great job!).

R2L Restaurant: Dine in style 37 floors above street level while taking in the already normally breathtaking view of the city from R2L, made all the more stunning by 24 shape-shifting searchlights.

In 2% of cases stunning from is used

The views across London must be stunning from the gallery.

The coast is stunning from the ocean and romantic sunsets on traditional the African dhow is a life time experience.

Here are a few to begin: Cavalli Beach House -- As pictured at top, Cavalli Beach House is stunning from sunrise to sunset.

The sunset can also be stunning from the boat- there is nothing quite like the serenity of the river while the sun dips below the horizon.

It's just stunning from foreground to background with great elements of interest: the pelican, the colorful sky, and a background of additional roosting birds.

The RAW files look stunning from LR4, the in camera JPEGs are more filmic in their look grainy not as smooth as the RAW conversions from LR4 but very beautiful.

In 1% of cases stunning after is used

Point 9% and stunning after a stunning Torre I don't need to tell you miss.

Both sunsets and savannahs are often at their most stunning after a brief downpour.

Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan would look quite stunning after a good bath, a heavy-duty manicure and the pick of the leather racks at Woo Hun.

Wind-up merchant Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan would look quite stunning after a good bath, a heavy-duty manicure and the pick of the leather racks at Woo Hun.

In 1% of cases stunning against is used

And Oriental rugs look stunning against darker wood.

Remember also to consider the contrasts between colours, for example, a rich orange leave will look stunning against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

This very first captive carry was a huge success and both the mothership and spaceship looked absolutely stunning against the blue back drop of the Mojave skies.

Knightwood Oak Trail in the New Forest This stunning woodland offers up colours of red, orange and yellow in the autumn months, which look stunning against the backdrop of open heath and moorland.

In 1% of cases stunning over is used

The view is stunning over Hawke's Bay from Black Barn Bistro's nights.

A stunning over lace dress, with a short sleeve, and coordinating silk coat, with bugle bead detail to edging.

I think Wagner's work has been absolutely stunning over the past few years, and just as good as he's always been.

Marble tile has the properties like staining, etching Aviation BR03 Watches or getting scratches, but it turn out to be more stunning over time and use.

He announced himself to United with a sensational hat trick against Liverpool which included a stunning over head kick that showed the quality of his skills.

It would look stunning over a silk blouse and a blazer or a sassy black dress and it would totally make a fantastic gift for your best friend or a stylish mom.

In 1% of cases stunning plus is used

Old watches is visually stunning plus breathtaking.

It all tends to make women of all ages added stunning plus beautiful.

This particular automatically contains the results of adding this shoes and boots in to a cool niche forcing them to much more stunning plus more like a comfort.

Prada are going to be extremely renowned straightforward serious sensation associated with fine type; constantly being stunning plus edgy on the inside drive and in addition choice.

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