Prepositions after "stuff"

"stuff with", "stuff into" or "stuff in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases stuff with is used

Stockings were stuffed with homemade candies.

And get stuffed with Pringles while doing so.

The wands are stuffed with papertowel strips and PVA glue.

And why business meetings and committees and the like are stuffed with retired people.

However, I have also seen them stuff with cheese and fried by David Rocco on his TV show.

I remember buying a chocolate bar, but my pants were stuffed with 3 rolls of Kodak Gold 35mm ISO 400.

His characterisation of Europe as a market entirely stuffed with clone startups is, well, obtuse, to put it mildly.

It is a sweet dish made from rice or wheat flour and stuffed with condiments like grated coconut, dry fruits, jaggery, etc.

The walls are obscured by banker's boxes, stacked five high like modernist towers and stuffed with files for Taylor's case.

His books were always met with a barrage of writs and lawsuits, even before publication, and reliably stuffed with controversy.

In 13% of cases stuff in is used

I do not like to make my stuffing in the bird.

All the currencies are stuffed in one way, shape or form.

I hope he chokes on the money the industry is stuffing in his pockets.

My first project was some fabric letters to stuff in the Kiddo's stocking.

As for cooking a stuffed bird, I would recommend you heat the stuffing in the microwave first.

If on the pitch I will try to make sure everyones does their prehab stuff in the dressing room before hand.

As for his brains, he unscrewed the dashboard and stuffed in every part of them except the part that works screwdrivers.

But in this respect it should also be kept in mind that there should never be any keyword stuffing in your website or web pages.

While you have your head stuffed in the clouds there are many who still have their feet on the ground (and can actually see reality).

With pen and notebook in hand and a few changes of underwear stuffed in our backpacks, we spend months roaming the globe in search of.

In 13% of cases stuff into is used

Foie gras stuffed into a fig, sprinkled with sugar and then caramelized.

The Furby is like an electronic frat party stuffed into a faux-fur chassis.

Anything that's not nailed to the floor will be packed and stuffed into a shipping container.

Stuffed into a furry costume, Harry found himself face to face with the Magical World of Disney.

On an August morning we set off from London with everything but the kitchen sink stuffed into the boot of the car.

All other kit was stuffed into the large kitbags and these were stacked on the square ready to be moved in lorries.

A particularly marvellous aspect is the way idle parents with large families have the cash stuffed into their pockets.

These are fairly large flags that I patchworked together from a variety of scraps of fabrics too good to stuff into a pouf.

Sony has picked up Gaikai to presumably stuff into its televisions, if only to add another bullet point to their feature lists.

The ones where guys in hardhats drive through construction sites with manly looking piles of 2x4s stuffed into the back are ubiquitous, too.

In 9% of cases stuff like is used

I think it helps to keep an open mind when it comes to stuff like this.

So I guess I prefer a mix of down-to-brass-tacks stuff like that on oprah.

I should say was, since Christ's death on the cross has put an end to stuff like that.

The scripts, the character lists, the environments, even stuff like the posters that populate the levels.

Plus, electronic music is becoming even more popular, especially stuff like dubstep and genres that use auto-tunes.

Of course stuff like Planxty and the Bothy Band sounded fresh and new, that's because there was nothing from before to compare it to.

And, I no longer want to kill him for stuffing around with my settings and filling up my bookmarks with boy stuff like generators, water pumps and big machinery! Ahh, the Things.

In 4% of cases stuff for is used

Directors from Denmark who do stuff for shock purpose.

Madison is stuffed for a loss of five yards on the option.

Do stuff for yourself and not just because the group you're in is doing it.

What he also did was do really nice stuff for old people like gardening and decorating but not a lot of people knew that.

Senior Taylor Milbrandt came down with a leaping 24-yard reception to put the Huskers on the doorstep at the 1-yard line, but a quarterback sneak off of a quick snap was stuffed for no gain.

In 4% of cases stuff on is used

Linfield stuffed on first and second down.

Keyword stuffing on content is no longer acceptable.

Place a layer of sausage and bread stuffing on top of the duck.

Place a layer of bread stuffing on top of the sausage stuffing, then lay the duck on top.

Re: No Local Area Connection Showing in Network Connections You won't be able to see if it's stuffed on a visual inspection most likely.

The guy Felix who wrote the book has a website which has some cool kids stuff on it so I emailed him to say that I thought it was good and would like to make use of it.

In 2% of cases stuff to is used

Stuffing to the maximum will make your cover photo visually overwhelming to the visitor.

I wanted to order dessert afterward but my dining companions were stuffed to the max after this feast.

In 1% of cases stuff inside is used

For an authentic Sri Lankan taste, try vaddai -- a crispy, spicy snack made from dried lentils and spices, or malu pahn -- fish and curry stuffed inside a freshly baked bread bun.

In 1% of cases stuff per is used

If you are stuffing the bird, stuff it loosely, allowing about to cup stuffing per pound of turkey.

Stuffing usually expands as it cooks, so stuff the turkey loosely -- maybe 1/2 a cup of stuffing per pound of turkey.

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