Prepositions after "study"

"study in", "study for" or "study at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases study in is used

This feature was studied in detail by Mr.

The cost of studying in Denmark fell by 5.

They studied in Spain, in France, in Italy.

He studied in many famous learning centres like Al-Medina, Basra, Baghdad and Hamadan.

One of the topics which Daniel studied in St Petersburg was that of vibrating systems.

November 1947 Kofi Kwame Nkrumah returns to the Gold Coast after studying in Britain.

Start Studying in School Studying for tests and quizzes actually starts way before you even know you'll have a test.

George was first studying in a separate school but after meeting her cousins she goes to a boarding school with Anne.

It has been possible to study in Australia human beings that still remain on the cultural level of men of the Stone Age.

The syllabus of the CPSM exam is exceptionally elaborate and hence 1 desires to study in an organized manner to pass it.

In 23% of cases study at is used

Remember to study at your level.

But studying at Cambridge was lovely.

He studied at Oberlin just after the war.

She decided to study at Polytechnic University after working in the field for 17 years.

He studied at Concordia University and began his career as a visual artist and curator.

James came to the Chicago area from his native Connecticut to study at Lake Forest College.

Lubana Al Quntar studied at the University of Damascus, where her first teacher -- Galina Khaldiave -- was Russian.

Hunzinger has studied at the University of Cologne, Germany and the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and.

He eventually studied at University College in Dublin and soon established himself in the Dublin literary community.

He then began studying at the OUHK in his spare time, and was awarded a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 1994.

In 18% of cases study for is used

At least now I can study for my exam.

She is now studying for the Bar Exam.

She should be at home studying for her HSC.

The young people are paid at least minimum wage, and study for a NVQ at the same time.

Studying for a test is never fun, but many people turn it into a challenge, even a game.

He shrugs: ' What can I say? I had to study for 10 years to get my voice right and it's still not anything like hers.

Start Studying in School Studying for tests and quizzes actually starts way before you even know you'll have a test.

If you actually DID study for the whole day, you will probably be stressed and mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

John always thought he had underachieved at school and went into adult life with a burning ambition to study for a degree.

In 6% of cases study with is used

We also have a dedicated page on studying with the OU.

One can study with the assistance of CPSM Exam simulator.

He studied with a number of religious scholars of Madinah.

The students that I studied with for my first degree (a while ago) were all genuine.

You feel betrayed because you've invested so much time in studying with no results.

Zeno was a pupil and friend of the philosopher Parmenides and studied with him in Elea.

I interviewed Gina on how she was able to gain such knowledge and experience and apparently she studied with the masters.

Open University Many mums find that studying with the Open University is a viable way to learn and achieve new qualifications.

One thing led to another, and I have been studying with a very experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher for the past couple of months.

For the rest of his life, he traveled around teaching the philosophy, or dharma, to anyone and everyone who desired to study with him.

In 4% of cases study by is used

Students, who are unable to attend classes, have the option of studying by distance learning.

The largest contributor across all the business sectors studied by the bureau was hedge funds which donated 1.

Prior to this I worked as a Teacher's Aide full time at a primary school, while I studied by distance education.

World War II and the Holocaust have been studied by historians and political scientists more than any war in history.

Let us survey what realistically happens when these obscure or cryptic verses are rationally studied by the bible scholars.

Cost The cost of the Olympic Games (Summer and Winter) have been studied by Oxford scholars Bent Flyvbjerg and Allison Stewart.

She never should have been let through the gates, bare as an egg, and here she 's, to be studied by all, we act like puppies, shameless.

The values of the business, and how they are implemented, should be studied by everyone wanted to run a responsible and successful business.

In 3% of cases study on is used

After the war, the couple studied on the G.

Regarding studies, you can either study on H-4 or F-1.

I was studying on this revelation here, on the opening of the Seal.

I have been in one of Brazilian state studying on a schorlarship from their goverment.

Then, do a feasibility study on your fantastic 3 choices to see which one is the choicest.

I was told he did his kung fu study on the open green in front of the church but I can't verify this.

Some of his emphasis accented what I had already studied on my own from original sources, so deification is not the goal.

There are many Irish people studying on this course as it is a Distance Learning course which means you can study from home.

Going there to study on a scholarship programme would be a much better way than as a tourist or doing a job you don't really want to do.

Anyone who makes such a statement is clearly not well studied on Tibetan medicine that is very deep and complicated and is very on point.

In 2% of cases study under is used

Al-Bukhari studied under famous Imam Malik bin Anas and Yahya bin Ma'in.

Anyone who has studied under traditional ' ulema will be well-aware of this fact.

In The Valley, Los Angeles, California to study under Jazz Master Pianist Dick Grove.

Eratosthenes also studied under the poet and scholar Callimachus who had also been born in Cyrene.

Guan Shanyue studied under the masters of the school and produced some competent art in that style.

Anathapindika and Ugga, the rich man from Ugga, studied under the same teacher when they were both young.

After studying under several teachers and mastering their philosophies, Siddhartha was still not satisfied.

The term would normally imply a Pharisee who has studied under another Pharisee, and now has students of his own.

The attorneys who studied under renowned BK attorney Max Garder and attended his boot camps are a different breed.

Some of theses people studied under Osho for a while and then went on their way, some others stayed up to this day.

In 1% of cases study about is used

Every doctor has to study about it generally.

Is it the pink colour coral reefs surrounding the beach give the beach sand a pink colour? Have to study about it.

Thats why we are taught to study about those guys and imbibe to build combination inner wisdom and outward confidence.

After years of studying about computers, he started APC systems which designed computer systems and developed software.

In 1% of cases study as is used

Traditionally, music has been studied as a text reproduced in performance - almost as if it were an obscure kind of literature.

But there have always been debates regarding why literature is studied as a discipline and what are the objectives of these studies.

The lamellate structure of their wing scales has been studied as a model in the development of fabrics, dye-free paints, and anti-counterfeit technology.

I'd a recent graduate from Trinity College at the University of Cambridge where I studied as a Gates Scholar and earned a master's degree in computer science.

For example, people who hang out together? at a French cafe, Canadian hockey rink, New York street corner, or Chilean barrio? can be studied as either a group or a social network.

It proved to me I would like what I studied as a career, showed employers I was willing and able to do the work, and allowed me to build up a network of contacts to work with in the future.

In 1% of cases study from is used

I never found any difficulty in studying from ebook and I prefer ebooks over hardcopy.

Most of the time students do the mandatory part and B1 is sufficient to study from abroad.

If you were to study from the lowest levels of nature, you'd probably understand this matter.

The ability to read, think, and study at will; having the greatest minds of all time available to study from.

There are many Irish people studying on this course as it is a Distance Learning course which means you can study from home.

Neptune has been particularly challenging to study from the ground because its disk is small and badly blurred by the Earth's atmosphere at that distance.

Contact a student advisor for more information Can I study from overseas? Teacher education students must attend On-site Intensives and complete teaching placements in NZ.

Several parents find it difficult achieving this, but you must be consistent when disciplining your child and be sure they study from their errors therefore they don't get it done once more.

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