Prepositions after "stuck"

stuck in, on, with, into or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases stuck in is used

Then it gets stuck in the mind.

Yet, you're stuck in the middle.

To get stuck in when it matters.

Almost all other vehicles got stuck in the muddy roads including the Presidential Jeep.

If that stuff's in the car, I won't get stuck in the snow or have a flat in the desert.

Ginger always gets stuck in the blades and it's always quite the challenge to blend it.

This matter was reported to the Buddha and he advised the monks to exert themselves as did the elephant stuck in mud.

I do remember one very high wind storm that made the jewelry sway and when Janie Rosselini got stuck in the elevator.

I knew it when my tie got stuck in the copier machine and I was overlooked, once more, during the employee appraisal.

His office is filled with people who silently despise him and know all too well they ’ re stuck in Dilbert Hell.

In 12% of cases stuck on is used

But let's not get stuck on that.

We just get stuck on that happiness.

Your snowblower gets stuck on the roof.

FORD PREFECT: Unfortunately I got stuck on the Earth for rather longer than I intended.

Getting stuck on the side of the road without your security blanket can make you crazy.

If you really get stuck on a name, have everyone come up with 5 adjectives and 5 nouns.

But never get stuck on a child's shoe size because it will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and style to style.

The daladalas were all getting stuck on the slippery roads and the men had to push them, just like happens in Canada.

A major concern is that if the stones are too big, they may not easily come out or may even get stuck on the way out.

There is no need to feel isolated, get stuck on a question, or wait for months until you have a face to face tutorial.

In 11% of cases stuck into is used

Can't wait to get stuck into it.

Then it gets stuck into the debate.

So it doesn? t get stuck into one place.

Anyway, with the Stromtrooper forum open on the appropriate page I got stuck into it.

It's a book of deets to marvel at and for one for the textile nerds to get stuck into.

Trusting the process, getting stuck into it and diggin ' deep is what it is all about.

It's a lack of confidence that sees you file good ideas to ' write later ' rather than getting stuck into them now.

Shame there just isn't more stuff to get stuck into with iPlayer, but still for a free service, this is great stuff.

Now, I bet you can't wait to get stuck into the whole book! It really is a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable story.

I'd keen to learn, it's a subject I'd passionate about and I'd sure I'll really enjoy getting stuck into the course.

In 11% of cases stuck with is used

Or you might get stuck with them.

Taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

We have gotten stuck with my oldest.

I'd going to look - but for the time being only when I get stuck with part of a tune.

Can't imagine how poor the TV ratings would be if we get stuck with ' Bama/LSU again.

You may have made a mistake by getting stuck with a wrong guy, but it is not too late.

The hardest thing to do, is walk away, but you will be better off in the long term not getting stuck with a client.

Craig will be our guide and we tease Craig suggesting that he must have drawn the short straw to get stuck with us.

I didn't get stuck with a lot of long-term plans that previous deans had put in place -- I had relatively free rein.

Just in the last few months we've seen Alberto Micallizzi get stuck with a 3million pound fine over there in England.

In 4% of cases stuck at is used

Still gets stuck at 90% complete.

Process Chain gets stuck at this step.

Do you sometimes get stuck at work? 14.

If you ca n't, you get stuck at the glass ceiling created by the lack of front end feel.

The latter get stuck at low levels of income, mostly relying on subsistence agriculture.

Don't get stuck at the gate, Pastor tells Kenyans as Easter holiday sets in LOWELL, Mass.

For instance, some motorists got stuck at a junction causing a holdup, but none of them agreed to give way to the other.

I would estimate that my own union branch committee at the University of Melbourne is stuck at this stage of development.

He was made to open and was often shuffled in the batting order against his wishes till the time he got stuck at number 6.

Dato ' seri Representing some public medical specialist who got stuck at UD54 while our juniors are also at same level now.

In 2% of cases stuck behind is used

I was nervous about getting stuck behind them.

He gets stuck behind a corporation lorry collecting bins.

Vettel could have got stuck behind a car like Alonso in 2010.

Unbelievably (and late as usual) we got stuck behind a lion! It took us by surprise.

His head was born without any difficulty, but his shoulder got stuck behind my pubic bone.

But as I said I got stuck behind another car under blue flags that didn't really respect it.

I will laugh if Alonso yet again gets stuck behind another slower car, and it happens to be Perez this go around.

Here's how I've come to accept DRS: Trulli trains and Alonso stuck behind Petrov in Abu Dhabi 2010 were artificial.

I reached 92 km/h last year at this spot but this year I got stuck behind slow cars and slower cyclists holding up cars.

In 2% of cases stuck to is used

Political beliefs get stuck to your hands.

Bottom line is: don't get stuck to advice.

He's more or less stuck to a similar sound too.

He did meet a moth and it got stuck to his nose, which caused him to sneeze and kill it.

He can aspire to take long strides forward and practise not getting stuck to the crease.

Some are harmless (just the seers get stuck to cloths ), but some are with sharp thorns.

Its stuck to a course of action that is likely to fail without a level of investment that will probably make reserves.

The Mousepad is so very thin that while playing on the computer, your hand would not get stuck to the edges of the pad.

A sticky post is a post that gets stuck to the homepage and remains at the top no matter how many other posts you write.

Why the hell, didn't somebody measure the runway Temperature, when that plane got stuck to the ground, in molten asphalt.

In 1% of cases stuck between is used

My dog once got stuck between the sofa and the wall.

Or simply getting stuck between the rocks in the river and breaking limbs.

He understands relativity and can count ok, though he gets stuck between 14-20.

Consider sensual pleasure like eating some meat which gets stuck between your teeth.

Let's say I am crossing a railway track and my right foot gets stuck between the tracks.

Elaborate Excuses By Sifana Sohail S ometimes we get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

There are things that get stuck between eyelids and therefore forbid seeing or else ' show ' in strange refraction.

There is a fork lifter but in an unfortunate act of a crane driver it got stuck between two high piles of containers.

I went to the UFC fight in Macau with my fiance and a few friends, and my purse ended up getting stuck between two seats.

The Pakistani army managed to keep the jihadis under control till 9/11, when it got stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In 1% of cases stuck for is used

But sometimes it gets stuck for a few weeks.

It is not uncommon to get stuck for two weeks.

I was stuck for three hours that day because of Visarjan.

Approaching the town of Kerma on that first afternoon, we got stuck for the third time.

When Time Shifting a channel the video gets stuck for a second or two every few minutes.

I've also included 3 extra gifts for the main child ranges just in case your stuck for ideas.

Though when it gets ' stuck ' at an extreme point, there is usually a reasonable chance it will stay stuck for a bit.

That depth of knowledge is based on claims information -- who's made them, how often and how much they got stuck for.

Generally, recovery -- for everyone in the family -- is a long, rocky road, with places you might get stuck for awhile.

The look is growing on me and thanks to YouTube I can access thousands of tutorials to help if I get stuck for style ideas.

In 1% of cases stuck inside is used

Say I get stuck inside the car during a collision.

Whenever I want to talk to someone, the words get stuck inside me.

If the icing gets stuck inside the cutters rub a little icing sugar inside.

Me getting stuck inside one of the projector plinths was just one of many funny moments.

Lack of grease interfere with motion smoothness, balls can even get stuck inside the grove.

However in October last year, it got stuck inside one of the reactors as its cable snapped.

The scenes where Vijay Sethupathi gets stuck inside a house with terrifying results is what will spook you to bits.

There is a collar which is used as a safety device so that human body parts do not get stuck inside it by accident.

I had a scare when the string was to short and it got stuck inside me, I was alone but I handled the situation well and got it out.

In 1% of cases stuck under is used

My male would end up hiding and even got stuck under my couch.

He said it softly like his voice had got stuck under his tongue.

The unloved and unwanted and unmet get stuck under its fingernails.

By the end of it he was just a passenger and his nose got stuck under Grosjean's wing.

I feel i can sleep easier at night knowing that Daisy wont get stuck under the covers.

They treated the guy who had got stuck under the car first because he was the most serious.

I HATE getting my hands dirty, and hate even more little bits of flour and butter getting stuck under my fingernails.

Arsenal started brightly rolling things about in midfield, playing tippy-tappy, with West Ham unable to get stuck under our noses.

If your crawler gets stuck under the table, you can get close, offer support and see if he/she can extricate themselves on their own.

Just don't leave her alone -- if she gets stuck under a pillow or box, she'll surely be frightened and may be in danger of smothering.

In 1% of cases stuck up is used

HA Oh, quiet, you stuck up old bitch.

Get your stuck up noses out of the air.

You may also recover your stuck up money.

She is basically ignored in Pirate Planet or comes across as a bit of a stuck up bitch.

I can just picture the stuck up New York restaurant owners complaining to the city council.

Lee plays Fu Manchu as a stuck up British royal and not an over-the-top Chinese stereotype.

There just stuck up people, them being a horse person really has nothing to do with it, it's kinda just a coincidense.

Great course, full of stuck up corporates!! Also Liked Played here recently and thoroughly enjoyed my round (with new clubs in the bag).

What I want to know is why horse riders and owners tend to come across as stuck up, there are a few on Yahoo Answers that I have noticed.

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