Prepositions after "struggle"

struggle with, for, in, against or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases struggle with is used

I struggle with pricing myself.

Yes, I struggle with depression.

ST Micro are struggling with a $2.

He struggled with it for a while and even managed to find a part in his backyard.

The Jaguars are struggling with injuries and just traded Mike Thomas to Detroit.

I gained 60 lbs in those years of treatment and I'd also struggling with conceiving.

Some cities struggling with their public transport systems so that more people are buying back their own cars.

The Euro-zone continues to struggle with sovereign debt issues, with yields on Spanish and Italian rising again.

Vu is free which makes it perfect for students and graduates who struggle with their budget while on a job hunt.

In 11% of cases struggle for is used

I saw it struggle for 5 seconds.

She did sweat and was struggling for breath.

Seventy six people struggling for salvation.

In the factories committees or shoras struggled for control against the management.

If you're struggling for ideas, pretend that you are going on your first few dates.

When people know that you are struggling for money, the barriers immediately go up.

Government funding initiatives were developed to help ease financing struggles for businesses throughout the UK.

One workout that I all the time recommend to somebody who is struggling for eye strain is referred to as palming.

I thought what is the gift of life then if they have to struggle for the rest of their life with infinite problems.

Hendry has struggled for form for a couple of years and could be vulnerable, particularly away from the TV cameras.

In 8% of cases struggle in is used

You see us struggling in the car.

Do not struggle in my clasp; see - I release thy hand.

Livestock production and common property struggles in South Africa? s agrarian reform.

As I write this she is struggling in hospital with a bullet removed from her head and back.

However, many organisations struggle in executing their plans to achieve their desired future.

If we have struggled in wholehearted effort to attain the goal, nothing Re despair, distress or complaint are possible.

I do not believe Gabbidon is Premier League quality and as a result Matty Upson struggles in the heart of their defence.

Struggling in the Villages For most of the areas, the biggest, most insurmountable problem was the rising cost of living.

Tyler Bray, no doubt, is a future NFL quarterback but he has struggled in his two SEC games this season (five interceptions).

In 6% of cases struggle against is used

Cook's men had struggled against pace and spin.

Even the great Shane Warne struggled against him.

It's just something that you must struggle against.

Carberry is another option but he really struggled against spin in Bangladesh.

The statue of an islander struggling against the wind will remind you, however.

Last year we couldn't beat the dross, this year we struggle against the big boys.

They were Great in attack and unbreachable in defence I can see any club struggling against them this season.

Remember that you are struggling against human nature to waste valuable energy practising doing something you dislike.

Almost every rickshaw, taxi or bus-driver you meet in Karachi struggles against a mouthful of these products while speaking.

His contribution to the struggle against imperialism is worthy of study and emulation not only by revolutionary democrats and.

In 3% of cases struggle at is used

He really struggled at C and that affected his overall game.

Brown is struggling at the moment in perception and in practice.

As Sir Ken Robinson has discussed, current models will struggle at scale.

Spinner Selim Shahed then inflicted further damage and Pakistan were struggling at 91 for 7.

The economy is still struggling at the moment and some industries are being particularly hard hit.

Along the way, they have heard about how their father has struggled at times to connect with the public.

We all seem to agree that self-regulation is still important, but I'd struggling at the moment to think of a new model.

To be honest - I am still struggling at this point so pardon me if I can't give you a clear cut solution to address this.

The NSW Waratah came on early in the second half for fullback Mike Harris who was struggling at the back for the Wallabies.

Although I was struggling at work, I had contributed 25 years of my life to the organization and had been extremely successful.

In 3% of cases struggle through is used

You live, you learn, you struggle through a hike.

Almost everyone at the table was struggling through this dish.

I was enlisted and struggled through everything for only six weeks.

A muffled voice struggled through the noise and called out his name.

Families that have struggled through the good and ill of boom and bust.

Lara: I promise I will! White out, cut to the ship struggling through a storm.

Lincicome, in Malaysia for the LPGA event there last week, has struggled through a frustrating year.

His offense flipped the script in the third quarter, committing the run game after struggling through the air early.

Laura had shouldered enormous responsibility from a young age and had struggled through early adulthood to forge her career.

Then there are the troubled but redeemable men struggling through unfortunate love: Edmund Bertram, Edward Ferrars and Colonel Brandon.

In 2% of cases struggle on is used

Independent film producers have struggled on their own.

Instead, the Panthers are struggled on both sides of the ball.

Much like his teammates, Kolhar too struggled on a green Dharamsala wicket.

We as a nation struggled to survive, and we still struggle on a daily bases.

Until now it was students who struggled on behalf of education in the country.

People try so hard to live the glamorous life, thus struggling on a daily basis to maintain the high life.

Why? Because you aren't supposed to do it alone! The days of struggling on your own can literally be a thing of the past.

The cultural limitations of Hollywood do not automatically mean that struggles on earth can express a dynamic of communism.

Redefine poverty and suddenly you have working families who are no longer poor, even though they are struggling on subsistence living.

Red Bull was unable to challenge for victory in either the Belgian or Italian grands prix as it struggled on the low downforce circuits.

In 2% of cases struggle to is used

Steve struggled to strap it to the top of their Chevrolet Impala wagon.

A few minutes later he struggled to his feet with a smile and made light of the matter.

Colne continued to press and Glossop were struggling to gauge their passes up the hill.

Gay or straight, men struggle to some degree to curb or manage their impulses, or give in.

However, he had to be helped out of the car at the driver change and, unable to move easily, struggled to strap Watts into the car as quickly as normal.

The match gives both sets of players the opportunity to put their league struggles to one side and earn a massive pay-day against one of the big boys in round two.

While middle-income families struggle to not only pay for childcare, but also find places locally, nurseries are instructed to take two-year-olds from non-working families for free.

When Jackline first came to the Family AIDS Care and Education Services Clinic (FACES) six months ago, she was emaciated, needing help to walk, clearly ailing and struggling to breathe.

In 1% of cases struggle after is used

Bring hope to communities struggling after war, disaster or oppressive governments.

Autumn's surprise-package Lazio, on the other hand, seem to be struggling after the break.

He said that he is trying to manage his schedule so that he is fresh and prepared for the majors, because his record has been struggling after a victory.

In 1% of cases struggle as is used

And Zoila, the star of the latest series, struggles as a single mother until her children are able to help her set up a clothing business.

What is striking about the Banyarwanda is that their historical background has been dominated more by political, power and resources struggles as opposed to ethnic co-existence14.

She was old school and struggled as a new way of thinking suddenly saw her draft pupil reports returned by the principal for sanitising and rewriting before being distributed to parents.

In 1% of cases struggle during is used

If you have struggled during the winter months in the past, remember now is not then.

It is one of the, admittedly, many reasons why Zlatan Ibrahimovic struggled during his year at the club.

However their relationship was uneasy from the start with Rossi struggling during the Valencia test the day after finishing on the podium in what looked like being his final ride for Yamaha.

In 1% of cases struggle from is used

Overall, both sides struggled from the field in the second half, each side shooting below 30%.

The problem is that two years ago, Wales used to struggle from the 60th to the 80th minute of the match.

Additionally, both books deal with a main character struggling from PTSD after being the only one left alive following a devastating accident.

Corn stalks struggling from lack of rain and a heat in Farmingdale, Illinois The drought map showed that conditions improved in the Southeast in June compared to May.

In 1% of cases struggle out is used

He is seeing more ice time compared to last year, but the Badgers have struggled out of the gate.

The transition was slow for everyone as they struggled out of their wetsuits and then onto their bikes.

And yet she was proceeding, struggling out of her jeans and kicking them away, feeling the warm air on her suddenly naked legs.

In 1% of cases struggle over is used

After struggling over the years with my three children.

I felt that I struggled over the final miles of both the bike and the run.

Jesus is struggling over the soon and coming separation he will experience with the Father.

Their next assignment is in South Africa, where they are yet to register a Test win, and have generally struggled over the years.

After struggling over the years with my three children about what they should eat, I have settled on a simple yet effective plan.

In 1% of cases struggle under is used

The other Indians may have struggled under pressure but Saina simply shrugs it off.

Anyone who saw me cycling to school told me they felt sorry for my bicycle because it was struggling under my weight.

Other countries are struggling under the weight of internal fighting and guerrilla warfare that threatens to destroy the very fabric of their tenuous grip on civilization.

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