Prepositions after "strong"

strong in, for, with, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases strong in is used

Be strong in the name of Allah.

We are 20,000,000+ strong in the U.

Strong in the tackle on the fringes.

It always has made me stronger in the past and it will continue to make me stronger.

He is strong in the air but Cascade had shown us how strong he would be on the ground.

And the farce was particularly strong in the Conservatives who ran for office in 2008.

We were reasonably strong on the communication providers and we were not very strong in terms of portfolio or media.

Albedo is one of several feedback effects that is weak in the warming direction but strong in the cooling direction.

For some reason the spectrum of dry soils is stronger in the CO2 spectrum than wet soils, something about notches.

While in emergency services, one could take that statement as a call to be strong in the face of adverse conditions.

In 13% of cases strong for is used

Far too strong for a dying man.

You guys are so strong for this.

He'd be stronger for every game.

The Nu Me tested too strong for the kids (as predicted given what your website says).

We become stronger for flexing those daring muscles and the entire family benefits.

Nasri tried to slip in Sergio Aguero but his ball was too strong for the Argentinian.

Those with the initiative rise up to tell the tale, battered but stronger for their experience; others are swept.

We'll then let things follow their own course in line with the force of events too strong for the mind to withstand.

Vocals were strong for a few and for others a bit underwhelming but the whole atmosphere it creates is just amazing.

Oaks and such grow slower so the signal may need to get a little stronger for them to jump on the acorn bandwagon.

In 7% of cases strong with is used

Nut-jobbery is strong with them.

We weren't strong with the ball.

You get stronger with each trip.

As a child my belief in the supernatural grew stronger with every cloud formation.

Military communications projects have remained strong with the Obama administration.

Communicating, laughing, growing stronger with each other is a form of resistance.

However, after watching the episodes, I saw that Brad's connections were stronger with a few of the other girls.

Her anger becomes stronger and stronger with drama, tears, bad language, nervous tensions, blackmailing us, etc.

This is great news for our existing users as it makes the worldTs largest marketplace even stronger with over 6.

We're already strong with our displays and we just launched JBL speakers in our products to cater to these demands.

In 7% of cases strong on is used

Jesus was much stronger on this.

China is too strong on this sport.

I'd going to stand strong on this.

This isn't the first time Google has come out strong on the workplace approval charts.

This is an area that the Conservatives have not been especially strong on in the past.

Not many teams can boast to be as strong on the left side of the pitch as Chelsea are.

Such an influence would be stronger on groups that did not have a large population or set traditions of their own.

We were reasonably strong on the communication providers and we were not very strong in terms of portfolio or media.

She underscored the need for increasing the revenue collection to make the country stronger on the economic front.

The singles actually remain the strongest on the album, as they're gloomy, introspective and even a little catchy.

In 5% of cases strong at is used

DS is going strong at 7 months.

We were 325 strong at that point.

We have to be strong at those times.

And I thought you were enough strong at heart, to bare that type of sarcasm in return.

Demand for commercial property continues to remain strong at the macro-economic level.

Ha! Going back over that piece ultimately made the story much stronger at the start.

Nonetheless, forecasted growth across the 3 business areas are strong at double digit or almost double digit growth.

Steamboat has a lot of potential, and could benefit from a spotlighted feud in which he goes over strong at the end.

These increased particle fluxes are strongest at the poles so can also result in diversion of transpolar flights.

There is a very strong smell of sulfur that comes out of it, as it is weak during the day but very strong at nights.

In 5% of cases strong of is used

It's only for the strong of heart.

Maybe hate is too strong of a word.

One of the strongest of these (129.

Gartner says it expects Apple to continue to report Q4 as its strongest of the year.

An earlier, closer match for the quotation beginning It is not the strongest of the.

Not as strong of a showing as in 08 where he won by 4 points with over 51% of the vote.

The strongest of the two points is the boat in the foreground, because of its size in relation to the other boat.

Indeed the economic argument for rebranding cities may be the strongest of all: it pays to invest in civic pride.

Cristhian Martinez is a solid pitcher and even Chad Durbin has been strong of late after an awful start to the year.

So now I look at the models and hope that low pressure systems will keep the strongest of the winds away from me.

In 4% of cases strong as is used

His heart was strong as a rock.

You make us stronger as a couple too.

Feeling stronger as the race went on.

Luna's manipulation of the other two women is as gentle and strong as the tide can be.

Yes, we may get stronger as the season goes on but that could go for other teams too.

In fact Rogue can fly and is super strong as a result of having permanently absorbed Ms.

If America is to remain strong as a nation, the national security space programs must remain strong and sustainable.

The foreshadowing at the end of the book suggests that these connections will grow stronger as the series goes on.

If only a portion of the team makes this commitment, the results will not be a strong as a full team-wide commitment.

In 3% of cases strong by is used

GTF is getting stronger by day.

It is made stronger by less debt.

We are getting stronger by rowing.

Who maybe works with the main villain but rises up stronger by the end of the movie.

Bridals are made strong by the right colours, impressive craft and strong silhouettes.

Keep your relationship strong by bringing variety and diversity into the relationship.

Now scientists from the Glenn Research Center in the US have made them up to 500 times stronger by using polymers.

Once I'd started, the number on the scales started to drop, and my muscles seemed to be getting stronger by the day.

This whole journey does take us through little patches of joy made all the stronger by the gloom of the destination.

It's easy to make your case stronger by deliberately choosing the best and worst possible outcomes as is convenient.

In 2% of cases strong against is used

He is not strong against short bowling.

I feel your heart so strong against mine.

Tamal* is strong against tipburn and bolting.

On April 6, Blanche Lincoln came out strong against the Employee Free Choice Act.

And a half level of the strong against God, it is purely in court death, moncler.

The United States will continue to stand strong against these forms of inhumanity.

RUN LIKE THE WIND: The boys team starts the race strong against other APS schools during the city championship.

Thank you devotees of the one true roman and apostolic church hold strong against a rising tide of intolerance.

To be a quality builder or contractor, you want your work to stand strong against whatever nature throws at you.

This heresy, of Hameed and Abu Hurayra, was the best lucky to be the stronger against the Prophet's (S) family.

In 2% of cases strong to is used

They remain strong to this day.

Still holding strong to this day.

Notes: Jesus is strong to deliver.

The vice-president's tactic was effective, even if some found it too strong to stomach.

The gap did nt grow much as I stayed strong to the end to set a new pb for myself of 2.

The garbage collector processes reference objects in order from strongest to weakest.

Guest1776rcp Sorry folks when we needed to be strong to many took to blaming and attacking our own and it continues.

A written commitment may feel stronger to me than if I make half-hearted promises that just kick around in my head.

That's pretty damn simple, isn't it? Someone needs to take something strong to the Augean stable that is the Treasury.

In 2% of cases strong from is used

Batteries still strong from new.

You try to get stronger from it.

We get stronger from the SW, but.

It was late in the season and he had only gotten bigger and stronger from football.

The latter movement was strongest from 1800 to 1840; the former from 1830 to 1860.

But winds could be too strong from October to April due to typhoon season in the area.

Demand for forestry products remained strong from Asia, with both prices and volume recovering during the past year.

We were not marking properly but it is a learning experience for us and we will only come back stronger from this.

Even though this is the oldest temple in Koh Phangan, the buildings still remain strong from the day they were built.

I remember hearing my father playing the guitar and I guess the love for music just got stronger from there onwards.

In 1% of cases strong without is used

It's strong without being rugged.

Make the ending strong without overdoing it.

England will be strong without these prima-donas.

The marriage might strengthen him hereafter, but in law he was strong without it.

All we need is a DM for the stoke like games and were are way stronger without rvp.

All other bajaari's are going on strong without any relenting (padma, tamil mother, bhuvana).

It shows how strong this Belgian team are that they may actually be stronger without Marouane Fellaini in it.

The article would be a lot stronger without the pointless sniping at Obama in the first couple of paragraphs.

I am hopeful that that particular friendship will now be much stronger without any more resentment laid upon it.

In 1% of cases strong about is used

She's just been strong about it.

Be strong about it, confront him.

Be strong about what you want and say it.

Also, he became the first NHL defenseman who was also strong about criminal offense.

Is it wrong to be so young, yet feel so strong about you? I do not know what love is.

And, in fact, we feel stronger about it now that we have CDS as part of the family.

I still believe this was the best decision for me, and I feel even stronger about it after seeing these photos.

Our clash finally came to an end with me being the winner but Dad was still strong about his disregard for the Rs.

Each carton will be used to build a tower to demonstrate that we are strong about eradicating bullying at Barr Beacon.

Let's not be shy or selective; if you feel that strong about your faith, you might as well be thorough in your practice.

In 1% of cases strong throughout is used

The wind was strong throughout the day.

He remained slim and strong throughout his life.

And I mean they stay strong throughout the drama.

That same protective instinct runs strong throughout the Great Bear Rainforest.

Many years passed, but the story stayed strong throughout the town of Apple burry.

Sales of the early numbers were phenomenal and continued strong throughout the run.

Good meaningful sex plays a huge part in determining if a relationship will stay strong throughout the years.

Trust me, the Vets you need to hear from are being more than FAIR; read the themes; one is strong throughout.

Public piety was very strong throughout the 19th century, with some books of church sermons being best sellers.

A sense of community and a deep connection to this beautiful place are strong throughout Oregon's wine industry.

In 1% of cases strong through is used

But I felt pretty strong through all of it.

Make both stronger through diligence and hard work.

Well done Martha for staying so strong through it all.

But you're right; if you can grow stronger through this, then you will make it.

While the family stays strong through their faith in God, they still want answers.

They were strong through the hate, through the fans and through the press, until now.

This relationship must be nurtured and made strong through timely and relevant interactions and communications.

Sadly, many of them have been killed but amazingly enough, the faith of the others gets stronger through that.

Predictions are that the Galaxy SIII will still be going strong through the holidays, and the two will remain in.

When we take turns doing the hard tasks, when we encourage others, we become stronger through shared leadership.

In 1% of cases strong over is used

It favours the strong over the weak.

He got bigger and stronger over the last year.

The feeling has gotten so strong over the years.

Our women closed strong over the last 2K of the course and made up a lot as a group.

This service is growing instantly thus demand is speculated to remain strong over time.

During and after the wars, rape was and still is an expression of domination of the strong over the weak, NGOs say.

The diphthongal quality of these vowels became stronger over time, and eventually the former merged with /? i/ ei.

He also showed that Kiwi knack of being strong over the ball that even their five-eighths (except one) seem to have.

Your'e net buyers (the red line is fairly strong over the blue ), THEY ARE ALSO THE SAME FOLKS POPPING OUT CHILDREN.

In 1% of cases strong like is used

Cold and strong like the river.

You are stronger like Taiye Taiwo.

He is younger and not strong like you.

I would like to be strong like Superman and have all the X-Men team powers combined.

It was with her coaching and support that he grew strong like a palmtree in the Lord.

I recommend mild-tasting cheese like mozzarella &; not something strong like cheddar.

Holding of elections can give strength to Parliament, which should become strong like the media and the judiciary.

Like the sun burning bright is the faith of the Philippines, It stands strong like a rock and fills all void like the sea.

Even if the hockey comes back?? and I don?? t think it will this season?? it?? s not going to be strong like it used to be.

Strong means technologically strong like USA and other developed nations and then applying your smarts for your home country.

In 1% of cases strong during is used

I have no choice, but be strong during this period.

It is strongest during your first morning urine.

Very few could be strong during a time of disaster.

However, in most areas European control remained relatively strong during this period.

When we run, we break down our bodies, which then grow stronger during recovery periods.

It began in 1969 In Canada, the push to legalize abortion came on strong during the 1960s.

Hall's Pictorial Weekly was at its strongest during the 1973-1977 term of the Fine Gael-Labour coalition government.

However, he has looked strong during the P-Bruins ' slow start and should only get better as he settles in Rhode Island.

Offshore winds blow strongest during the day and in heat waves -- precisely the points when demand for electricity is.

You might still be going strong during the first week of January, but my guess is that life will eventually get in the way.

In 1% of cases strong despite is used

Tourism in Costa Rica remains strong despite U.

Your application does sound strong despite the 2.

She is tall and surprisingly strong despite her slender frame.

Michael Bradley looked fairly strong despite the US being over-matched in midfield.

This is why Steyn and Lee have managed to stay strong despite bowling at fast speeds.

The lure of the countryside remains strong despite crises such as foot-and-mouth disease.

Dalmas chidemah posted on November 10, 2012: Kudos boys we will remain strong despite losing the cup more to come.

Every religion keeps our faith and make us be stronger despite the challenges we face on a daily basis on our job.

As one of the Tour's ' elder statesmen ', Shabana is still going strong despite some physical setbacks in recent years.

In 1% of cases strong because is used

We are strong because of the pain.

And I am stronger because of it.

It's only strong because of its followers.

That was the biggest challenge of the show, but I think we're stronger because of it.

CS - Sometimes that's what's best for the band, and the band gets stronger because of it.

As for the LTTE getting stronger because of the government's inaction, lets not be naive.

So many couples have come out of serious situations even stronger because of good communication between them.

On the way there, the current was a bit strong because of the gloomy weather, but the water was clear and blue.

The public service is stronger because of its networks, its inclination to consult, reach out and seek advice.

The result? America became stronger because of the contribution of immigrants to the society, culture, and economy.

In 1% of cases strong among is used

The impact is strongest among men.

The effect was even stronger among women.

The finding is even stronger among gang members.

Support for this item was less strong among North Americans and the corporate sector.

The impulse is perhaps strongest among those who live successful, rewarding lives.

At Karbala ' he was the standard bearer of the Imam and the strongest among the army.

For heart disease, this link was stronger among women without high school education, the Daily Express reported.

This association was significantly stronger among girls than among boys in smoking, drunkenness and cannabis use.

A smaller ball than usual was utilised, but the strongest among them could propel it no further than a few yards.

The strong among us would thrive at the expense of the weak, till at last Allah raised a Prophet for our reformation.

In 1% of cases strong after is used

They are the stronger after all.

Mentally, I'd really strong after that.

America was big and strong after the War.

Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal will be economically stronger after this crisis.

And now they have a bigger problem, since I grew up and became stronger after this.

Emotions are strong after an accident and we naturally want to talk about it -- don't.

That feeling is only stronger after the amount of time that Chandler has spent with Prigioni in the pre-season.

It seems he will be out until March, maybe more considering you need time to come back strong after a long injury.

The stickiness is strongest after 30 -- 60 minutes and disappears with time at the end of the incubation period.

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