Prepositions after "stroll"

stroll through, to, along, into or around?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases stroll through is used

It's just an act, right? So, 9:00, you're strolling through the parking lot.

Visitors can stroll through the many kilometres of nature trails in the arboretum.

I can only imagine their reaction if they strolled through any carnival-town, USA.

Crowds stroll through the market, and people buy vegetables, bargain for saucepans and dishes.

Stroll through the park with its homesteads, places of ritual, burial modes and long forgotten remains.

A new world record was never in prospect, as the leading group strolled through the first two kilometres in 6.

A veteran of the famous War of 1812 battle is strolling through the autumn forest with his four grandchildren.

Shaw Park Gardens - stroll through this lush tropical garden located on the Ocho Rios Ridge overlooking the town.

Instead, we strolled through the lovely cobble-stoned streets of Silves and ventured up the mountains to Monchique.

Strolling through the streets felt like stepping back in time as little appeared to have changed in the last couple of centuries.

In 13% of cases stroll to is used

This is the kind of song which I would slowly dance to or stroll to in the park.

The walk to the hot spring takes about 20 minutes and it's about a 45 minutes stroll to the waterfall.

They stroll to the site after 9am and work as slowly as they for about an hour or a little over an hour before they go off for breakfast.

We gave a small amount of cash (1000 guilders) to a guy hanging out in the parking lot to keep an eye on the vehicle and we strolled to the bar in the back.

From there, we strolled to a cabaret, where the local health committee and others were enjoying beer and soft drinks after completing their quarterly planning meeting.

In 10% of cases stroll along is used

Strolling along the street she quickly reached the street corner.

Eddie Cibrian managed to look just as cool with his large moustache as he strolled along the streets if Malibu last week.

We tracked to the waterfront (http: **27;1221;TOOLONG /) and strolled along the piers and in and out of shops along the way.

The red carpet that the Queen strolled along with Am- bassador Caccia added a touch of regality and warmth to the gray October evening.

The benches in Lafayette Park were all full and couples or solitary walkers strolled along the paths, most of them hoping to find someone ready to relinquish his seat.

In 8% of cases stroll into is used

He would every day stroll into Dr.

And besides, I thought I'd stroll into a job in no time at all.

I understand that people caught on Streetview might not want us to see them strolling into a drug den or brothel.

From the second bath they stroll into one of the peristyles, to hear some new poet recite; or into the library, to sleep over an old one.

In 5% of cases stroll around is used

I highly recommend downloading the app and strolling around Cambridge, listening to a mix of voices share their thoughts about what strikes them as they move through.

I converted mine to MP3 so I could listen on my MP3 player and stroll around Tesco whilst plotting a triple baguette homicide with authentic music:) Conversion using Winamp is simple.

In 5% of cases stroll down is used

So staying at the SP Inn, it is quite convenient just to stroll down the road to go shopping or for lunch or for dinner.

It is a wonderful sensory experience to stroll down the road lined on both sides with stalls filled with fresh-cut flowers of many varieties.

By the time we got there it was twilight already, and we strolled down the historic road with traditional Japanese shop front and stone-slab roads.

In 5% of cases stroll past is used

My landscaping preferences may cause you displeasure as you stroll past my house to get to yours.

As we strolled past the deserted shop fronts he was ambushed by a local, complaining that the town was being destroyed.

In 5% of cases stroll in is used

In the major Euro countries, growth is anticipated to stroll in 2012.

I strolled in the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and watched half-naked boys play soccer.

Not to the people who stand in line all night, but rather the people who stroll in a few days later because they hear the iPhone 5 is the best phone out.

You're going to earn a third term on that queue, whilst those who strolled in two years after you will glide back out with their passports (or fried chicken) in seconds.

From strolling in a flowering meadow to dipping their toes in a lake and having a few moments alone together, the beauty of their surrounding played a huge role in the days events.

In 3% of cases stroll onto is used

No matter who strolls onto the pitch wearing the canon on their chest tomorrow, i will definitely be cheering for them all the way from Nigeria.

In 3% of cases stroll with is used

Halfway through the book, she's strolling with Mr.

On one of their weekend strolls with their baba We still have our UppaBaby and use it when we're only taking one kid out.

When customers, often men strolling with their partners comment on how much work the artists have put into their work and to shows I thank them for noticing and acknowledging their observation.

In 3% of cases stroll up is used

We, however, can not stroll up the back stairs at our leisure.

A female chimpanzee will spot her mate, stroll up to the male, and tip her buttocks toward his nose to get his attention.

In 2% of cases stroll across is used

As we stroll across the tunnels, I try my best in order to take in the inner workings of the cut-offs and passages, but to no avail.

In 2% of cases stroll on is used

But here's a tip: don't go wandering too close to the Geology Department when you are strolling on campus.

In 2% of cases stroll at is used

Like a actual man he allows me generally simply to stroll at the top element factor as he factors and books me to an position where our consultation would take position.

In 2% of cases stroll from is used

The Living Room - formerly Thanet House - is situated in the Alum Chine area, 10 minutes stroll from the beach.

Short strolls from hotels allow discoveries of Angkor Shopping Arcade Night Market, museums, and Cambodian Cultural Village for observing the current cultural scene.

In 2% of cases stroll round is used

Ba Jin was very lonely and often strolled round the Pantheon, pausing to look at the statues of the great philosophers, Rousseau and Voltaire, the tombs of the celebrated writers Hugo and Zola.

In 2% of cases stroll towards is used

A classic banquet Meanwhile Sallust and Glaucus were slowly strolling towards the house of Diomed.

In 1% of cases stroll by is used

I do not want to be like the priest who nonchalantly strolled by the wounded and bleeding man lying on the road.

In 1% of cases stroll amongst is used

The Palace at One &Only; Royal Mirage conjures the magic of Arabia, a domain where guests may wander amidst the abundant gardens or stroll amongst the meandering water features.

In 1% of cases stroll upon is used

However, as it goes about, I neither recognize a voice or the intensity of a search party, rather casual strolling upon a bed of fallen leaves.

In 1% of cases stroll away is used

Stroll away from trouble if you can.

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