Prepositions after "strive"

strive for, towards, to, after or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases strive for is used

Always strive for high-quality.

But this is what we must strive for.

Strive for a balanced and informative view.

Those students who strive for top marks will now strive for high honours and honours.

Its External Programmes strive for global access to a high quality learning experience.

Musicians like Adele and Gavin Degraw inspire them to strive for a powerful, raw sound.

His knowledge in achieving success will only help him to help others who are striving for similar business success.

With one heart and one vision, we shall strive for the well-being of the community and serve the people of Hong Kong.

You need to be willing to help your visitors and customers and strive for a well-rounded department at the same time.

When appropriate, share with your children your struggles so they know what it's like to strive for something important.

In 6% of cases strive towards is used

It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light.

By not ever quite reaching it there's always something else to strive towards, I imagine.

As we strive towards the future I feel that we sometimes lose sight of what makes us human.

I find people actually striving towards an ideal - even if they can't meet it - much more interesting.

Unfettered globalisation threatens to sweep away all the work that strives towards sustainability of the planet and peoples.

It's an on-going process, but by doing this, you can consistently strive towards making every part of your life more enjoyable.

We transcend boundaries and strive towards togetherness, by representing three facets of our community through our organisations.

Businesses should always strive towards improving the quality of life of people by offering safe and excellent products or services to its customers.

Diamond distribution is what ComixTribe and I have been striving towards for a long time now, and after much delay and many obstacles, it's finally happening.

May this week be rich in blessings to all of us as we strive towards the need of only one thing, hearing the Word of God so we may productively live our faith in Christ.

In 3% of cases strive to is used

CREATA strives to practice SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

I love how you are always striving to the best for your children.

As CREATA strives to restore human dignity to the poor, CREATA will pursue its integrity to the highest degree.

Every organization should strive to practice self-improvement and accountability, but with these elections I'd thinking of the following quote: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In 2% of cases strive after is used

Man did not therefore strive after an evil nature when he touched the forbidden tree; but by deserting what was better, he committed an evil deed.

In these ways, in responding faithfully to this calling and striving after these ideals at the cost of everything else that may tempt us, we become leaders.

In 2% of cases strive against is used

A narrative-for me--describes a series of events in the life of somebody striving against obstacles toward a goal and achieving it or not achieving it.

She comes over as a woman striving against the fear that a lifetime with more than its fair share of achievements and good works is in danger of being swept away.

In 2% of cases strive in is used

We should strive in the present life so that Allah (SWT) allows us to rest on the Day of Judgement.

You may now give your pledge to serve the cause of Islam, to strive in the way of Allah and to follow the path of virtue.

In 2% of cases strive with is used

But a time will come when the Spirit would no longer strive with you.

He can push himself to a level where the Spirit of God no longer strives with him, a level where God gives up on him.

Then let me, when I come to pray, Not only mean the words I say, But let me strive with earnest care, To have my heart go with my prayer.

In 1% of cases strive through is used

Was this where she went wrong?? So what of the Fork's future? It is not a creature who merely strives through the physical difficulties of life.

Olive Lewin, has strived through the years to remain true to its mission, which includes unearthing and exposing the beauty and artistic worth of Jamaica? s folk music heritage.

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