Prepositions after "strip"

strip of, to, by, from or off?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases strip of is used

I was stripped of all my pride and I was terribly ashamed.

He said the player was stripped of his Olympic accreditation.

But it wasn't this baseball game that got Thorpe disqualified and stripped of his medals.

We are willing to work and you should us as an enterprising population stripped of means.

My ivy was stripped of some of its best leaves which were placed around the fruit flowers.

Through showing solidarity with those stripped of their rights, we raise awareness and draw the circle of unity by.

World Cup 2010: Appointed captain after Rio Ferdinand withdrew with injury and John Terry was stripped of the armband.

The following year, he was stripped of the medals when an investigation showed he had played semiprofessional baseball.

Stripping of the spool valve revealed no internal debris but a slight discolouration in the fluid wiped from the spool stem.

In 8% of cases strip to is used

All three were stripped to the bone.

Kid Brady stripped to his swimming suit and slip into the water.

He was in shock that poor Helen had been ordered to strip to her knickers.

Stripped to basics, it drew on the example of sacred cows in India to come up with the term.

According to court records, she was ordered to strip to her underwear and her bra was pulled out.

I also have Windows XP stripped to the bone, no fancy graphics and so on, and entirely tweaked for audio.

The computers are stripped to their component parts, and everything that can be salvaged is put to a new use.

From fighting to stripping to romantic linkups, wannabes starlets and their acts have been grabbing headlines.

Joan Smith on Putin: This is a man who cultivates a parodic version of masculinity -- he's always stripping to the waist to fish in rushing streams or ride bare-back.

In 6% of cases strip by is used

I was violently stripped by them.

The glue that held their lives together was stripped by the priests who betrayed them.

Some factors are extrinsic and could be prevented, such as the use of irritants, stripping by adhesives, occlusion and exposure to infection or allergens.

Some factors that contribute to the problem of vulnerable skin could be prevented, such as the use of irritants, stripping by adhesive dressings, occlusion and exposure to infection or allergens.

In 4% of cases strip from is used

It was among the marble pieces stripped from the temple in the early 19th century.

Alice is on a ship with a medium sized army bearing down on her after having her powers stripped from her by the villainous Wesker.

Not only were they made to work on huge plantations, but every form of attachment to their homeland was brutally stripped from them; they lost their families and their freedom.

In 4% of cases strip off is used

Ramsey was stripped off his national team captaincy because he has nothing to offer in the game of football to his country.

You must strip off the old paint before staining, and depending on how many cabinets you have, this may take you two weekends to complete.

In 2% of cases strip away is used

Why Does The Hair Split? When the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibres.

Don? t ever do this ever in your website because you? ll see your website stripped away from the Google search engine results entirely on all keywords.

In 2% of cases strip for is used

He was drawn, rather, to a raft of other items about the daft antics of Poms including the story (here) of a psychic who persuaded sheilas to strip for him.

In 2% of cases strip in is used

So the dinner for the evening was due to be - pan fried chicken strips in a three cheese sauce with penne.

The tenants have included drug dealers and there was previously a stripper who was stripping in the house.

My friends -- from Equestrian Champions who stripped in a naked calendar to raise money for this challenge, to the Matt Hampson Foundation -- all generously donated and supported this.

In 2% of cases strip on is used

She wore little bikinis and was stripping on the beach.

The Encyclopedia Microphotica Mundaneum was published as a series of microfilm strips on various subjects available for purchase at a modest price.

In 1% of cases strip due is used

She designs lots of her individual stage apparel and would most likely strip due to hot pants as well as a bikini top.

In 1% of cases strip inside is used

I plan to put LED strips inside the case.

In 1% of cases strip with is used

Read on to get my recipe of morning glory pasta strips with drunken shrimps.

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