Prepositions after "strike"

"strike by", "strike in" or "strike at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases strike by is used

Then he was struck by a sudden thought.

Struck by a speedy car, an instant death.

Ruth was struck by a cannon ball and killed.

As a psychologist, I was struck by how people and society behaved during these crises.

I was struck by two contrasting emotions upon reading this editorial in the Telegraph.

You're responsible for his safety, and I'd told that he's just been struck by lightning.

But besides the pungent odor, he was immediately struck by how impressive the product was for a bootstrapped startup.

P isnt a failure, nor are any of us, and i am struck by how in many ways we planktons are all different, yet similar.

I was so struck by the trailer that I set myself the challenge of drawing 7 Sullivan-inspired designs in as many days.

I was once again struck by how seriously the Oracle customers I spoke to at OpenWorld really wanted to get this right.

In 11% of cases strike at is used

Pardon of sin strikes at the root of all diseases.

They commonly strike at night or early in the morning.

They struck at our military and economic nerve centers.

There is sometimes despair and at other times a wild attempt at striking at the enemy.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which struck at around 6.

Jeyaraj Fernandopulle on April 6, 2008, they will strike at the first lapse in security.

Villarreal felt that the agreement struck at the time was not allocated fairly, and so opted out of the arrangement.

Ford cars are known for the excellence with which they strike at a balance between class, performance and durability.

Two of Pakatan's policy proposals announced this year are designed to strike at these two voter demographics directly.

Yes, death and illness can strike at any time, but the chances of a child losing a parent, or both is much, much higher the older they are.

In 11% of cases strike in is used

It struck in 1563, 1604 and 1627.

Total CIA drone strikes in Pakistan, per month of 2012.

That degradation was especially striking in the multiply-exposed rats.

His family house collapsed during an Israeli forces strike in the Tufah neighbourhood.

In total, one in three of the strikes in that period indicate possible civilian deaths.

They were not even close to the mountain when a thundering lightening struck in their path.

The Clive Barker - Queen of Bones Costume is after once more striking in its elegance and eye catching originality.

It is important to recognise that it is no one's fault and that RP can strike in a family with no known history of it.

Smoke rises after an Israeli forces strike in Gaza City This air strike (pictured above) was at around 6 in the morning.

He was struck in the far-right lane in eastbound Port Sheldon Road, a road that spans five lanes at the site of the crash.

In 9% of cases strike with is used

Kevin's Kitchen there without being struck with such resemblances.

They do not seem to support buying out the deal that is struck with Nike.

He went off the field for a while and returned to strike with his fourth delivery.

School leaders will soon be struck with another issue that will create media attention.

Mark Amazing photographs! I think I was most struck with the lack of facial expressions.

HEEL-PALMS AND HAND-SWORDS: These are useful to strike with before and during grappling.

However more crucial is that the government reneged on a deal that had been struck with teachers way back in 1997.

Struck with this ominous sign of the refusal of his sacrifice, Polycrates was sickened and soon after, assasinated.

That's the bargain that murderous Mafia Dons always strike with their families and the thugs who do their dirty work.

In 1972, the Games in Munich, Germany, were struck with horror when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by Arab terrorists.

In 7% of cases strike on is used

I'd not struck on that McKenna lot.

The antichrist will NOT be struck on the head and die.

I struck on the rocks, and the barrel rolled over and over.

He was struck on the top of his head twice with a heavy object, perhaps a narrow bladed axe.

Actual measurement shows it can produce different pitches when struck on its front or its side.

Andrea Prati, from EUROMAR, our member in Italy, reported on the truck drives strike on January 24.

The first strikes on the morning of the 16th were sent off, as planned, against bridges and supply dumps in Area C.

He is in the comprehensive city to take on and remove individual tissues that are preparing increase strikes on Mumbai.

Mushfiqur was struck on the side of his face but he looked in better condition, ' BCB physician Debashish Roy told reporters.

To get through a half-open door a switch had to be struck on the other side, by hurling a barrel at it with amazing precision.

In 3% of cases strike against is used

Workers here are striking against the labour broking, casual labour, sub-contracting system.

The benefits of Paris ' opposition to September's US missile strikes against Saddam are clear.

The 9th of August again found the carriers west of Mokpo, flying strikes against the Inchon-Seoul area.

In the Yellow Sea Admiral Andrewes? ships bombarded Haeju while Theseus flew strikes against the city of Chinnampo.

During the winter of 1799-1800 Napoleon raised a new army at Djion and planned to strike against his old enemies the Austrians in Italy once again.

Although the fast carriers had withdrawn to Sasebo on 5 September, following the strikes against the Pyongyang area, naval activity continued along Korea? s western shore.

The Bureau has identified more than a dozen drone strikes against Danda Darpakhel since November 2007, as the CIA has sought to crush the Haqqani Network and kill its leaders.

This summer, the UN lashed out against US drone policy, and asked Washington to clarify the legal basis for drone strikes against terror suspects rather than trying to capture them.

Air support, air strikes against approaching enemy columns, and air cover for shipping were still being provided by the carriers, and the Kimpo-based squadrons began operations on the 20th.

Furthermore, in expressly going against an earlier decision of the EPO Technical Board of Appeal T300/86 (RCA/TV Receiver ), it struck against the heart of LG Electronics ' counter argument.

In 3% of cases strike between is used

In this case, the difference in fidelity was striking between the two.

What makes the photograph quite wonderful is the effortless balance it strikes between the odd and commonplace.

James Gurd believes that there is a balance to be struck between innovation and usability: There shouldn't be a limit on innovation.

I think there is certainly an important balance to be struck between paid and pro-bono work but I know, at least for me, that I haven't found the write mix yet.

One of the things I find remarkable about the film is the balance you strike between the story of the Foxy Lady and the larger story of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

Because visual communications and design are dynamic, a proper balance should be struck between firm rules and guidelines that allow flexibility and encourage innovation.

Twenty-four hours later a second Japanese landing force struck between the Causeway and the mouth of the Kranji River, an area held by the Australian 27th Infantry Brigade.

In 3% of cases strike for is used

Then, Kilkenny struck for goal.

Later in the period, Flynn struck for his second goal of the game.

Timmy struck for the decisive scores and we grabbed a one point win.

They were on strike for about 28 working days and subsequently received an effective increase of 22%.

Employees will sometimes strike for other reasons than remuneration -- for example matters such as safety,.

If he strikes for 25 working days, he therefore loses remuneration to the value of R13 080 in that period.

He is offered an increase of 9%, but decides not to accept it and strikes for 25 working days to get an increase of 10%.

Page 137, line 25 jab upwards the classic stroke in fighting with a knife? hold it point upwards and strike for the lower abdomen.

In Kamloops, F JC Lipon, the WHL scoring leader, struck for two goals and the winner in the circus as the Blazers got past the Prince George Cougars, 5-4.

In 2% of cases strike from is used

Suddenly he was struck from behind.

It is actually designed simply for advice when striking from much off.

The general's car was surrounded by about six cars, and struck from behind by one of them.

Striking from all angles, the stunning statuesque bottle, just like Nicki, shines in the spotlight.

He strikes from another angle in his new book The Science Delusion (Science Set Free in North America).

Another strike from Task Force 77 came in as the destroyers moved down channel; for another hour the cruisers continued their work.

Spain cruised to a 5-1 win over Panama thanks to two goals from Pedro and further strikes from David Villa, Sergio Ramos and Markel Susaeta.

Air strikes from Badoeng Strait and artillery fire were called down upon the town, but when the attack was launched on the 21st the Marines met heavy resistance.

And then death prepares to strike from all angles!!! Ahmad stares to the ground and continues to cross the road, Shaytan senses the presence of death and rushes towards his enemy, Ahmad.

In 2% of cases strike off is used

If he did that doctor would have nothing as he would be struck off due to our countries laws.

The one who knows it strikes off evil and becomes established in the most excellent, infinite, heavenly world.

We are talking here about Cyprus being struck off the so called Minfin's black list published in November 2007, -- tax lawyers comment.

To speed up the process of striking off companies, the current 3-month notification period under section 344(2) of the Companies Act, before a company is struck off the.

He said it could be possible the doctor could face charges or be struck off if someone reported him because there are no guidelines for how the doctor should act in such a case.

In 1% of cases strike without is used

The protesters said Israel would not conduct air strikes without U.

On one of those trips to offer their prayers at the temple, disaster struck without warning.

In 1% of cases strike about is used

The first thing that's striking about the GH3 is its size.

What is striking about the production of these drugs is the rapidity of changing them.

What is striking about the Banyarwanda is that their historical background has been dominated more by political, power and resources struggles as opposed to ethnic co-existence14.

In 1% of cases strike to is used

I had the attackers at the seminar take on this particular role, encouraging students to skip the punch-down, following straight through to the palm strikes to the nose and takedown.

In 1% of cases strike near is used

On the US west coast, the tsunami struck near low tide and in many places it was barely visible to observers on shore.

Raw footage and snapshots of the earthquake that struck near Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, in early 2010 only provide a hint of what to expect.

In 1% of cases strike like is used

Snap like a tiger, strikes like a snake -- feel like a poker in someone.

They must be deeper than the ocean and strike like lightning bolts, so that nothing can resist.

It struck like some form of natural disaster, leveling one house while leaving the next intact.

On his watch, President Obama has seen an unprecedented off shore oil leak in the Gulf Coast, record droughts, hurricanes and massive tornado strikes like the one that devastated Joplin, Missouri.

In 1% of cases strike before is used

However, bad luck struck before the match as St Joseph's goalkeeper, Mchel McClean, sprained his ankle during the warm-up.

Israel would certainly count on its closest ally for support in defending itself against such an attack -- another reason why it might be more likely to strike before the US election.

In 1% of cases strike after is used

The agency is hard at work 9-5 monday to friday because thankfully tsunamis never strike after hours or on weekends.

The single fatal blow was struck after a row broke out between two groups of young men who had been out socialising in the nearby Barcode night club.

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