Prepositions after "strict"

strict with, about, in, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases strict with is used

I was pretty strict with myself.

She is very strict with herself.

You are strict with carb intake.

Her father is very strict with her as the elder child so she does the same to Ru Mi.

To produce X number of articles per day and strict with this rule- I like this idea.

They always showered their love and affection on Siddharth and were strict with Viren.

I am stating this matter because the convenor herself said we should be very strict with our rules and regulation.

And from recent reports, MS are being even more strict with the windows 8 store than apple are with the app store.

The best-regarded directories are often free and fairly strict with listings, so the listing is marginally useful.

Retreatant: I think it is rather difficult to know what is the point at which you have to be strict with yourself.

In 23% of cases strict about is used

We're not that strict about it.

C++ is quite strict about types.

They are very strict about that.

I'd not strict about being up by a certain time because I think sleep is important.

And FASB 157 is pretty strict about when and how you mark your positions to market.

Trademark authorities are very strict about not allowing generic names as trademarks.

Because of the risk of this injustice, the court is very strict about the terms on which injunctions are granted.

We're decently strict about the time we actually bill for, the consequences of which have been a real eye opener.

Ramakeli was very strict about making sure that no matter what, I would always come for the whole morning program.

To avoid symptoms and complications (see below ), you must be strict about avoiding all foods that contain gluten.

In 18% of cases strict in is used

For Allah is strict in punishment.

I'd just more strict in that sense.

He was very strict in this respect.

But he was very careful to whom he lent and was very strict in getting back the money.

And when I lived overseas, while the rules were somewhat less strict in some senses (e.

In my opinion, and what my housemate said, it's more strict in Cebu compared to Manila.

Owners of resorts are not that strict in recruiting any foreigner interested in a winter job in their establishment.

The odd thing is that people themselves are not willing to be strict in how they speak, and liberal in how they listen.

Muslim scholars have also been very strict in regard to the issue of speaking and thinking mistrustfully of the Sahaba.

Some countries are extremely strict in this respect and travellers can even be charged with not abiding by community laws.

In 17% of cases strict on is used

I am very strict on that point.

Theatres are very strict on this.

Our local one is quite strict on that.

They may not be the greenest city, however they are quite strict on vehicle emissions.

We want more from a phone and with the iphone being so strict on things make it boring.

Most employers are very strict on age, especially if it is a managerial level position.

He also has a tendency to be a bit strict on issues like church discipline and careful exposition of the scriptures.

The Spaniards were very very strict on religion, and will burn or torture anyone who refuse to acknowledge their god.

Yet many of you that are commenting have probably sworn that you wouldn't be so strict on your children as so and so.

The Baghdadis strictly followed the Jewish? Halachah? and were very strict on? kosher? laws and? levirate? marriages.

In 4% of cases strict of is used

Put power itself under the strictest of surveillance.

All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

This is by far the strictest of all the three methods suggested.

Guards are usually in the strictest of instructions, not to deviate form the rules.

It is also done under the strictest of supervision from the clubs ' medical officers.

Any submitted information or other communications will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

One of the strictest of these rules is brands buying links with the express purpose of effecting their SEO ranking.

The SPLC should be audited, their officials audited, and their claims should be subjected to the strictest of scrutiny.

New Orleans, with possibly the strictest of all curfews obliging young people to be off the streets during weekdays by 20.

They were particularly strict of Passover and didn? t even allow the non-Jews to touch the cooking utensils during this period.

In 3% of cases strict for is used

They are strict for body's food but.

But it's getting strict for smoking in Japan too.

If anything, it has become stricter for wineries.

Be aware of copyright Youtube rules and regulation is very strict for copywriting purpose.

Indeed, some aspects of rationing actually became stricter for some years after the war.

I try to be very serious and I feel like I need to be strict for them to take me seriously.

Google has, recently modified its Adsense account policies and have made them more challenging and strict for the applicants.

Drugs test rules are strict for a reason, if hed been tested the next day the drugs hed taken would of been out of his system.

Church must have been too strict for him on the subject of sex being only appropriate between one man and one woman in marriage.

American authorities have tried to be politically correct, and the time has come to get strict for the sake of everyone's security.

In 2% of cases strict at is used

My upbringing was strict at home.

The discipline was very strict at Kiungani.

A liberal person but really, really strict at home.

They are strict at times, but tahts what makes them good parents.

The RTA is very strict at this point but mutual agreements are a tool that works in both directions.

We are however not very strict at Mara Bush Camp and do allow you to smoke at the Camp fire or outside your tent.

We have been told in advance that the refs are going to be very strict at the breakdown and insist on the tackler rolling away.

Though strict at all times, Admiral Silva always acted in a fair, polite, soft spoken and gentlemanly manner and upheld naval law at all times.

I often feel that I act inappropriately for a mom, make bad decisions, scold my son too much, am too strict at times, am too lax most of the time.

I did nt find security at all strict at our apartment and we just had heaps of parties with all the people we met who were staying in our building.

In 2% of cases strict to is used

I would not be so strict to such a rule.

I try to stay as strict to XHTML 1 as possible.

He is very strict to law and to his principles.

I think she was not strict to us as she was with Mummy because we are her granddaughters.

That may sound too strict to some, but it is clear that the loss of judgment comes after the first drink.

And hence the Bill aims at enabling the MPs to keep strict to their duties by setting examples before the nation.

Now its need for Pakistan to be strict to some extent and enhance relations with other powers like Russia and China etc.

He will be more stricter to him because he doesn't want him to get into trouble or they will get separated if he gets caught.

Everything anyone needs to know about HTML5 compiled here into one article! Great Job! Time for me to move from XHTML Strict to HTML 4.

While being strict to the last second may work for some, there are those who believe that it sends a message that a company is unreasonable.

In 1% of cases strict against is used

They are very strict against fraud.

And their consciences become strict against me.

Fr Kimutai, who has broken ranks to support the proposed law, says the church remains very strict against abortion done for birth control or other reasons not related to life-threatening situations.

In 1% of cases strict as is used

They are, after all, very strict as regards gender behavior.

His sentence should have been very strict as a deterrent to others.

The law was very strict as to the beginning and termination of these contracts.

The Saudis are strict as a means of control, others are strict as a personal devotion.

The Jews were very strict as to the passover, so that no leaven should be found in their houses.

But the Babylonian court, in its reckless excesses, seems not to have been so strict as the Persian.

The present Saudi Rulers do not appreciate the religious police to be that strict as to criticize even the nail polish.

Vandaniya Mousiji was very affectionate and loving as a mother but equally strict as a general in organizational matters.

They were not strict as to the conditions of (accepting) traditions, and they preferred this to the giving of one's opinion.

Perhaps this sounds cynical, but I have often felt that the rules were originally made so strict as a favour to the large food intersts.

In 1% of cases strict by is used

I call that getting strict by a business.

We have been together for 2 years and he becomes more strict by the day.

I tried to be strict by sending the students out of the class if they were caught.

Fronted by Hong Kong celeb chef Jacky Yu, Xi Yan operates on a strict by reservation only policy.

It may be noted that after 9/11, the criteria for issuing visa to Pakistanis were made stricter by the western countries.

On the other, playing strict by the rule will mean longer years before China can match the technological capacity of the West.

If you find yourself chasing payments more often than you should, consider making your terms very strict by demanding payment upfront.

Be strict by all means, it will, in my opinion, ' spoil ' the flow of the game but should it be applied fairly there is little room for complaint.

The increased rate of these incidents had made the government to act strict by implementing rigid policies such as HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, PCI and many more.

In 1% of cases strict regarding is used

Since marketing standards are strict regarding the.

Islam is lenient with respect to elderly women and strict regarding young women.

Know what you can't ask The law is very strict regarding questions you can't ask during a job interview.

Processing the evidences should be done exactly by the book as the courts are very strict regarding this particular protocol.

For one, I think that they would definitely have to act stricter regarding all activities and school work with the students.

The European rules of consumption are increasingly stricter regarding the information that has to be communicated to consumers.

The quality control of all those state owned Universities is as strict regarding the scientific content of their work as in the US.

The Prophet of Islam, as the above mentioned traditions show, was very strict regarding weights and measures which are great trust.

Ambrose was looked upon as one of the strictest regarding the necessity of the sacrament of baptism for justification and salvation.

To Mohammed, China may again be your best bet as they are not so strict regarding degrees and a working visa can still be attained without one.

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