Prepositions after "stretch"

"stretch from", "stretch across" or "stretch to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases stretch from is used

Stretching from the Prieur beach to the Pointe du Moulinet.

It stretched from Ethiopia to India, with 127 provinces and 28 different nationalities).

When Melanau lost, Brunei conquered all its territories stretching from Mukah to Tutong.

Here you can enjoy a fabulous panorama stretching from the Grouin Point to Brhat Island.

Furthermore, his career stretched from the pre-Independence era until the start of the 21st century.

Runyan represents the Third District, stretching from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the Atlantic Coast.

The pelvic floor is a large hammock of muscles stretching from side to side across the floor of the pelvis.

To be very precise, Canada stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and covers five time zones.

Author Profile Reported from across the conflict zones of South Asia stretching from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka.

Richmond, won a second term in a redrawn district that now stretches from New Orleans into the Baton Rouge area.

In 17% of cases stretch to is used

The female stretched to some 2.

Plains stretch to the eastern coast of Lake Biwa.

But my budget would only stretch to an older model.

As if I could stretch to the sky like a Judas tree, as if a message was mixed in the lead A.

It was incorporated into every aspect of life and its power stretched to every corner of the known world.

Red Bull &; Adrian Newey Red Bulls lead is surely insurmountable as it was stretched to 91 points in India.

Jordan's reputation for hospitality, or ' karam ' has been stretched to the limit by waves of refugees over the years.

He is happy that the disaster made him realise his physical capabilities which were stretched to such an extreme extent.

This is about the only 7 seater estate (can ’ t stretch to an E class) and I bought it hoping it would be economical.

Langkawi Beaches in Malaysia Langkawi Beaches of Malaysia stretches to a long distance with sandy shores and sweeping coastline.

In 13% of cases stretch across is used

They stretch across the continent.

Fields of potatoes and wheat stretch across basins and adorn hillsides.

On the other side of the field, a treeline stretched across the horizon.

Community efforts stretching across artifical borderlines is definitely part of the solution.

Its plain-language message stretched across television and radio, too: Tanzania needs teachers, not schools.

Meaning you can't pin a post to keep it at the top and then highlight it so it stretches across your Timeline.

Mere concidence that a well known religion also stretches across those geographically different parts of the world.

They are involved in complex community networks stretching across their cities, regions, nations, and even the oceans.

I went to Singapore on a general management programme but returned to Hong Kong with a network that stretches across Asia.

Beyond them we saw millions of bones stretching across the valley floor on both sides of the tracks that RFK had bridged.

In 9% of cases stretch for is used

It stretches for more than two acres.

A stretch for me which is, after all, why I do it.

Skin is elastic to a degree and can be stretched for a few seconds by 10 to 50%.

By the time we reached there, the queue to ferry was stretched for more than 2 kilometers.

The most famous is arguably Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, which together stretch for seven miles.

It is important to stretch for about five minutes to loosen your muscles and get them warmed up.

Looming over County Clare's west coast, the Cliffs stretch for 8 kilometres and 214 metres over the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

He stretched for the hold and placed two fingers onto it's gently sloping face just as gravity started to drag him back to reality.

The issue is that those stocks are clearly stretched for whatever earnings they have delivered so far, but the earnings, even in bad times, have done well.

Having already bagged tickets to the apparently one-in-a-lifetime Stone Roses gig at Heaton Park last Friday, money wouldn't stretch for a Spanish or German festival.

In 4% of cases stretch on is used

This is more likely to stretch on impact, rather than crack.

Only 6 people were to be on any stretch on the walk at a time.

That timetable stretched on fifteen pages, each with six columns which show the date (in column No.

All of this resulted in Liverpool being stretched on both flanks and also being put under pressure in between the lines.

Villas and villages stretched on every side up the ascent of Vesuvius, not nearly then so steep or so lofty as at present.

On the other hand, government worked right from the beginning with various departments and their presence was expected uniformly which can be stretched on a temporal platform.

With Wisdom staying deeper, the team failed to offer enough stretching on both flanks and with Suso forced to stay rather deep he wasn't much of a presence or use for his team.

In 4% of cases stretch in is used

Taking time to stretch in front of the surf break provides vital knowledge of the conditions.

Carrick and Scholes lack mobility and can lead to United becoming stretched in certain games.

In a nutshell, this cute married dude shucked his shoes and did an entire series of lower-back stretches in the.

What can not be denied is we are in the longest stretch in recorded hurricane history to go without a major hurricane strike CAT 3 or higher on the U.

Short of length and just outside off, Taylor makes room and then stretches in an attempt to play the cut shot, but only manages a thin edge to the keeper.

The garden in the moonlight was very different from the garden by day; moonshine was tangled in the hedges and stretched in phantom cobwebs from spray to spray.

In a nutshell, this cute married dude shucked his shoes and did an entire series of lower-back stretches in the airport, right out into the walkway between gates.

Calculating that he is more likely to be heading north to Islington than south to Brixton, I head for platform one, but all I can see is people stretching in either direction.

What's interesting about Doctor Who is the extent to which, over a fourteen year stretch in which people were actively trying to feed it to Campbell's blunt engine, it stubbornly resisted.

In 3% of cases stretch before is used

Stretch before and after exercise.

A new decade stretches before us.

Always stretch before and after cardio and resistance workouts.

You stretch before a surf, you stretch after a surf, you just stretch, stretch, stretch.

You can help all of the muscles in your body truly circulate when you stretch before and after each of your workouts.

Return we to the peristyle, and endeavour now to present to the reader a coup-d'oeil of the whole suite of apartments, which immediately stretched before the steps of the visitors.

In 3% of cases stretch by is used

Many stories in Steinbeck's collection have been massaged and stretched by a gifted storyteller.

This was enough to help smaller countries but would have been stretched by assistance to Spain and Italy.

Do you have to stare at a pc screen all day, you never allow your muscles in regards to the eyes the power to stretch by searching that something within the distance.

In 3% of cases stretch into is used

Lantana occupies a comfortable six hectares that stretch into the sea.

They like to see plans stretching into the future and companies that stick to them rigorously.

Maybe we bonded during the two day bus trip across Tanzania when we broke down and had to stop for repairs that stretched into hours and an overnight stay.

Pressure mounted on the College batsmen as the rate required stretched into 5 runs per over bringing about some forced strokes from Rushmere (32) and Leith (27).

Mark Roper read a poem, Tom Mullane and Liam Merriman sang a song or two and it had the feel of a morning in a pub that could easily stretch into the afternoon and evening.

On the same token, wherever you are in Paarl you'll be able to see the impressive white column of the Afrikaans Language Monument stretching into the sky, which sits perched on top.

In 3% of cases stretch over is used

You need a pair of nylon stockings to drape and stretch over them.

Much better than elasticated ones that will inevitably stretch over time.

This is because your bra will stretch over time and you will need to use the middle and tightest hooks to keep it firm later on.

It began for us in Canada, rugging up in snowsuits with costumes stretched over the top, little Michelin characters everywhere.

In 1925 he won pre-selection for the federal seat of Macquarie, which stretched over the Blue Mountains and almost to the outskirts of Sydney.

So one summer afternoon I set up two HD webcams hundreds of feet apart, Pointed them at the sky, (( The next two lines of dialog are stretched over two panels each.

In 2% of cases stretch between is used

In addition tree 24 hour express bus services cover the 27 km (18 mile) stretch between the airport and the city.

BT says it has provided four times the network capacity of the 2008 Beijing Games to meet the increased demand, laying enough cable to stretch between London and New York.

On June 22nd 1887, Peer performed a tight rope walk on a five-eighth inch diameter wire cable stretched between the present Whirlpool Bridge and the Penn Central Bridge.

Stretching between 40 and 200 feet long, longhouses were long rectangular structures that housed a number of families belonging to a particular matrilineal clan family.

In 2% of cases stretch beyond is used

An interdisciplinary education is important for holistic growth because we can Stretch beyond our comfort zone.

At some Caribbean universities, the research departments are new, under-resourced and stretched beyond capacity.

Do stretches for your neck, shoulders, back and legs, but stretching beyond the normal range of motion is dangerous.

Now aged 27, O Raghallaigh has this year produced a solo recording which stretches beyond the boundaries of traditional music.

In 2% of cases stretch with is used

After Cheng took up study at the OUHK, his finances were stretched with the birth of his two children.

Their earlobes were stretched with elaborate earrings, and their braided hair was smeared with red ochre.

She fell out of her own body, out of the universe and lay stretched with her bruised face on the pathway.

As these wraps stretch with each use and will need to be adjusted often, babywearing educators will not recommend they be used past approximately 15 pounds.

In 2% of cases stretch along is used

The Eastern Highlands stretch along most of the length of the east coast.

The area stretches along the Afram Plains of Ghana, a wide expanse of flat arable land.

The Democrats lost the 13th District, which stretches along the center of the northern state line and dips down to include the area around Wake Forest.

Stretching along the shoreline, the Avenue of the Stars is a fun way to spend the afternoon enjoying the harbor sights and beautiful Hong Kong skyline while taking memorable snapshots.

In 1% of cases stretch under is used

He (Jackson) is doing the last stretch under Maha Sancharaya from Manampitiya to Trinco.

Congratulation! Staying here to enjoy your success as well as great view of a ever green scenery stretching under your feet.

That is ok when you are awake, you never relax these muscles entirely, but as you sleep your abdominal muscles relax and stretch under the pressure.

In 1% of cases stretch through is used

The day after his speech, a massive UNIA parade stretched through Harlem.

This would have added not only the required attacking width but also more bodies between the lines for Newcastle to be stretched through the middle.

It does not pass through any part of Pattani, Yala or Narathiwat provinces, there's just a relatively short 80 km (50 mile) stretch through the northern part of Songkhla province via Hat Yai.

In 1% of cases stretch pre is used

One of the reasons you shouldn't stretch pre workout is that it temporarily weakens muscle by activating the Golgi Tendon Organ that I talked about earlier.

Stretching Stretching pre workout is normally a bad idea unless you have to do it to allow yourself to get in to the correct position to perform you exercises.

In 1% of cases stretch out is used

Queues stretching out the door and back up to hotel reception complete the sense of postmodern irony.

In this process of self restoration of the conscience all the surrounding dimples in the conscience will also be stretched out of their dimples till balance is restored.

In 1% of cases stretch without is used

Personally, what I find extremely therapeutic about hot yoga is the ability of the body to stretch without strain.

In 1% of cases stretch like is used

Stand up for 30 seconds and stretch like a cat.

Spacetime stretched like elastic and carried the galaxies far and lengthened the paths of photons (when they passed too close to a star).

As a boy, he accidentally ate the magical Gum-Gum Fruit, which gave him the power to stretch like rubber -- but made it impossible for him to swim.

In 1% of cases stretch during is used

Stretching during the ride at rest stops is also recommended.

I also stretch during physio exercises and did a day of yoga; so technically, I stretched 5 days this week! Either way, it is better than before when I was so negligent of it.

In 1% of cases stretch due is used

However, I think they did not do the Manampitiya - Trinco stretch due to security concerns.

If muscles can not be stretched due to straightforward mechanical limitations, then they are simply immune to all of the rest of scientific controversy about stretching.

In 1% of cases stretch at is used

The capacity of the electricity generators to meet the overall national demand is stretched at this time.

In 1% of cases stretch as is used

Since the primordial burst of creation, space has been stretching as the universe expands.

The first one is 22 minutes long and features some of the well know Pilates stretches as THE HUNDRED and LEG CURLS, etc.

In 1% of cases stretch around is used

Now color stretching around knowledge and the nerve, it has ended in wasteful vain effort.

In 1% of cases stretch after is used

You stretch before a surf, you stretch after a surf, you just stretch, stretch, stretch.

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