Prepositions after "stressful"

stressful for, to, at, on or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases stressful for is used

It was stressful for his family.

Anger is stressful for the body.

That was quite stressful for me.

It is to some extent stressful for some people, but that is how we are,? she said.

I don't have a pay pal account and I think all this will be quite stressful for me.

It was pretty stressful for me but you are obviously used to this sort of situation.

But it definitely was more stressful for me to be out at night among so many people with no other adult on hand.

For instance, having people over for dinner is stressful for some of us, but for others, it? s relaxing and fun.

If, for example, there's a lot of angry language in the household, then this can be quite stressful for children.

It is stressful for me to be returning home after a hard day and seeing my husband just watching TV with our son.

In 9% of cases stressful to is used

That would be very stressful to me.

It can be quite stressful to some people.

Interviews can be stressful to most of us.

Just think about it, every little thing in our daily lives appears stressful to us.

Talking about inflation, life under the BN has been quite stressful to our wallets.

It is extremely stressful to me trying to get to the birth center before baby comes.

Oh I loved this, and so true! It's funny how a situation so stressful to mums can be so much fun for everyone else.

But his style: irritated rampant tossing of everything--is rather stressful to me as I'd rather take a little time.

The long hours spent under tension piloting an aircraft in unknown territory can be stressful to the body and mind.

In 8% of cases stressful at is used

It is a bit stressful at times.

Chris: A bit stressful at parts.

So it can be stressful at times.

But I'd not going to lie, it can be stressful at times (both mentally and financially).

A creative process, as fulfilling as it may be, can be very stressful at the same time.

Delighted we won and Giroud got his goal, but it was definitely a bit stressful at times.

Many pets find the Vet stressful at the best of times, let alone when they have just travelled thousands of miles.

It has been a very tough seven months, stressful at the best of times, extremely controversial at the worst of times.

I'd sure it was a bit stressful at times when they were young but I honestly don't remember it being that bad at all.

Don't have a new baby, but family things are very hard &; stressful at the moment, I need to give that my full attention.

In 7% of cases stressful on is used

This is stressful on both of us.

It's a bit stressful on the my brain.

However, it's still incredibly stressful on the budget.

This system is a lot less stressful on the alpaca but you still need to move smartly.

I discovered it was less stressful on my joints, and allowed my injury to heal faster.

It can get a little stressful on people at times, but it's all fun and it's all family.

Roll onto your side to make sleeping easier and less stressful on your neck, and you will be less likely to snore.

I also believe that it would make people not want to stand for the election because it would be too stressful on them.

You are getting enough rest by taking time off to allow for recuperation as running can be very stressful on your body.

But Mr Evans says farm killing is much less stressful on livestock than taking them to an abattoir to have them killed.

In 6% of cases stressful in is used

This can be stressful in itself.

It was very stressful in many ways.

Work has been quite stressful in the past week.

You may find these things very stressful in your life today, but in Jamaica, this is the norm.

Teaching is what they call normatively stressful - that is, it's always stressful in its nature.

Life has been stressful in this house for a long time and that is not set to change any time soon.

I think that was stressful in some ways, because the lack of progress at times was a bit tough on my young brain.

Few things are more stressful in the morning than waking up an overtired fifth grader or a snoring high schooler.

Also, the hassle of parking a car can be stressful in large cities and extremely expensive, even parking at the hotel.

While exponentially springing towards the sky can be quite stressful in a dream-state, Rocket Fox is a bit more light-hearted.

In 3% of cases stressful with is used

It does get easier and less stressful with every wedding you shoot.

All of our situations are different and equally stressful with PCSs and deployments.

The smaller airports might be less stressful with fewer passengers and shorter check-in lines.

He knew it was stressful with him working these odd hours, but she had known this when she met him.

Currently, 4 other guys are after me and its really stressful with all these guys flirting with me.

Races can be extra stressful with traffic, parking, bathroom lines, bag drops, and meeting friends and family.

It is adding more stress to their lives where life is already so stressful with health, career, money, famil, etc.

We have been abroad and for many breaks around Ireland and they were a lot less stressful with the items we purchased.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters The pill don't help spots hun, they make them worse, it's quite stressful with certain side effects.

In 2% of cases stressful as is used

We then walked home which was rather stressful as the kids were acting crazy.

Getting pregnant and giving life has a stressful as well as an exciting side.

NOTHING about this job is anywhere near as tough and stressful as what I used to do.

Arrival was a little stressful as the wait at the ferry terminal for immigration takes ages.

This is great with sandwiches, scones and cake -- but a bit stressful as the service was very erratic.

The whole process of building a home is very stressful as the builder has to deal with a lot of things.

The school environment would become stressful as the students would be divided between haves and have nots.

Few events in the life of a company are as critical, visible, or stressful as the transition of leadership.

Being a qualified actuary would give you more responsibilities, so it could potentially be stressful as well.

I've realised that I just do not deal with stressful as well as others whether its work, family relationships.

In 2% of cases stressful of is used

It was an incredible day, one of the most stressful of my life.

In fact, agriculture is one of the most stressful of all occupations.

Our divorce was just being finalized, too stressful of a time for him.

IVF is considered by patients to be the most stressful of all infertility treatments.

Nevertheless, the last nine months have been the most stressful of all my years of academic life.

This year was amongst the most stressful of my life and the whites have just shot out - everywhere and I am only 25.

The first 24-36 hours are the most stressful of the race? It is stressful getting into the routine in the first 24 hours.

Denzel Washington did an amazing job as the pilot who was as cool and as calm as can be in the most stressful of situations.

Writing and preparing actual classroom lessons are often times the most time consuming and stressful of task for the teacher.

In 1% of cases stressful about is used

It has been quite interesting and nothing too stressful about it.

There's nothing more stressful about money than debt - especially the high-interest, hard-to-pay-off kind.

There's nothing stressful about Last Tango in Halifax, it's easy going, amiable, sweet, funny and just utterly lovely.

I can't imagine what he found stressful about being a juror because it was one of the least stressful experiences of my life.

The teen years of one's life are the most memorable however; certain things can make you all fussy and stressful about your personal appearance during these years.

In 1% of cases stressful because is used

One is not stressful because of what they're doing.

Is it very stressful because of the social hostility.

One is stressful because he is a bad manager of himself.

Sometimes staying away from home during travel can be stressful because of new surroundings.

She used to tell me that being a doctor is stressful because of the life and death decisions she made daily.

Can I avoid getting stressed before an exam? Taking exams is bound to be stressful because of what's at stake.

Such an evaluation can be very stressful because of the time involved, the cost and uncertainty about the results.

It was a bit stressful because of having someone here for so long, going in and out, and the fact I was worried about Roxie.

But being a student can also be stressful because of workload, lack of money, romantic relationships and worry about the future.

Kuakata has road communication with Dhaka, but the journey may be long and a bit stressful because of the long delay on the ferry.

In 1% of cases stressful by is used

Moving is stressful by nature, but if you adhere to some of these.

You can help make your vacation less stressful by packing lightly for your trip.

The work environment can be much less stressful by applying a combination of feng shui and green design.

Make family social activities less stressful by keeping them child-friendly and appropriate to the children's ages.

All of these adjustments were made slightly more stressful by the fact that on my third day of my new job, I came home to discover that: 2.

The program tried to make raising children less stressful by offering counseling to couples and encouraging fathers to take an equal role in childrearing.

A normal successful labour is stressful by itself and the woman who has undergone a miscarriage or abortion is similarly traumatised, both mentally and physically.

In 1% of cases stressful due is used

Taking a bank loan is quite stressful due to the many processes involved.

I find that cycling is often stressful due to traffic and feeling exposed.

Mass shelters can be extremely stressful due to the large number of people.

I find holidays to be stressful due to the limited structure and lack of schedule.

Adolescent Years The teenage years are a very important period of a child's life but can be stressful due to exam pressure and puberty.

Thou the book was published in 1990 it is more relevant today than ever before, as life becomes more stressful due to geo political and economical crisis's occurring on a regular basis.

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