Prepositions after "stress"

stress about, to, on, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases stress about is used

Try not to get stressed about the minor things.

I wouldn't stress about doing it before you are both ready.

Don't stress about losing weight, or that you are getting older.

My only (very humble) words of wisdom would be to try not to get too stressed about it.

Instead of stressing about the time I don't have, I simply set a timer and do the work.

I can't believe how we stress about financial issues when there are people living in such poverty.

In giving myself intentional time to address the jobs it takes away any stressing about what needs to be done.

Whoever has were lots of fiscal difficulties in past times will not need to stress about having okayed be lent money.

I'd already stressed about potty training her, because I know we're going to have a giant face off, and it could be bloody.

Conversely, if you're a worrier who prefers not to stress about health costs, you may be better served by a higher-end option.

In 14% of cases stress to is used

Al had stressed to the class that it was better to almost always send the reverb on a bus.

I have stressed to students that I am not as interested in the answer as I am their explanations of how they arrived at the answer.

The aim is to stress to the reader that they mustn't rely on the word, but must read and turn back to their own lives if it is truth that they seek.

Dekker stressed to Ramaer that the proposals had to be complete -- he did not want the outcome to be simply another speech on the necessity of European integration.

MilaXX I give her credit for being self aware enough to know that she does act coo coo crazy and trying to get a handle on things and stop stressing to the point where she's nuts.

These brownies are truly glorious, however as Emma stressed to me on twitter they are not your regular brownies, they are truly dense sticky truffle like nuggets of pure heavenly goodness.

In 14% of cases stress on is used

Yet, I always stress on hardware fundamental.

Thanks so much!!!! Don't stress on potty-training.

You need to stress on your USP or unique selling point.

Sam also treated his students to amazing but sad pictures of the Rwanda genocide and stressed on the.

It wasn't long before my editors started pointing it out and stressed on the fact that I must critique.

While talking to the delegation, Gilani stressed on the need for sustained dialogue between the two countries.

However the meeting has also stressed on resolving the issue of budget and unity government formation in a package.

He stressed on the urgency for communal harmony, integration and the need to work together for a prosperous society.

Badrinath stressed on the importance of bowling well in the final few overs when the ball is changed and it's again hard and new.

Stressing on the need for political reforms, Chatterjee called for initiatives to restore democracy back on track and winning back confidence of the people.

In 11% of cases stress in is used

Pay special attention to anything the teacher seemed to stress in class.

Choose one (1) asset of your company that you would stress in the proposal.

A huge advantage is that it is not at all distressing to the client - in fact, true healing can not occur if the client is stressed in any way.

What the Court stressed in the Pape case in 2009 and the Williams case last week, was that the Commonwealth must have a head of legislative power to support its spending.

A second general category of instruction is likely to be practical skills training, also little stressed in Japanese law faculties even today (Yanagida, 1998; Levin, forthcoming).

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has stressed in the report the importance of reducing the high casualty risk and the needs of improvement amongst young drivers regarding safety.

In 10% of cases stress by is used

That's a point stressed by the department.

Save yourself stress by re-confirming, double checking, and reviewing important matters.

This golden albino's forward-turned gills are typical of an axolotl stressed by flowing water.

We understand that this raises issues on people's rights as stressed by the Association for British Drivers.

Stressed by the overwhelming responsibilities and lack of resources, these camps could not work as efficiently as the SM camp.

Yet another factor stressed by Susskind, the overloading of the civil justice system more generally, is perhaps even more acute in Japan.

The lengthier handfeeding session helps the baby get used to you faster, so he is less stressed by you (instead of his parents) feeding him.

But then you notice that the stress on hips, knees and other areas of your body which are normally being heavily stressed by running, do not appear.

In 5% of cases stress upon is used

Hussain stressed upon the Ulema that there was no time for mere talking.

I'd sure Fergie will stress upon this, and the fact that the team needs to do it for Rooney.

Why did the painter paint the picture? She always stressed upon the notion that there was a story behind every piece of art.

We, the team of NAYS, on this event of Immunization Day would like to stress upon its importance in the development of immunization awareness.

Communication skills - Although this is stressed upon by CA 's, speakers etc but has been more or less neglected by the masses as most of them chase marks.

Make no mistake- we are not attempting to shift the blame onto someone else's shoulders, but at the same time we stress upon what we commonly know as the concept of ' Need To Know '.

In 4% of cases stress over is used

The worst thing you can do while waiting for a guy to call is to stress over it.

I get stressed over little things, like if someone made a joke about me I just flip over.

As far as self-employment stress goes, I can see where you'd get stressed over your variable income.

In 3% of cases stress with is used

He is told the king is stressed with all the gossip.

Needless to say, I was stressed with the blog and stressed with the work.

This was great, but the views died off as everyone learned what to do, and people got stressed with level design or lost interest.

In 3% of cases stress at is used

Management stressed at the time it was only a three-day event, Sept.

It should be stressed at the outset that this bacterium is not sexually transmitted.

In 2% of cases stress for is used

This has shown that the design stresses for some types of joints were.

This is your chance to speak up if you need help, so don't be scared; everyone has questions! Don't stress for the test.

If you've been stressed for the last 6 hours on an empty stomach, it looks somewhat like a square of white chocolate costing 110.

In 2% of cases stress from is used

We have spent a total of 8000 keeping it on the road this year alone! I can't coment on other cabs, but I can only stress from 3 years experience of this vehicle.

In 1% of cases stress throughout is used

Students will need to use this time wisely or they will stress throughout the year, thinking how to get work done at home, especially those who have after-school activities.

In 1% of cases stress during is used

I found that he pulled a lot, he was very distracted and he seemed stressed during the entire walk.

In 1% of cases stress beyond is used

This is our FIRST Thanksgiving at our house, and my first attempt at a turkey, and I am stressed beyond belief.

In 1% of cases stress before is used

I used to be a bit stressed before games, but now I am totally relaxed because of my team mates and the manager.

What do I do when it is with his way of acting up on saying that he isn't stressed before a deadline and getting a pimple right on that I have fallen in love with.

In 1% of cases stress as is used

CNN-IBN: Wasn't it a bit of stress reliever also when you finally got it? Sachin: We weren't stressed as such.

In 1% of cases stress after is used

Please don't stress after reading this.

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