Prepositions after "strengthen"

"strengthen by" or "strengthen in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases strengthen by is used

For 2013, the State economy is projected to strengthen by 5.

Their comradeship is strengthened by day-to-day movements.

This acquisition has been strengthened by the addition of Land Rover.

The acids can be strengthened by pulling charge away from the -COO - end.

Democracy can only be strengthened by the state representing the interests of the majority.

This perception is strengthened by the physical acts that accompany the Pledge, such as turning to view the flag.

This research strengthened by further researches that showed that acne problem is not linked with any person's diet.

Strengthened by this success, the Sena won the 1995 Maharashtra Assembly in alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

It would be further strengthened by putting people back to work, adding to the system with more payroll taxes on people earning a living.

Father, how we need that hope, how we are strengthened by that vision! Keep our hearts focused on heaven, and diligent in the labors of earth.

In 17% of cases strengthen in is used

The side will probably need to strengthen in January and in the Summer, but the.

The QWR letter is a feature of RESPA, which was strengthened in the Dodd-Frank bill.

Man is hypnotized and this hypnotic state is continually maintained and strengthened in him.

Strengthening in the last twelve hours before landfall made Hugo a Category 4 hurricane at the coast.

At bilateral level, relations between the USA and Israel are continu ously strengthening in every field.

Rapid strengthening in the last six hours before landfall meant Audrey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane.

The cyclone moved erratically westward and southward for two days while slowly strengthening into a tropical storm.

The QWR letter is a component of RESPA, federal lending laws to protect consumers that were strengthened in Dodd-Frank.

Annan's initiative, UN peacekeeping was strengthened in ways that enabled the United Nations to cope with a rapid rise in the number of operations and personnel.

A northwestward turn late on the 10th was followed by a westward turn on the 12th, with the second turn marking the time Floyd started strengthening in earnest.

In 11% of cases strengthen with is used

They have been strengthened with the signings of Podolski and Giroud.

They improvised by making cannon out of water pipe, strengthened with timber.

These efforts were strengthened with the establishment of the FAO Representative Office in Dhaka in 1978.

I stand by my view that looking to strengthen with EPL ready/experiences players would be a departure from the status quo.

A Filipino iron pipe cannon strengthened with bamboo A cannon made of bamboo by the Filipinos Igorots in the Philippine Army.

The ability to calculate can be strengthened with the communication between right hemisphere of the brain and the left hemisphere of the brain.

The latter, to sell at the highest price, the former to purchase at the cheapest rate, make no scruple to strengthen with an oath their praise or dispraise of the goods on sale.

To further harness our relationship with our alumni, the Public Affairs Unit's work in alumni affairs has been strengthened with the recruitment of a Senior Alumni Affairs Officer.

Just as we spend a good amount of time on our physical wellbeing and use Dumbbells for muscle strengthening, it is also necessary to do some balanced will strengthening with D BELLS.

In 9% of cases strengthen to is used

Growth is expected to strengthen to 8.

Domingo yesterday admitted that the peso could further strengthen to P39 against the US dollar but cautioned against.

His grip on her arms strengthened to the point where it verged on becoming painful, and he raised his red-rimmed eyes to look into hers.

The cyclone rapidly strengthened to hurricane status on September 10th as a west-northwest motion brought Gilbert into the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The ferocious hurricane strengthened to Category 4 status as its northern eyewall pounded Grand Cayman Island with 155 mph wind gusts early on September 13th.

Hurricane Jeanne 2004 Jeanne formed from a tropical wave, becoming a tropical depression on September 13 near the Leeward Islands, and strengthening to a tropical storm the next day.

In 5% of cases strengthen for is used

Be strengthened for what is to come.

The symbolism is of strengthening for the struggles of life ahead.

As Liverpool strengthened for the 2002-03 campaign, Barmby moved to Leeds United for a bargain? 2.

United States structural engineer Kit Miyamoto said the cathedral could be restored and strengthened for $20 million.

Miyamoto is California's seismic safety commissioner and has worked on earthquake strengthening for thousands of buildings around the world.

In 4% of cases strengthen through is used

The currency steadily strengthened through November to 6.

In 4% of cases strengthen from is used

This was a great crisis, but the CUP and the Young Turk cause emerged strengthened from it.

Narco-capitalism is one of the less advertised features of globalisation, but it may well emerge strengthened from the recent dislocation in global markets.

Winds will strengthen from the north tomorrow, temperatures will fall significantly to a minimum of around 13 degrees in the urban areas, and a couple of degrees lower over the New Territories.

In 3% of cases strengthen against is used

American currency strengthened against the euro again and lost against the pound.

GBP British pound continued to be a leader the second day in succession and strengthened against all majors on Tuesday's session.

The dollar strengthened against the yen a s a result of the same expectations of the relaxation of monetary policy BoJ, and also good results of the US indexes.

In such situation the yen strengthened against its all opponents, but it managed to keep its achievements only against the dollar; the pound and the euro returned all losses by the end of trading.

In 2% of cases strengthen into is used

The cyclone moved erratically westward and southward for two days while slowly strengthening into a tropical storm.

In 2% of cases strengthen over is used

House, yes it does look like we will get the rain from Hurricane Issac -- perhaps more than that if it strengthens over the gulf.

The hurricane strengthened over the Gulf waters, and its center made landfall near Cape Romano around 1030 UTC October 24 as a Category 3 hurricane.

In 1% of cases strengthen after is used

Rafa could have won us the League if he was given the money to strengthen after Istanbul.

In 1% of cases strengthen of is used

The last storm in these sort of sequences is almost always the wildest so I'd expecting strengthening of the storm on Sunday and it could get quite a bit larger.

In 1% of cases strengthen on is used

It drifted slowly westward and northwestward while steadily strengthening on the 16th and 17th.

In 1% of cases strengthen during is used

While the storm did not strengthen during the following night, rapid intensification began on September 20 as it moved through the Straits of Florida.

In 1% of cases strengthen at is used

Rain will gather in much of Munster and Connacht overnight into Monday, and southeasterly winds will strengthen at the same time.

In 1% of cases strengthen as is used

We have to look at the presidency, how it can be strengthened as a responsible executive system.

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