Prepositions after "stray"

"stray from" or "stray into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases stray from is used

Don't stray from the major pairs.

People need to stray from stereotypes.

Previous iPhones never strayed from the 3.

They lament that among creatures; only human family has strayed from the Sacred Way.

If the account is super stable, it may be best to ask the sub not to stray from the list.

Those who have strayed from their religion, we need to bring them back towards mosques.

You usually only tend to question and find purpose in life when you stray from the path, suffer, or undergo tough times.

It's okay to think different in how you execute on a project as long as you don't stray from the spirit of your community and self.

It's amazing the opportunities that occur if one shows interest in a country and her customs, and if one is prepared to stray from the expat circle.

And the parts that most appealed to me were when she strayed from convention -- short, succinct sales page, straight up pricing, short tasty preview.

In 18% of cases stray into is used

The pigs stray into the villagers ' fields and destroy their crops.

I realised very quickly that I was straying into mined territory.

We only rarely stray into the political world, and then only glancingly.

Remembering that will help you avoid straying into problem #6 territory.

My own research often strays into behavioural science, so I frequently have to go though our ethics approval process.

This could explain why, a year into my stay at Worcester, I strayed into the path of a lorry not far from the school.

Friendly figure Wary that I am straying into cricket talk, I ask him instead which of his cars he enjoys driving the most.

The cunning fox Rajapaksa is already holding her mother hostage to ensure that her daughter does not stray into the opposition.

He must have been in his late eighties by then but was still riding around, and giving any bureaucrats hell that strayed into his path.

A small child from a forest village in Indonesia - where as more rainforest is cleared, tigers stray into villages putting lives at risk.

In 8% of cases stray away is used

That will teach me to stray away from Barca websites when we lose: s.

The songs were polished and they strayed away from their earlier hip hop sounding raw rap-rock.

The way I view Modern Family is that they have strayed away from the typical view of what makes a family.

There was a loud confident appeal from Patel for LBW, but the ball may just be straying away from Pujara's leg-stump.

In fact the further we stray away from the Open Source Definition 47, the more problems with enforceability we will find.

It grew so big and wandered ' through every room in the house ', straying away from the specific topic so I decided not to inflict it on them.

In 5% of cases stray to is used

It's not like they are bringing strays to your door and asking you to take them in.

My cynical thoughts were straying to a scenario in which Israel simply allowed terrorists to roam the land.

If the mind is mostly fixed on breathing-in-out but also strays to body (touch) consciousness elsewhere round the body but still without discursive thoughts, then it is not so bad.

In 4% of cases stray off is used

Get a decent map - and don't stray off them.

He was trying to help the original poster by sharing his experience and he was straying off topic by asking new questions.

A 16-year-old stopped attending Randolph Lopez School of Hope in late September because she kept straying off the property when school dismissed.

The world soon came to accept that the Soviet Union had shot down a civilian airliner which had strayed off course but otherwise was continuing along the broad pathway to South Korea.

In 2% of cases stray onto is used

He is going to wait for just ' one sheep ' to stray onto one side.

At one point he discussion strayed onto the theoretical question of whether a traditional cut throat razor could be described as a more complicated thing than an electric shaver.

In 2% of cases stray outside is used

There was often ' bleed ', where reds in particular would stray outside their supposed left and right boundaries, especially as the tape wore.

Also, a note of any evidence given which strayed outside the factual details set out in the information should automatically be made available to the respondent.

In 2% of cases stray out is used

Darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time.

In 2% of cases stray beyond is used

Victor is becoming giddy now, straying beyond his usual limits of candour.

However, Ausubel begins to encounter problems when she seeks to stray beyond these boundaries into the great, gaping unknown of serious literary venture.

In 1% of cases stray across is used

Don't be weird, Claudia, she instructed herself, treading boldly onwards, and stepping over the occasional root, or straggling creeper that had strayed across the path.

In 1% of cases stray in is used

For those who see themselves as leaders first, these temptations to stray in leadership are enormous.

In 1% of cases stray towards is used

Shiva alone has to be meditated upon that night without the mind straying towards thoughts of sleep or food.

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