Prepositions after "strategic"

"strategic in" or "strategic about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases strategic in is used

Be strategic in your job search.

These patrols are strategic in nature.

They are very strategic in who they pick.

I also believe that we should also be more strategic in our packaging -- book design.

These shifts force customers to be very strategic in how they plan their M2M strategy.

Evidently, the belief in free will is not principled, but socially strategic in nature.

What was once a purely transactional and administrative function is now one of the most strategic in the country.

China, India and Russia all have contentious issues around them and are hugely strategic in global power politics.

Any change like this would be constant process and required focused long term efforts and hence strategic in nature.

You would be? I agree that for both India and Pakistan, as countries, the importance of Kashmir is strategic in nature.

In 21% of cases strategic about is used

China is strategic about how it invests.

Be strategic about which apps you highlight.

There's nothing particularly strategic about it.

When the value starts going up, you will need to be more strategic about things.

Approach #2 = Be strategic about how I blog, when I blog, and what I write about.

Speaking on developing an industrialized Tanzania: We MUST be strategic about this.

We were strategic about what we wanted and we planned along the line of having what I call a fundamental success.

If Canada is not going to invest serious money then it will have to be more strategic about the money it does invest.

Most people who are willing to be strategic about managing change tend to have a pretty good sense of where they are.

Certain zombie types use more energy so you'll need to be strategic about what kind of flesh-eater you drop into the fray.

In 11% of cases strategic to is used

Oil export: Oil is strategic to the US economy.

Economically, Lagos is very strategic to Nigeria.

In this instance, we can all agree that power is very strategic to the country.

Having said all that, the maritime sector is very strategic to the national security.

The youth is strategic to the success of any effort to boost Ghana's food production.

The problem of behavior, then, became strategic to the whole problematic of? assimilation.

The president would also have the power to set special tax rates for any projects he deems as strategic to the nation.

This group was selected because it represents a now mature generation that was strategic to Obama's first term election.

Several milestones have been achieved as the local organizers transition from the strategic to operational planning phase.

However, the writer I know is one human being who is always strategic to issues; he rejected not to allow the words to be traded.

In 10% of cases strategic for is used

Pakistan is extremely strategic for the US.

GVT was very strategic for Telefonica at that time.

Of course the Chinese donation was strategic for them.

Everyone agrees Aleppo is hugely symbolic and strategic for both regime and rebels.

If I look at my role as being much more strategic for the company, then not at all.

Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is critical and strategic for Kenya to support security in Somalia.

Since typhoons originate east of the Philippines, the location of Guam was strategic for the early observations of typhoons.

According to UNESCO (1998b ), these studies should be promoted as a field of knowledge, strategic for the transformation of HE and society.

Its location was also strategic for pillage and plunder as the many pirates who desired to launch attacks on the Spanish main flocked to it.

You are responsible to develop a clear and focused strategic for China to secure that common short and long term financial and strategic goals are met.

In 5% of cases strategic with is used

I'd very strategic with what I buy.

So be strategic with your honesty, especially in meetings.

As the market grew, storage became strategic with a number of patents awarded.

You have to be decisive and strategic with your essays, interview and follow-up essay.

You can tip the balance in your favour by being more strategic with your applications.

Be strategic with those three applications because those are the ones that everyone will always see.

Step 2 - Who needs one? Anyone who wants to be strategic with their money should think about getting outside advice.

Then, if you are strategic with those links and the words in your description, you are building your SEO, one pin at a time.

The government, under the current Prime Minister, is pursuing a transformation programme that is strategic with clear milestones.

If you are a city dweller, be strategic with your time and money and take a long weekend to visit different sites in the country.

In 3% of cases strategic as is used

The basis was educational for strategic as well as philosophical and political reasons.

Some people regard being strategic as altogether more worthy and higher level than they do being operational.

That depends crucially upon making your investments and divestments as selective and strategic as each other.

Thinking strategic as a brand manager there are alternatives that can work for your brand depending on your needs.

The United States has strategic as well as humanitarian reasons to favor the fall of Assad and to encourage international diplomacy to that end.

Make sure you also place your list somewhere strategic as a daily reminder to help you focus on where we're going and how we are going to get there.

I used white frosting at got the color from sprinkles so I had to be very strategic as to what color went first and in what direction I shook the excess.

It is important that the provider grows with your business in key areas such as geographic reach, technical sophistication, and strategic as well as tactical know how.

In 2% of cases strategic of is used

These might be strategic of nature (e.

My strategic of investing is base on the BUll &; BEAR market.

How strategic of Molly et al to alienate the moderates from the Opposition even further.

Its ' leaders are making a play for the most strategic of all world regions - the middle east, with all its ' oil.

China's traditional logistics industry will face greater and greater impact from the Chinese strategic of multinational logistics enterprises.

As such we should, if I am correct, see the tension between these competing pressures on Pakistan's leaders continue, and challenge even the most adroit and strategic of leaders.

In 2% of cases strategic rather is used

Their perspective should be strategic rather than departmental.

I for one am in hope that brands will get more strategic rather than tactical.

The Agreement represented a strategic rather than a mere diplomatic initiative.

You may need to learn to take a more strategic rather than tactical view of your organisation.

I like all the comments here that are strategic rather than tactical, motivational rather than technological.

The recent bids for industrial commodity companies are more driven by strategic rather than tactical price opportunities.

The seeming cowardice is not in the action but in the refusal to take responsibility for the action; it's strategic rather than tactical.

These extrapolations from opportunity to strategy require both visual/spatial and calculative thinking skills at a strategic rather than detailed level.

Lower energy was grabbed by upmarket developers as a strategic rather than green and all in all the consumption dropped amongst the wealthy and went up amongst the poor,,, oops their income crashed.

In 1% of cases strategic at is used

Did Karti own shares in Advantage Strategic at any point? Indirectly, yes.

It's more about being strategic at dating (an area of life where admittedly too many people refuse to even consider using reasoned strategy.

They can be empathic and strategic at the same time, dispensing with conventional norms of privacy and etiquette to build trust and cultivate broader access.

On a surplus of school places, he said that there would sometimes be a need for expansion and contraction, and this was why something strategic at the local level was needed.

In 1% of cases strategic because is used

Urban centers may be more strategic because of their cosmopolitan nature.

In 1% of cases strategic by is used

This is strategic by republicans.

Since both were being made around the same time, I think it was probably strategic by Microsoft to do it that way.

The African population, dispersed throughout the world is strategic by its structural relationship with imperialism, which was born of the capture and enslavement of Africa and African people.

In 1% of cases strategic on is used

Not very strategic on his behalf.

The combat side of the game is even more strategic on harder difficulties.

My point is that we need to get much more strategic on pathways to use if we want to influence policy with evaluation.

By knowing what content resonates, and where, you can be far more strategic on your approach to both your blog and that platform.

Given Talabani's health, it would be quite strategic on Maliki's part to have only one VP that can take the seat of Talabani if the latter esigns/passes away/or become incapacitated.

In 1% of cases strategic over is used

For those applications that count as strategic (or that may become strategic over time) we strongly recommend considering custom application development.

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