Prepositions after "strange"

"strange to" or "strange for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases strange to is used

This sounds strange to my ears.

Ok this just seems strange to me.

It was all new and strange to us.

Again this is indeed strange to an outsider since the vision is so utterly important.

It's very strange to me that both (snakeheads) would get sick after I go on vacation.

Welcome to your new computer! At first, the system might feel a little strange to you.

It was not a pleasant thought; and yet, strange to say, the idea of Sarah's treachery did not make him dislike her.

It should seem strange to you that the loss in the states they had homes in had already stated that they liked him.

It just seems strange to me that so many people seem intent on ridding themselves of their original PSP so quickly.

It appears really strange to all of us hear a lot of horror tales and just how people just lie more often than not.

In 17% of cases strange for is used

It has been very strange for me.

It feels strange for my film to.

It may look strange for a while.

It's strange for me to see Tanzania and Tunisia compared on the level of revolution.

Valve has said it sold better on console than on PC, which is strange for your games.

It's strange for me to find an episode 1 to be good and the following markedly less so.

It isn't in continuity, but it would be strange for him to go from, say, Matt Smith to Bill Nighy or Helen Mirren.

Similarly although free at weekends, a 5 charge is made for the car park - strange for a hotel in a rural setting.

I have put on weight (which is very strange for me) boobs have gotten a size bigger very sore and tender to touch.

You may think it's strange for a 49-year-old woman never to have had a car of her own I've simply never needed one.

In 12% of cases strange in is used

I always feel strange in there.

But that's no strange in sport.

Something strange in the hills.

The sea is a different place, so strange in fact that we can not possibly imagine it.

Many persons imagine these Boots as not popular since the boots seem strange in look.

Whatever the penalty, anyway, Hamilton's been involved in too many strange incidents.

Strange in a world that is based on cyclic time and shifting balance, but that's the paradox the Dark One embodies.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel (The Netherlands) Sleeping in a wine barrel might sound a bit strange in the beginning.

They point to binary files and the pages will look strange in your browser, but you should be able to download them.

But I would clarify that it's not unusual or strange in a bad way, and that they're likely nice people just like us.

In 11% of cases strange about is used

The only thing strange about Mr.

Something strange about that? No.

There is nothing strange about it.

DESK CLERK Well, since you ask, there was something very strange about the way Mr.

His teeth were black and irregular and there was something strange about his eyes.

There was something strange about the way he walked -- much more vertical than usual.

We all thought it was hilarious that she didn't see anything wrong or strange about it, but hey--that's history.

Feeling a bit strange about the fact that he was about to talk to a dragon, he decided to just get it over with.

There was nothing strange about all this piracy to him: in Russia, he told me, just about everyone pirates games.

Other comments by debunkers seem to suggest that there is something strange about preferring clean air and water.

In 6% of cases strange of is used

But strangest of all is the chain.

Emiya (thinking ): How strange of her.

These are indeed the strangest of times.

And perhaps strangest of all for any politician he seems to be genuinely listening.

Going out into the streets for the first time after that was the strangest of feelings.

Strangest of all, it is a campaign not just against other people, but against ourselves.

Khan, Islamabad (Pakistan) The Pakistan military is fighting the strangest of all wars of the history of mankind.

It hangs around on long, long drives with the windows down and in the arms of strangers in the strangest of places.

IT SEEMED like a good idea at the time back in 1984 - but film fan Cyril Barbier now has the strangest of dilemmas.

However, once I started seriously looking, I found them in the strangest of places, including Scandinavian carvings.

In 3% of cases strange at is used

It sounded strange at that time.

Went to bed feeling strange at 21.

It's strange at this time of year.

I bought one, despite the fact that no one else did, which seemed strange at the time.

My sisters thought it strange at the time but now they rarely seem to even think of it.

It was strange at that theatre, because they didn't have nice seats, just rows of forms.

You may feel quite strange at the beginning, but remember that is normal if you haven't lived away from home before.

It's definitely all a bit strange at the moment and as I said, if Rondon is free to leave then surely so is Cazorla.

So with the presence of Joy, we begin a new journey that we're already familiar and yet feel strange at the same time.

Though he knew that she was tired and that she felt strange at this new mood in him, he was unable to let the matter alone.

In 2% of cases strange as is used

I find that a bit strange as an accountant.

We are all just as lost and strange as each other.

It is pretty strange as to what people do in power.

This is highly strange as the pin number works from the handset when we phone VodafoneT.

Strange as the concept may seem to some, not all the ailments in SA rugby started with PdV.

Strange as the encounter and their sudden departure were -- I didn't have time to dwell on it.

This strikes me as very strange as the Monitors are pretty low quality and it's hard to see the subtleties of a performance.

When he is more of a strong odd, try out an issue that matches which curiosity about the particular strange as well as weird.

It is also very strange as to how the bank accounts of the CJ were accessed without following the procedure established by law.

This is not so strange as the physics of lift shows that motion in one direction can cause motion in another direction at 90 degrees.

In 2% of cases strange on is used

It feels strange on his face, tentative.

I didn't want to do anything strange on it.

But there is something strange on the beach.

Taking photos early one evening, she noticed something strange on the disc of the Sun.

It may sound strange on the surface, but I believe this is good news for several reasons.

How will it feel if I do that? Or if she does this? Oh, that would feel so strange on my skin.

But things got even stranger on Sunday when the two sides gathered to talk exclusively about contract rights issues.

I don't have much to say about Pat, and he's definitely a common, but I just thought the photo was strange on this one.

Global tropical cyclone activity lowest on record The year 2010 was one of the strangest on record for tropical cyclones.

Shimmery and glittery eye shadows can look strange on older skin, so use sheer matte or slightly opalescent colours across lids.

In 2% of cases strange with is used

There ' nothing strange with this.

Noda felt something was strange with Mikage.

The landscape is all strange with lemon-white light.

This looks pretty good with her eyes open and slightly strange with her eyes closed.

What would be absurd or impossible for an ordinary man is not so strange with Jesus.

This seems especially strange with nonfiction which should be pretty straight forward.

Strange with names especially when naming the new troubles, Kagera residents, adopted the new name to fit the disease.

It's strange with the Owen section, we've had plenty of feedback that people enjoyed it because the debate drove into.

I will admit i did nt go into the bar area but it seemed a bit strange with couches, it was just a different atmosphere.

I know its strange with so much of revenue and Ganga water in abundance no water in washrooms is kid of a shameful situation.

In 1% of cases strange after is used

Everything gets stranger after that.

It seemed very strange after the game.

It started running strange after that.

Things started getting stranger after that, my boyfriend stayed over some nights.

But as we trust Him more, we'll discover that His approach isn't so strange after all.

The lack of substance in her work was even more disturbing and strange after that lunch.

It does seem strange after all these years to be reading of events that have made such a large impact on my life.

Every England fan wants to move on and if it was a footballing decision it becomes even stranger after Cahill dropped out.

This might seem a little strange after reading point 1, but I have recently discovered that I am afraid that my dreams WILL come true.

Here's a little secret though, check out the McDonald 's! I know it sounds strange after travelling so far but it has its own unique menu, and you really won't regret it.

In 1% of cases strange by is used

Now this! This gets stranger by the day.

When he was young, Benjamin was found strange by the others his age.

But when you consider the methods involved, it gets stranger by the second.

It was a voice made strange by the sadness, but it was the voice of his father.

Made even stranger by the fact that Adam Godley isn't even Irish to begin with.

Well, it happened to me and while strange by American standards they have a real.

It is not strange by any means that any rule regarding anything in MotoGP revolves around #46.

There was an odd stillness to this neighborhood, made even more strange by the fact that nobody except me seemed to be there.

Paik choreographs a visual onslaught of digitally saturated imagery in which the auras of ethnic dancers and musicians are made strange by mechanical shadowing.

Kiernan does refer to the ideological problem of British colonialism in India which could not easily grapple with the fact that India had a civili-zation, howsoever strange by European standards.

In 1% of cases strange considering is used

Which is strange considering River changed it pretty quickly.

Very strange considering the original post was so rude in the fist place.

That might seem strange considering Cormac wasn't known to me personally.

Which would be kind of strange considering how many scientists have produced good science.

This seems really strange considering Apple has already announced its plan for making a data centre at the site.

Julio's desire to live in peace is not strange considering what he went through right before he moved to Canada.

People seem pretty excited about Restaurant Week here too, which is strange considering California is in the dumps.

She was a very calming influence on the ship, strange considering how deadly and dangerous Justicar were seen as by most people.

And yes, I am one of those strange people who actually read your book, although it's not so strange considering how engaging the text is.

Moreover, in an occurrence that is certainly strange considering the time of year we find ourselves in, most of this talk surrounds transfers.

In 1% of cases strange from is used

It all seemed very strange from the start.

Which sound strange from a computer engineer.

Looked bloody strange from that vantage point and the.

Strange from a guy who we more-or-less expected to be more of a scorer than passer.

It may seem strange from some urban perspectives to imagine that this kinship system operates.

And it is only strange from the perspective of the wounded and dying ego, otherwise it is home.

Also found the handgun training ad a little strange from a martial artist- adsense can make wrong assumptions, I guess.

These may seem strange from a modern perspective, but if looked at in a more metaphorical way, you can see the essence of it.

Now, this may seem strange from someone who writes about pretty dresses (mostly) every day, but: You Don't Have to Be Pretty.

In 1% of cases strange like is used

Credit card companies are strange like that.

I'd been feeling strange like this since midday.

If from the examination, you squeeze something strange like the breast cancer.

She warns him not to give her a surprise kiss or anything strange like that and he smirks.

When I am around strange cats - well not strange like this But you know - a STRANGERS cat.

Life is strange like that: you don't realise how much you need eyes until you accidentally throw them away.

Having the poster doesn't make you a pervert--you can still appreciate good artwork or an attractive face and not be strange like that.

Some of these jobs seemed quite strange like having to move a clip board so that it is hanging from a hook instead of standing on a shelf.

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