Prepositions after "stop"

stop at, by, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases stop at is used

Coliseum might stop at the hotel.

Learning doesn't stop at 3:10 pm.

My memory stops at the final fall.

But what this table doesn't reveal is that the income generation doesn't stop at day 20.

The following day there was a story in Westword that said Romney stopped at Chipotle.

If it takes 5 minutes to talk about it, then we stop at 5; if it takes 50, then we go 50.

And governments in wartime come into their own, stopping at nothing to protect their power at the people's expense.

Sadly, for personal reasons, he stopped at the end of May and we have since been looking for a suitable replacement.

That the campus is filled with cold hearted narcissistic people who will stop at nothing to achieve their career goals.

He jabbers, non-stop at high speed, the words tumbling out, breathlessly, as if to convey the excitement of the moment.

In 16% of cases stop by is used

Or stop by McDonald's on the way home.

At the door, she was stopped by Freddy.

The vehicle also allegedly left that scene before being stopped by Middletown police.

Also, stop by the Soulard Market on Saturday morning for a can of Busch or a Bloody Mary.

Au revoir September, thanks for stopping by and dropping off the games at our front door.

On average, 25 per cent of Muslim respondents stated that they had been stopped by the police in the last 12 months.

When the fifth speaker -- Maulana Kadri -- was giving a provocative speech, he was allegedly stopped by a policeman.

I love the cupcake truck and her cupcakes! I love it when she stops by the Quadrangle building as that's where I work.

Masapila is believed to collect a paltry weekly income of Sh25,000 from an average of 50 patients who stop by every week.

In 15% of cases stop in is used

The episode stops in the middle.

It didn't stop in secondary school.

Meters above, I am stopped in my tracks.

He was not there to bring vengeance yet, so He stopped in the middle of the sentence.

Have driven to Ukraine and back and with several emergency stops in the past few months.

The child had a bun in each hand and had stopped in the middle of a bite to watch her.

They swung out on the trail with remarkable lack of exertion, turned their heads uneasily, and stopped in surprise.

Here are the other two Four Corners states: we stopped in Bylas Arizona, an Apache town, for a snack and a road stop.

A third shot hit the left side of Veracruz's back, piercing his spleen, stomach and aorta before stopping in his lung.

There is also a train that stops in the airport but to get to the city, one has to change to the city line at Tanah Merah.

In 14% of cases stop for is used

He kindly stopped for a moment.

They stopped for a moment in alarm.

She stopped for dinner on her way home.

We pushed on, and stopped for a cold drink and a sandwich about 10 km outside of town.

Production was stopped for another year while he worked on his book, Snow on the Grass.

Joseph Kony was a bad man that needed to be stopped for what he did to all those people.

If you smoke, and the driver does n't, expect to not smoke in their car and expect them not to stop for a smoke break.

I only felt that human kind's evolution has not stopped for there are issues with acceptance and boundaries in thought.

In the next 48 hours, we stopped for two hours only, so desperate were the Germans to get away from the Russian advance.

My heart stopped for a moment, then I was able to see that the tree had fallen in the opposite direction from the house.

In 7% of cases stop with is used

So stop with the doom and gloom.

I'd going to stop with these deductions.

We won't stop with the list above, of course.

Once you hit your goal weight, it might be tempting to stop with your physical training.

Stabilizing these new democracies can not stop with containing a mob or stopping bloodshed.

Posted by: JAG September 16, 2012, 2:21 pm 2:21 pm Stop with the political correctness Rice.

Adjectives casually become nouns when someone asks, ' What's with the grim? ', or tells Buffy to stop with the crazy.

Anyway, I don't see this consistency stopping with just the apps - I see it as being your whole environment/desktop.

As for pradakshina or going round the temple, one should not stop with just one or two rounds only but should go round at least thrice.

In 5% of cases stop on is used

I wish I could stop on that just a minute.

There are some beautiful places to stop on the way.

Our xterra finally stopped on a big slope sideways.

They narrowly missed hitting a vehicle stopped on the highway during whiteout conditions.

HIROSHIMA We went on leave to Tokyo, stopping on the way at the site of the town of Hiroshima.

If you can't get across to the hard shoulder Stopping on a running lane is extremely dangerous.

Linzen has claimed that global warming has stopped on a number of occasions over the years, he just keeps changing the date.

Then, Geoffrion was stopped on a wrist shot by Knapp, but got his own rebound and shot it past Knapp to give Hamilton a 4-2 lead.

Finally, Father I am curious to know what you know I was trying to say, I hope I said it, and this is where I will stop on this meditation.

I've been stopped on my motorcycle for going into a non-passing lane when a conversion van pulled out in front of me from a shopping center.

In 3% of cases stop from is used

I just can't stop from missing him.

It was as if time had stopped from mere shock.

I was ready to stop from the beginning but I couldn't stop.

Sometimes, we all have to stop from the busyness of life and.

Thank God they were finally stopped from playing with the remains.

He has ADHD and he never stops from morning till night, and often not even then.

In the end it was stopped from spreading by the bulldozers cutting a firebreak.

The left must be stopped from using your money to buy the votes of the lazy and stupid.

Research up and understand the suitable types of by using these resources to stop from getting dropped.

A South African company has been stopped from prospecting for minerals at a site the Digo community considers as sacred.

In 2% of cases stop after is used

I stopped after getting compliments on how beautiful i am with my dark skin.

However, it stopped after complaints from pastoralists, non-governmental organisations.

The fruit and berries stopped after fifty miles, because that was where the sea started.

As the matter of truth, most dieters often stop after a couple of days, even after they've observed the outcomes.

But even then, they could have stopped after 26 pages but they really left it as how long the story should be.

I only stop after the last note is played, take my bow, and listen to the greatest music a musician can ever hear -- the applause.

I had to stop after a while, after giving myself and a few unfortunatecolleagues an attack of the giggles by repeatedly asking for ' big and juicy ' clams.

She underwent cervical discectomy in April 2000, which was uneventful except for excessive pen-operative bleeding which stopped after applying pressure.

So we can stop after some point confident that the terms missed out contribute an amount too small to alter the amount we have already computed to a certain degree of accuracy.

However there are no good reasons to believe excess thyroid cancers would stop after 2000 or that they would not occur in other parts of Europe exposed to fallout from Chernobyl.

In 1% of cases stop along is used

Curious, the husband decided to stop along the roadside to check on the engine.

You can stop along the way to read exhibit panels about wildlife found around the river.

It is also easy to do this journey by different buses, stopping along the way as you choose.

One of the many empty train stops along the way to Jodhpur's main train station called Jodhpur Junction.

We made some pit stops along the way for coffee, had lunch by the Queenstown historic railway, and picked up local wine.

Yesterday (Friday) we took a carefree drive north to Sedona and took the **26;800;TOOLONG drive, stopping along the way.

Speak into the system, the user negotiates with the plane essentially what a goal was hoping to take the flight time and all the pit stops along the way.

In 1% of cases stop because is used

AMQ9448 Repository manager stopping because of errors.

AMQ9190 Channel stopping because of an error in the exit.

Explanation: Channel ' &3'; is stopping because a message header is not valid.

It is the fifth time in 20 years that the NHL has been stopped because of labor dispute.

Even Crazycam started on that he did well and stop because of lots of complex as per his statement.

In 2008, the persuading fashion in the obliteration of hunger as the early 1990s stopped because of higher prices of food.

Many have been producing research for years despite low levels of funding and are unlikely to stop because of any official edict.

In 1% of cases stop before is used

There, at the red lights, the trains stop before going over the bridge.

When she got to the top, she stopped before Jason, going for an unimpressed look.

Many more are believed to have either survived attempts or been stopped before trying at the Apple supplier's plants in Chengdu or Shenzen.

I kept debating whether to get the game or not so I did go through checkout a few times but stopping before going to Paypal to actually pay for it.

It means that if there would be an overhang under today's system, the system that is used for calculating who gets the next list mp stops before reaching 120.

In the afternoon, your adventure continues up and down hills and valleys for another 20km with many photo stops before arriving in Sin Chai, a village of the Red Zao ethnic peoples.

In 1% of cases stop due is used

Shannon) starting making threatening moves to get it stopped due to licensing.

Execution can be completed successfully or it may be stopped due to some error.

As regards this book itself, the first few pages sounded very interesting, that is where I stopped due to a time crunch.

As sad as it is to say this type of behaviour, in my opinion, will never stop due to the fact that it is human nature to do this.

Sometimes patients are outright overdosed with morphine and their breathing stops due to opioid overdose, suppression of the respiratory effort.

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