Prepositions after "still"

"still for" or "still in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases still for is used

She remained still for a moment.

She wouldn't sit still for this.

Marlow: Sit still for God's sake.

But he kind of got a grip on the Hot Scotches, and stood still for a minute, thinking.

But America has stood still for the last 30 years while civilization has passed it by.

Make sure you wear warm clothes, especially if you are standing still for a long time.

However he suggests the effects go further than those just associated with being sat still for long periods of time.

Sitting still for hours on end -- whether in library carrels or office cubicles-- does not come naturally to humans.

The hyperactive seven-year-old in Port Hardy can not sit still for the simple reason that his brain will not let him.

Most little girls are wiggly and just don't have the ability to sit still for very long which makes things even worse.

In 24% of cases still in is used

One can not stand still in Dhamma.

Its like at a stand still in a way.

The world doesn't stand still in time.

Everyone was at a stand still in till the Gemma explore came walking to his usual spot.

Jivan mukti liberated while still in the body and videha mukti are all for the ignorant.

Keeping fit generally requires some effort rather than just sitting still in some water.

All human evil comes from a single cause: woman's inability to sit still in a room without internet and phone access.

Never Stand Still In a world that is constantly changing, companies that stand still are in danger of falling behind.

I glanced across at Diane whose hands were still inside her knickers, now rubbing a little more carefully and slowly.

You will then be asked to sit still in front of the camera while a series of color photographs of your eyes are taken.

In 8% of cases still on is used

No standing still on the skating floor.

It's a good thing Drayden sat still on my arm.

It's just hard for me to stand still on stage.

What is the secret of good management? You can't afford to sit still on players that hit form.

For those still on the fence, consider the speed of the conveyor belt to be airspeed of plane.

It could be said that time stood still on this night and the implications of this were immense.

I remember when the whole of Lincoln came to a stand still on Remembrance day, and nothing moved unless it was to do.

And for those who say that this thing wouldn't sit still on a table, the rounded back would be just like the iPhone 3G.

Ahead of me the mist sat still on top of the water and our canoe cut through it like a ship plowing through arctic ice.

Should you around the still on wall regarding putting in Window 7 or even not necessarily I hope this publish may help.

In 7% of cases still with is used

They can't stand still with it.

And he held himself still with horror.

Early childhood educators do not sit still with children.

It was impossible to stand still with them on stage -- this is why everyone went crazy.

I don't know if his still with her - she was some nothing he met on line, I've not asked.

Society seems to stand still with folded arms when an angry person frets, fumes or raves.

I know your still with me I just wish I could see you one more time, wish I could see you smile and feel your touch.

However even though the Revival failed, the language did not die out, its still with us and not likely to die any time soon.

De Lara will be the professor, still me and my so-called friends in the graduate school opted to stand still with the subject.

Hi there, i'd halfway through my photography project at A2 and i feel like i'd really coming to a stand still with my project.

In 5% of cases still at is used

Change for the year stood still at -29.

I decided to sit still at half time break.

There are two bars that stand still at Stif.

According to wikipedia, Denmark has stood still at about 3100 MW installed capacity since 2003.

This country stood still at that dark period because of two people who we don't even interact with.

A toned-down Cece stood still at the front of the stage and belted out Out Here On My Own from Fame.

USA economy is stand still at the moment, even if Obama want to reform just the foreign Policy nobody care in the USA.

More game changingly, nor has ARM sat still at the low end - efficiency is just as desirable for servers and notebooks.

Many jobs require long periods of inactivity, meaning that people are spending at least eight hours a day sitting still at desks.

When Amma reached the shore, She stopped and stood still at a spot where the waves came rushing forward to touch Her sacred feet.

In 2% of cases still worth is used

But, Hermes thought, its still worth it.

So if they only play allstars surely its still worth it.

Its still worth reading now just for the comments: http: **35;2061;TOOLONG.

Most dogs don't bite, but its still worth worrying about when a 180lb dog runs at you.

Unless a new boutique hotel opens up, then its still worth the added price to go here.

Even if you do get it, its still worth using the section 75 protection too (see point 8).

The acting by the cast is superb, presented well and though its going turtle at the moment, its still worth watching.

As with all tech, someone will eventually break it but as long as it isn't cheap/quick then its still worth employing.

It's an obvious point, but one still worth making: fill in the form neatly and accurately and give all the information that is asked for.

The second part of the book, as Elly becomes an adult, is not half as good as the first, but overall its still worth a read (or a re-read).

In 1% of cases still like is used

If you can't move you sit still like a slug.

The kids were petrified and sat still like candles.

If a loose dog approaches you, stand still like a tree.

Then why would would you want to be merely you? Sit still like me and you will observe.

But who is buying trucks? Only really big outfits and alot of them are sitting still like US Express.

I fear that SWOTOR makes similar work of the classic KOTOR series, though I would still like to try it.

I am not saying with the players standing still like Rl1, by now the animations should be better maybe the occasional.

Now I knew I could make an exit trying to make my way through a sea of panic-stricken people who stood still like zombies.

Mangayarkarasi, who had heard the entire conversation, standing still like a portrait by the door, did not sleep a wink that night.

At last the curtain dropped, the light grew dim, the audience got ready to leave the theatre, but Giribala sat still like one in a dream.

In 1% of cases still without is used

Do your best to sit still without fidgeting as this will make you look nervous.

But if he is the best among men, how can I sit still without seeing him? Surangama.

When I'd really relaxing, I'd napping or just sitting still without doing anything.

Even though the storm had passed, the zoo was still without power and it was hard to see.

Knitting equals relaxing to me! I simply can not sit still without a pair of socks on the needles.

If it is also part of yours, then maybe we could spend some time together standing still without rocking.

Ultimately, hatha yoga prepares the body to sit still without fatigue and allows the mind to be calm and focused.

I remember that they stood there watching me approach and that there was something very quiet about them, as they stood still without wagging their tails, just watching me approach.

And when the psalm was given out, my mind was so confused that I knew not what tune to begin; page 129 and when I rose to sing, I stood still without opening my mouth for a few moments.

At the time, experts in urinary problems suggested the Duke's illness might have been caused by spending too long standing still without a drink as he watched the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

In 1% of cases still to is used

Time seems to stand still to the point where an hour dive can feel like a whole morning.

Josephus says that those who met him, as he was carried along the streets, forgot their business and stood still to gaze at him.

According to a recent study in the United States, reducing the amount of time you spend sitting still to less than three hours per day could increase your life expectancy by up to two years.

The sprint from stand still to 200 km/h is now completed in 12,7 seconds and the top speed is reached at more than 330 km/h making the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS the fastest BMW 1 series in the world.

In 1% of cases still relative is used

So as long as the speed of a mass is fixed, the mass is standing still relative to itself.

Barry is resurfacing as Tim and he thinks that the earth is standing still relative to the sun.

In 1% of cases still over is used

It was to keep a bit stiller over the ball.

So I just sat still over the second last and the last.

Content ID hasn't stood still over the last five years.

One thing was picked up by a couple of mates watching on television and that was to stay a bit stiller over the ball.

I haven't been sitting still over this involuntary break, I've been working on a PhD application as well as my running.

Recent projections of New Zealand's aid budget have it standing still over the next three years although whether there will be an increase in the Pacific allocation is yet to be seen.

It may be what is needed for us to kick on again, after the club has stood still over the last couple of years, looking on forlornly as the Manchester clubs disappear over the horizon.

In 1% of cases still of is used

From a distance the stillest of tides shows the water as a blue layer of ground.

So while the jury is still out on the potential international impact of the debt stand still of Dubai World, the right noises are being made by regional rulers.

They then cast away their robes to burst into the Grease Lightning dance: Grease Lightning It was time for a few of us to then perform our acappella piece ' In the Still of the Night '.

In 1% of cases still after is used

Instead he stood still after his pass.

You can not sit still after watching this movie.

Often times, you see both Poldi and Giroud stand still after a play has gone.

His Trainor Joel Diaz will help him stand still after the 12 rounds of boxing.

Me and John Changing of guards Guards stand still after the performance The tickets.

By teaching your players to not simply stand still after passing the ball up field they can effectively create the extra man on the attack.

Eh! but yo'll have a lot of prize mill-owners at Thornton 's! I should like to get speech o ' them, when they're a bit inclined to sit still after dinner, and could na run for the life on ' em.

In 1% of cases still from is used

And the technology doesn't stand still from one day so the next.

A good marketing can lead the business to develop and puts the business standing still from the many rivals.

From the looks of the still from the show, Missi appears to be spending time with Jake -- but not in bed like Walden.

He thought the best depiction of the cry was in the still from Eisenstein's great film Battleship Potemkin of the screaming nanny.

Somewhere, close to the top of the log or in the lid itself, must have been a hole fitted with the copper pipe that carried live steam into the still from a nearby kettle.

In 1% of cases still during is used

I have difficulty sitting still during lectures.

It takes a life time to refine the art of standing still during such an event.

Ten months is a long time to be off work and things can't always stand still during that time.

Yes, I realize that Sir Alex Ferguson didn't exactly sit still during the summer transfer market.

Sure, Apple won't stand still during this price war but race-to-the-bottom is not really in Apple's playbook.

My daughter's teacher just e-mailed me tonight about working on a plan to help her in sitting still during carpet time.

Like most children, she finds it difficult to sit still during prayers and likes to crawl around and tease the other children.

Much the same way the 9/11 jihadis forever spoiled the benefit hijackers enjoyed of passengers sitting still during hijackings.

Dogs usually have the head extended forward and stand still during the episode with elbows turned out and sometimes with the back arched.

But, neither could Annie or I sit still during this wonderful day, so I just took one lens and wandered to some offbeat angle and looked a little bit.

In 1% of cases still by is used

I stood still by the curbstone, looking breathlessly.

What are you driving at, Doctor? Dr Stockmann standing still by the table.

She went to the bathroom and took a long bath as he stood still by the door.

Mario Draghi's shtick with Time is to try and make it appear to stand still by reducing all progress on every issue to 0%.

It was getting difficult to sit still by then because the kids going with us were already waiting for me at home, getting restless.

When capital is going to be stand still by traffic congestion and countries are in crisis of electricity, spending Tk 50,000 crore.

I doubt I was the only child beguiled into delightedly sitting still by this storytelling witch in the candy-coloured afro clown wig.

Avoid prolonged periods of sitting still by getting up from your seat and walking around every 20 minutes, this helps regulate blood sugars and fats.

This is happening while the main market in the town has been brought to a stand still by ' Yellow ' and his men who have blocked all routes leading to the market for the past two weeks.

In 1% of cases still as is used

A second standstill as the crowd erupted.

Time stood still as the rest of the events unfold.

When she was smaller, she would sit still as a statue for removal.

I drank in Tom's face as I stood still as a statue in the darkness of the bedroom door.

He copied my actions and sat still as a statue, staring at me, that frown frozen on his face.

People have remarked about my unusual ability to sit still as a young child and even now as an adult.

Economic activities came to a halt in Owerri, Imo State capital, which stood still as the corpse of Ikemba Nnewi arrived the state.

We've really stood still as a country since 2007, compared to the transformative things that were done in the first two parliaments.

Rose -- Rose Dawn, he thought, mentally renaming her too -- still stood still as a statue, interfacing with the environmental systems.

There, a 9-year-old Micaela quietly stood still as the first-ever prep winner of the Butkus Award slipped off his right glove and handed it to her, fulfilling a promise made some seven weeks earlier.

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