Prepositions after "stick"

"stick to", "stick in" or "stick with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases stick to is used

Stick to two (maybe three) fonts.

Stick to answering the questions.

He should stick to men's subjects.

Stick to your list - Tick off each item as you go and do not let oneself be distracted.

We are left with a cadaver, brightly rouged and smeared with lipstick to simulate life.

Don't pad or fluff; stick to stating the essential data that the customer needs to know.

In Kenya, we have examples of leaders who have stuck to their principles despite external pressures or opportunities.

I decided to feed the boys together and stick to it, even if it meant waking a sleeping boy if his brother was ready.

Then our framers also introduced the multi-party system instead of sticking to the two-party system we had before.

Those that are made of cotton are soft to the skin and can be worn without fear of sticking to the skin in summer.

In 26% of cases stick with is used

And Ireland was stuck with him.

Pick a niche and stick with it.

He decided to stick with music.

The image of a little hand holding a big hand stuck with me the next couple of weeks.

He told Bang that they should have stuck with Hang-woo, and now they're in this mess.

Alas, I'd stuck with imagination only as I know you and me could never be, but I hope.

Stick with these two simple rules, follow my advice, and get out when the time is right and you will be successful.

Believe me Laughing - Upstate doesn't elect the filth we are stuck with, they all get in due to the NYC electorate.

Comments (19) The Dodgers, it seems, were stuck with having to take Crawford, and A-Rod gives them an option at 3B.

Or even 32-bit apps that were not designed well from a security or hardware resources perspective are stuck with XP.

In 21% of cases stick in is used

Yet, you're stuck in the middle.

He hated being stuck in his head.

Stuck in a body and life you hate.

Stuck in struggling shelters because we have been priced out of our own neighbourhoods.

They want us to give up and stay stuck in the Matrix, never looking for a way out again.

You move on, life changes for you, while your friends are stuck in the same environment.

Money can not be the right incentive to stick in this space, and should not be, we probably need to redefine success.

No room in the Inn so I was stuck in a tiny cabin with no closet, no place to hang clothes, no hairdryer, no Internet.

Establishments stuck in the butter basting and heavy salt mindset need to rethink or they will find their tables empty.

Instead of taking croquet, he plays his ball from where it lies and tries to run the next hoop, but sticks in the hoop.

In 4% of cases stick on is used

I know that I shouldn't be stuck on the numbers.

Only to be obsoleted by an update and stuck on a new.

The passengers were stuck on the train for hours together.

If you're stuck on a problem, go back to it later, or ask a **31;3423;TOOLONG for help.

Helicopter crews have been killed trying to reach people who were stuck on the mountain.

So he got stuck on an isolated piece of ice and a plane had to be sent in to rescue him.

The tatoo I assume to be fake because stuck on an island I don't see him joining the Russian mob and working his way up to captain.

After that I saw him live in 3 games at Barnet where he was stuck on the right wing and was not involved in the games very much at all.

From experience I have come to think that if you are stuck on a six lane motorway the one to stop and help you will likely be a Nigerian.

If you were stuck on a desert island and given the choice of 2 albums to put on your ipod which artist would it be? I love this question.

In 3% of cases stick at is used

However my sympathy-meter is stuck at nought.

New communication strategy needed AMD's stock price is stuck at $2.

I could log in, but was stuck at seeing the wallpaper and nothing else.

If you have a job, stick at it, bite your lip, because they might find employment tough.

Napoleon had no intention of being stuck at home so he suggested a new plan to the Directory.

Unemployment is stuck at nearly ten percent and is likely to remain there for two more years.

Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner reporting that the Nats will be handing out Thunder Sticks at the 1st home playoff game.

I actually have said there are 3 different types of job I could do and I know if I could cope with this job I'd stick at it.

To their credit, Chelsea stuck at their task and although lost the first half, came out in the second half and played better.

Good luck with your study, it is quite possible to do, provided you stick at it and don't allow yourself to get behind in anything.

In 1% of cases stick behind is used

But as I said I got stuck behind another car under blue flags that didn't really respect it.

Unfortunately, I got stuck behind another car, which had been blue flagged but didn't let me past in this lap.

I examined his ears and neck thoroughly and found that he had fluid stuck behind the left eardrum in his middle ear.

Strathakis ' barrel became stuck behind the Falls and was held for twenty-two hours before being released in an eddy.

In particular they are not stuck behind a desk - the job requires valuers to leave the workplace and visit various sites, (e.

Depending on what cards they have, they may end up stuck behind you and unable to advance (or they may not know they can play diagonally!).

After that it was OK but the same situation with Alonso, I was stuck behind him and just tried to save my tyres and push once we got the clear circuit.

Don't get me wrong, I hate being stuck behind these drivers, but given these conditions and the possibility they don't know the road, 40 would be acceptable.

Hence you get stuck behind someone for 30 miles because whilst some stretches you'd drive at 40 or 35 or whatever, other stretches you can safely do at nearer 55 or 60.

In 1% of cases stick by is used

They needed to stick by Suarez.

The fishermen were stuck by fear.

He stuck by his ideas and knew what he was talking about.

Talk to him about how you feel and if he sticks by his guns, I wouldn't waste time on him.

Maintaining friends with sexual benefits can be quite a hassle unless you stick by the ground rules.

No matter what the shortterm results might be in terms of sales, the marketer must stick by his plan.

They were unapologetic about designing a system in which public opinion would come second to deals stuck by a bureau of wise men.

You will always have devoted Rob fans that will stick by your said but if you chose to remain with Kristen than I feel sorry for you.

While it can be a great disappointment and concern to any rider, it's important to continue sticking by your mount even when it's sick.

In 1% of cases stick for is used

I didn't know we were stuck for so long.

The proceedings of the case remained stuck for the last seven years.

Being stuck for 7 hours? Be glad your plane didn't crash, or get hijacked.

It's an impoverished corrupt mess; not somewhere I'd care to be stuck for the rest of my days.

Going into Taxi, Hotels and Food nothing seemed to stick for Yamauchi with most of these ventures flopping.

But stuck for a simple solid meal this week after our return from Africa, we found ourselves fancying this.

Both a spell checker and a translate section are included on the site, so you'll never be stuck for a cpla focal again.

Honey wheat, american cheese and honey ham, with pretzel sticks for roof, branch and perch and Target Brand Chickadees.

There is also an adjustable hints system if you're ever stuck for what to do next or need clues to solve a tricky puzzle.

We ended up stuck for a while in commuter traffic and remembered how lucky we are to get up in our own time and wander into our home offices to start work.

In 1% of cases stick into is used

The toe is the often sharp bit at the bottom of the stock that sticks into your shoulder.

In battle, the pikemen knelt in the front rank, the butts of their pikes stuck into the ground.

On the other hand, you have pesticides and bits of claggy earth stuck into the grooves and dimples.

Four or five long feathers of the chicken are pulled out and stuck into the site where the bonabon are planted.

After Julia, we decided to do a perusal of all the stands on offer before getting stuck into more demonstrations for the afternoon.

But it makes me very uneasy - I'd getting myself fairly stuck into climate change stuff at the mo, and have been particularly fascinated in a car-crash way with events in the US.

In 1% of cases stick out is used

Essentially it is stuck out of battery.

Or it may have been the strawberry-headed baby sticking out of my coat.

The soldiers sticking out of the roof hatches returned the hand gestures.

A ledge is a bed of rock that is sticking out of the ground, or the side of a mountain.

I noted with no shock what so ever he had an orange sash sticking out of his coat pocket.

The track order sits really well and you never really feel like anything sticks out of place.

Some of the rooms still had bits of the bell-pull mechanisms left sticking out of the walls, but none of them worked.

This may cause some of the lining of the rectum to be pulled down thus losing its anchor and sticking out of the anus.

In his time, Durie has seen stagehands having to get tetanus shots because someone carelessly left nails sticking out of boards.

Outrageous, easily proven lies, and we have been told to suck on them like they're a candy cane sticking out of the pants of Uncle Sam.

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