Prepositions after "step"

"step into", "step on" or "step out"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases step into is used

Mayer stepped into the role that Mr.

Agreed, Bill stepped into a firestorm.

As I stepped into the atrium at the galleria, I was greeted by a swarm of pressmen.

She is the 3-year-old Boston Terrier who recently stepped into the role of matriarch.

We asked O'Brien whether she felt modern scientists were stepping into a dark pedigree.

I want to experience all that my teen years have to offer and have no regrets when I step into the world of adulthood.

I wonder if front/back focus is an issue for Nikon D600 users As for the OM-D, I decided to not step into this system.

Maybe that's why a few teammates stepped into the void and said -- anonymously -- what Ryan is apparently thinking.

Stepping into their seventh year of debut, Big Bang has now created a distinguishable territory in the K-pop scene.

In 13% of cases step out is used

Rachel stepped out of the building.

Problem is, he stepped out of bounds.

Hello! Stepping out of the story here.

I've pushed my envelope, exceeded the boundaries, and stepped out of my comfort zone.

When my family and I stepped out of the airport, I immediately felt an unexpected chill.

Through the bright light they saw a tall, dark silhouette appear and step out of the tunnel.

Rosicky stepped out of Cesc's shadows, we scored more goals and finished one place higher than the previous season.

Now I've stepped out of it and Julie-Anne Long and Performance Space will take it where they want and that's great.

In my Life Coaching program doors are symbolic of positive change and stepping out of your comfort zone into action.

After reading your post, I have renewed confidence to step out of my shell and talk in my broken cantonese to the locals.

In 13% of cases step on is used

Alawites can step on everybody.

I stepped on something - it was a head.

You step on the field and people are watching.

Walking over the bridge to the flower market I nearly stepped on a bundle on the path.

During the procession down the hall someone stepped on her train, but Dolly kept going.

Bum-soo advises him to stop acting so ruthless and stepping on other people for money.

Walker's lawyer, however, told the court that his client had stepped on the complainant's toe without realising it.

Abortion As Human Culling Kimelman was not the only journalist to step on his tongue after the introduction of Norplant.

I was peacefully relaxing in a beach hut when I accidentally stepped on a cat which was sleeping just behind my chair.

The pair step on Centre Court today to begin their campaigns at SW19, Raonic brought his best game in Barcelona, betting.

In 9% of cases step up is used

So far no one has stepped up to the plate.

You curse your luck, but step up to the register anyway.

Tigers have also a great opportunity to step up to Semi-Finals.

McGrath was not for changing his mind and Oakes stepped up to convert with some ease.

You would be wise to step up to an ATmega1280 if you want to use these with lots of objects.

Not everyone, but byinlarge it will need addressed if we're to step up to the top level IMO.

Peter Csonka quickly stepped up with a first ride score of 760 but clearly looking like he was on his game this day.

Mr Lambert suggested that if the private sector could step up to the plate and drive growth, a robust recovery could be achieved.

I am already so proud of Niamh for stepping up to the challenge and I think she will make the whole country proud if selected.

There's also the question of finding an outsider who has the knowledge and vision to step up to the plate and drive the Intel machine.

In 8% of cases step by is used

The mediation process, step by step.

My motivation is to take it step by step.

See the step by step process in the images below.

Follow the clear, concise, detailed, step by step instructions and you can not go wrong.

I had no idea how to build a website when I started, but SBI showed me how, step by step.

Being one of the key patterns, there are step by step photographs included for the jackets.

Stewart Learn the Cha Cha Slide, step by step, and you'll be the hit of every party from the East coast to the West coast.

After reading this you should move on to the Field Trip - Otsuka to Sugamo, step by step, to see how it all ties together.

Follow these step by step guide and I am assuring you that making $1000/month with these 2 websites will be a child's play.

I know it's a big ask for a country of only four million, but we need to figure out how WE can take over THEM - step by step.

In 6% of cases step away is used

If we step away from news, then that is not the case.

However it was still not enough, so we had to step away from the deal.

Besides, it's also refreshing to know that they can step away from the.

Step away from what you are studying and just clear your head with something different.

Stepping away from the open door, he held his hand out facing the outside of the room.

Literally steps away from one another, these four spots are guaranteed sources of pure Baguio bliss.

Silence and stillness enable you to step away from the bustle of ' doing ' and re -- familiarise yourself with ' being '.

I would also like to applaud Jon Stewart for stepping away from his party affiliation and calling Obama out for his BS.

Cresting the hill, we stepped away from the scattered Boma (mud hut) villages and grazing cattle into a replanted forest.

Big publishes are stepping away from this type of approach, with the mentality that low-prices devalue the authors and publishers.

In 6% of cases step in is used

I feel like I have to step in here.

PVG BO is stepping in one mess after another.

The SBS program is a step in the right direction.

If the govt didn't want taxi plates to become a commodity, they should've stepped in immediately.

You can get the cheapest secured loans as well step in the process should be equally quick and painless.

If I had a chance to step in someone's shoes among these three beautiful ladies that would be Sonam Kapoor.

Uggs are the visual equivalent of accidentally stepping in a large blob of mashed potato, all squashed and starchy.

Charles was considering how badly things could have turned out if his predecessor had not stepped in when he had last night.

It wasn't until my uncle stepped in that everyone realised it was true! I ran away for the final time to stay to a safe place.

He hasn't stepped in it quite the way Saul did, but I think it's silly to believe Romney has a different opinion on this than her.

In 5% of cases step outside is used

We never can step outside of time, although I wish we could.

Step outside of Bally's to see the light, water, and sound show.

And every time you step outside the comfort zone, YOU WILL GET REJECTED.

When I step outside the house, though, I am less ' hygge ' than ' hyggledy piggeldy '.

One person can often steer the whole group by stepping outside a negative pattern.

Your inner voice should tell you to step outside of your conscious self and do the right thing.

To use it, you must step outside your own native framework and try to think about your own lifestyle as if you were a scientist.

I like the term ' social pulp, ' because it steps outside of the whole thing, and plays to the two different voices in my writing.

Success with your body and in every area of your life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and that means embracing pain.

When you step outside of your comfort zone and try new things it wil automatically open your mind to meet new people (and put you in their way too).

In 3% of cases step off is used

The assistants stepped off the platform.

You go ghostly, and you? re stepping off the social grid.

I stepped off the launching area not knowing what to expect.

Stepping off of the plane, I knew I'd made the right decision.

Baumgartner free-falls after stepping off the 24-mile high platform.

Zaphod stepped off the catwalk into one and floated gently downwards.

When he stepped off the stage, though, Sinofsky seemed somewhat deflated.

It was a dreary, rainy day when I stepped off the ferry and walked into the resort last month.

In 3% of cases step onto is used

But the second the guy stepped onto stage I was fine.

I am about to step onto world stages that I have to this point only dreamt about.

As you stepped onto it, it went down by about 6 inches and swayed as you crossed it.

People expecting this club to win every time it steps onto the pitch are misguided in the extreme.

The narrow Vertigo and its casual Moon Bar inspire queasiness as you step onto the 61st-floor deck.

McDowell might be a long way behind the leaders when he steps onto the first tee tomorrow afternoon.

I suspect they will now use them more like the British by stepping onto them to make traffic stop.

Remarks: It is very important to take off footwear before stepping onto the platform in the Mariamman Hindu Temple.

This was evident from the moment we stepped onto AirAsia X's big Airbus and each individual passenger were warmly greeted by every staff they encountered.

This is why the festival includes two afternoons when complete amateurs are invited to step onto the platform with songs they're prepared to sing through in public.

In 2% of cases step through is used

The faster you step through all 16 frequencies, the better.

The setup wizard will show up, step through the steps for setup.

Researching it felt like stepping through the back of the wardrobe.

I had the strangest sensation that I stepped through a portal into another dimension.

It's much easier stepping through the sounds using your right hand, rather than your left.

Detailed here, we will step through some of the processes that are entailed in this kind of program.

Is Fear standing between you and the other side of a situation? It might be scary to step through it, but on the other side? It's pretty awesome.

Debug Navigator New Use this navigator to step through your code, easily navigate the call stack, and view values for local and global variables.

The first to greet me as I stepped through the door was the shop mascot, a friendly border collie puppy named Lucy, who came strolling up for some attention.

Stepping through the door, takes you back in time to the golden era of pre-war Paris, with warm, friendly waiters to greet and the smell of boeuf bourguignon wafting outwards.

In 2% of cases step to is used

Please, sir, step to the back of the line.

You just stepped to the Queen and I think you got stung.

Pound for pound, there are few Ghanaian artists who can step to M3nsa.

Then I step to the edge of the platform and look down the row of waiting commuters.

There must have been 25 or 30 graduates who stepped to the front of that gathering.

Distressed in reference to his placed time period, Ruben stepped to the site this current administration company your next a.

He steps to the side so he can look at her without the espresso machine obstructing his view, catching her eye before he speaks.

After one such session in Las Vegas, Hearns surprised everyone when he suddenly entered the room, stepped to the podium and threw his arm around his former trainer.

In 1% of cases step across is used

Lanfray stepped across her body.

As we stepped across the border line, Bangladesh looked just like India, but for one thing.

Even grassroots efforts fall under this umbrella and stepping across those lines can result in penalties from the IRS and loss of nonprofit status.

What is in the forbidden room? Something different for everyone, but something you need to know and will never find out unless you step across the threshold.

In 1% of cases step inside is used

There are several things that might interest you once you stepped inside the building.

Stepping inside the tiny house where such a great man lived and worked is incredibly moving.

For the pervert, you may never make it if you do not force yourself not to step inside the store with the big dildo in the window.

As I was about to step inside the canopy, two more halfwit fellow travellers with no knowledge of a speedboat's behaviour jumped in.

In 1% of cases step from is used

We stepped from a busy road into the hidden and quiet Shibu area.

A tall figure stepped from the midst of them, and Ione beheld Arbaces.

As you step from parlour to kitchen let yourself fall into another world of secret gardens and forgotten dreams.

Either option gives you the choice of stay in a lush garden setting or beach side with the Caribbean Sea just steps from your door-you decide.

Then he stepped from the stand, leaving a startled and impressive hush behind him instead of the customary explosion of cheers and party cries.

A variety of fur coats were in evidence as the ladies stepped from their chauffeur-driven sedans, taxis, or, like me, from behind the wheel of their own cars.

In 1% of cases step over is used

The natural response has been to step over them as if they aren't there.

When I stepped over the front door step or through my room door and closed it behind me, I was in my home.

One can own a dog and file a suit against somebody who killed it, but one can not own an ant and file a suit against somebody who stepped over it.

This is a network during his 2010 campaign stepped over the usual Holy Week protocol of showing Holy Week programming and showed the movie of his parents.

Don't be weird, Claudia, she instructed herself, treading boldly onwards, and stepping over the occasional root, or straggling creeper that had strayed across the path.

In 1% of cases step at is used

We can take this one step at a time.

This was a failure of leadership by this administration to step at a critical moment when we could have gotten something done.

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