Prepositions after "steep"

"steep for" or "steep in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases steep for is used

These were pretty steep for me.

The well is just too steep for you.

I let mine steep for about a minute.

The banks at the bridge was too steep for a good launch and could be muddy, he told us.

His base price was set at $200,000, considered too steep for an international newcomer.

The main road was too long and steep for me to use my crutches so I used my wheelchair.

Let them take your child there! All too often we see small children skiing on terrain that is far too steep for them.

With an average monthly income for most slum-dwellers of only about Rs5,000 ($90 ), the price was too steep for most.

If that's not in your budget or the learning curve is too steep for you, try Photoshop Elements or Lightroom instead.

KL Tower is a bit too strenuous and steep for me most, so the other two places get mobbed during weekend early mornings.

In 19% of cases steep in is used

Jersey City is also steep in history.

It was steep in places, and it was fast.

The climb is steady though steep in parts.

Though steep in price, this was a very worthwhile purchase and I'd glad I own this set.

Dr Danquah saw his concept of property owning democracy as steep in Ghanaian tradition.

The giant of Provence is always used sparingly, this is a climb steeper in legend than reality.

It's steep in places but there are no tricky bits, so it has been used by pilgrims, merchants, and shepherds for centuries.

This is especially noticeable in the food prices, which are quite steep in comparison to the US, New Zealand and Australia.

The walk took about an hour, quite steep in parts and apparently over 500 steps (the kids were counting) before the ladders.

In 8% of cases steep at is used

It's priced rather steep at $64.

It got really steep at some parts.

The trail is getting very steep at this point.

Beer is a bit steep at 60, but people have to make a living, right? First course is soup.

We rested often and as seen from the picture below, the slope can get steep at some points.

Gisp2 cores have similar amplitude, though the long term cooling trend is steeper at about 0.

For women, we theorized a negative weight -- income relationship that is steepest at the thin end of the distribution.

It isn't building to a glorious finale, it is grinding to the end, like climbing a mountain that gets steeper at its summit.

There is still a fair walk from there and it can be quite steep at times so not suitable for anyone infirm and sturdy shoes are best.

Head downhill out of Riego de Ambrs on a path that does get quite steep at parts onto a track that leads you past giant chestnut trees.

In 7% of cases steep with is used

First up we? ll start with Brent Steep with a 22.

It was very steep with maybe 50 or 60 gazillion steps.

Its very steep with weathered gneiss and mica schist soils.

The fourth quarter is also quite steep with some sections containing very large steps.

The pile gets steeper and steeper with time, and there are more and more sandslides.

The third quarter is the steepest with the trail traversing over rock in some sections.

The hike is a bit brutal, steep with a few sections with chains and ladders to help pull yourself up onto the rock.

Coming from a family that did not talk about such issues, my learning curve was pretty steep with lots of missteps.

The walk is less than 1km but fairly steep with phenomenal views and the bonus of arriving at the original lighthouse.

Just a little further! The sides of the road got steeper with tangled roots sticking out of the red rock and dried mud.

In 4% of cases steep to is used

Slight to me could be steep to you and vice versa.

That price seems very steep to me!! 820 is massively expensive.

But a jump to $130 for this 6 disc set seems really steep to me.

Many of the ramps in Icmeler are much too steep to use but it is definitely getting better.

But when they go to banquet and festival, then they move up the steep to the top of the vault of heaven.

Most of the trail is steep to very steep, and parts of the trail might require moderate climbing skills.

The path proceed steep to the Southern Glacier Branches, at 4000m we reach our campsite, Barranco, were we overnight.

The bypass took us almost all the way around the head of the valley to a huge rock spur, sharp and brutally serrated, rising steep to our peak.

Hi Dragon The Murat Apart Hotel is in the Old Village, across from Robin Hood, are relatively new and have ramped access which did not look steep to me.

That seemed a bit steep to me, but what can you do? She would probably have snapped me like a twig, then put a gun in my hand and made it look like suicide.

In 4% of cases steep on is used

The streets are much steeper on the Taksim side.

The wine menu is okay, a bit steep on the markup though.

Its windy and very steep on both sides, cliff up and cliff down.

The green apron is gently sloped on the left side but quite steep on the right.

The climbing was somewhat steep on very rocky ground with a lot of loose rocks to slip on.

It was so thin you couldn't even stand on it, and steep on both sides without decent footholds.

The gorge is too steep on the side I was on for me to go any further downstream, to see how many there were across the river there.

Castleton Tower is spooky, steep on all sides, a finger of red sandstone rising 400 feet out of a 1,500-foot talus cone in the desert east of Moab.

Despite its beauty, the mountain is considered one of the steepest on the planet, ranking it amongst the most dangerous when it comes to mountain hiking trails.

Manufacturing employment tumbled to another record low, while in the finance and real estate industry, three-month average job losses are the steepest on record.

In 4% of cases steep of is used

Many people think $13 is too steep of a price.

It goes up at just as steep of an angle on the other side of the drop.

In the end we pushed up the steeper of the two tracks, and came to a very well used 4WD road.

By continuing to add only 10% or 5%, it's not too steep of a gradient for my muscles to have to adapt to.

It had rained hard motherleaping ditches scrambling through hedges running down steep of a famished hound.

Steepest of all was a steady decline in concern about the environment, and taking personal action to save it.

The section of the route is very steep and is considered the steepest of the non technical paths on this mountain.

The steepest of these didn't feel too bad on lap one, but it really knocked the stuffing out of me the second time around.

As we come around the final bend and the steepest of all the hills, we can hear the cheers of the crowd at the top of the hill.

Hin Daeng will force you to make a deep drop of more than 60 meters, this drop is the steepest of all of Thailand's diving sites.

In 1% of cases steep from is used

The Pinnacles are very steep from word ' Go '.

Indeed, it looks almost impossibly steep from some angles.

The path starts getting steeper and steeper from the very beginning, but don't worry, no stairs in sight yet.

This place is not suggested to the elderly as one need to climb steep from the restaurant to the room &; from the room to the reception area.

I'd say it's steeper from there to the peak, but you've got views to distract you, whereas in the trees the trail is pretty rough and boring.

For layman better keep patience and persistence (chewing gum) as the learning curve is pretty steep from novice and amateur to pro-hobbyist to pro.

As the authors explained so well, our graduated income tax rates were much steeper from the 30? s to the end of the 60? s and our economy was the strongest in the world.

In 1% of cases steep up is used

This is a steep up hill which will take you up to Sandakphu.

After the checkpoint, it goes steep up hill, above Pui O village.

This is a tough climb (the first one of the day ), which goes steep up the hill and is really exposed.

The first hour or so was very gentle with the last hour being quite a lot steeper up to the edge of Barafu camp.

In 1% of cases steep towards is used

The climb down is steep towards the end and probably difficult for the elderly or very young children.

The cliffs, which go on for about 7 km, get steeper towards the end and open into bay with the next island, Jakljan, adjacent.

The average gradient, therefore, is just under 7%; it is fairly even throughout, although does get slightly steeper towards the top.

In 1% of cases steep through is used

Now we were climbing a steep through thick forest.

I like how the expert curve is steep through the amateur phase.

In 1% of cases steep over is used

The initial climb is steep over loose volcanic scree, but there are some well-graded zig-zags and a slow but steady pace will have us up to Gillman's (5,685 m.

In 1% of cases steep among is used

The increase is the steepest among the 19 police divisions islandwide.

Position reductions were generally steepest among city and rural districts.

The fall was steeper among independents, going from 53 percent in August to 41 percent.

House purchase loans in September fell 7% year on year to 47,603 and the fall in loans was steepest among high LTV borrowers, typically first time buyers.

In 1% of cases steep due is used

Sure, everyone has a learning curve, but for women, it's generally steeper due to all the subtle and unsubtle impediments.

While oil and gas will both exhibit production peaks, the slope of the post-peak decline for gas will be significantly steeper due to its lower viscosity.

While oil and gas will both exhibit a production peak, the slope of the post-peak decline for gas will be significantly steeper due to its lower viscosity.

In 1% of cases steep down is used

Regarding Clear Channel: Who cares? They are on the gentle end of a soon to be steep down hill ride.

The walk down the mountain, believe it or not is a hard 5hrs, so get some rest and be prepared for lots of steep down hills.

The steep down which we scrambled was formed of volcanic matter, apparently a light red and grey kind of lava, vesicular, and lying in horizontal strata, varying from one to forty feet in thickness.

In 1% of cases steep considering is used

The brunch cost $398 a head which I thought was quite steep considering the spread of food they had.

In 1% of cases steep by is used

Tuition, while considered steep by some, has really not risen in the past 50 years or so.

The only drawback with the device is the price tag of Rs 1,02,990, which is a bit steep by any standard.

You simply place your loose tea into the infuser, pour your hot water in and let it steep by placing the lid on top.

Making a fresnel lens that doesn't suffer from spherical aberration is simply a matter of making the grooves less steep by appropriate amounts.

Hey! Well done mate! You've clearly found a little sweet spot there! Shame it's steep by the water's edge, that will make it a little tough with a big fish.

In 1% of cases steep but is used

Yes, the learning curve is steep but for me, it's been worth it.

The decline would have been steeper but for a big buildup in inventories.

The fall would have been even steeper but for the imposition of a ban on short-selling by Spanish and Italian authorities.

The price for having breakfast with a giraffe poking its head through the windows, is steep but for most happy clients, well worth it (click here for reviews).

In 1% of cases steep as is used

The hill is as high and steep as a cliff.

I gets steep as well as embolise my very own bronchi.

The trek will gradually get steeper as the surroundings change into moorland.

The economic decline of Burmese economy was steep as well as world comity of nations shunned Burma.

And when I came to the top, the ground rose up in front of me, tall and steep as a wall, and there was nothing but the green wall and the sky.

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