Prepositions after "state"

state in, by, on, at or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases state in is used

JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A.

My year as stated in there is 1985.

This is stated in the Bhagavad-gita.

This, despite the fact that, as I stated in my original blog post, superfood it ain't.

By law, residents must pay their rent on time and at the place stated in the agreement.

Benedict had stated in his writings that it was the duty of a monk to look after the poor.

Observations can be stated in the form of a question or problem, for example: In situation S, does X always occur? 3.

ASIO stated in August that none of the asylum seekers it had checked since 1999 had been assessed as a security risk.

This is a brief conceptualization of cloud computing, though there is more to it than what I have stated in this article.

Employees get a version of the vision, values and priorities that may be different from that stated in the Annual Report.

In 10% of cases state by is used

Obama won the swing states by narrow margins.

Here's a snapshot of what is happening, state by state.

Here are the rules for sparring as stated by http: //www.

Stated by DESA, the demand for power in Dhaka city has increased by around 10% a year.

As stated by McGregor: We'll start getting to more specific locations within the crater.

Perhaps some expect it to be a given, or others trully avoid it for reasons stated by Mr Feeney.

This fact, which scientists have only discovered in the last 60 years, was stated by God in the Qur'an long years ago.

As rightly stated by Joyce Meyer, fear is the main reason why we would hesitate in taking the bold steps to the next level.

Posted by: Allahspeaking September 16, 2012, 12:48 pm 12:48 pm This a bald-faced falsehood stated by a member of our government.

In 9% of cases state on is used

As stated on their website loveislouder.

Mark Mohr and Christafari stated on http: //www.

Before the Sessions Court A states on oath that B never hit C.

Tolentino, it stated on one of his article, which was one of his great accomplishments (.

MeadowLea also states on its packaging that it contains No Artificial Colours &; Flavours.

John McCain has been persistent in his questions, stating on Friday that the administration.

Though the Government has made some progress, we should NOT be languishing among the bottom EU states on this issue.

Andrew then turned northeastward, eventually merging with a frontal system over the Mid-Atlantic states on August 28.

I ordered from Amazon and it does state on the site that its 2-5 days and it did give me expected arrival from 23-29th March.

The purchase price for products and services offered for sale through this web site may be incorrectly stated on the website.

In 4% of cases state at is used

President Barack Obama stated at his Nov.

But it seemed the best thing that could be stated at the time.

I want to state at the start that the chances of you converting me are slim.

As stated at the outset Sinhala nationalism and Tamil nationalism are correlated.

Posted by carreon on Friday, Nov 9, 2012 7:47 AM (EDT ): We hear of leadership stating at home.

If you just want a sounding board, state at the beginning that you don't want help or advice, just sympathy.

I stated at the very beginning that You Are All Captains is not an entertaining film in the traditional sense of the term.

They implemented up to 4MB of on-chip flash ROM that is capable of instruction processing without wait states at speeds up to 100MHz.

There are certain companies which force their employees to wear a hijab, even when this is not initially stated at the time of recruitment.

It does state at the end of the article ' If you have more data about countries that aren't on this list then please add them in the comments.

In 4% of cases state to is used

This much has been categorically stated to the Minister.

It's simply stating to the chairman how you will run things.

No prior hurricane has devastated all major battleground states to this degree.

As the Prime Minister recently stated to the Royal College of Nursing, the NHS.

Abacha, who created six states, brought the number of South-East states to five.

And as I stated to a friend, Europe may take everything from you but it will never take my colour.

Clearly state to him that his friendships with women jeopardize this noble aim because of the forbidden nature of them.

Many regional newspapers and websites emphasised that the president owed his success in swing states to a strong Hispanic vote.

Indeed, his contemporary Kennedy recalls that ' he often stated to me, that when he constructed his machine he knew nothing of Mr.

If they arrived in another car, where was the scenic? Remember, Kate cousin stated to the police how bad was the smell in the car.

In 3% of cases state as is used

The team with items should be stated as the safe bet.

In mathematical form, this can be stated as: p V = c o n s t a n t.

Maybe I haven't seen enough evidence, but I'd pretty sure this is not something you can state as a given.

The acquisition price in the May 7, 2008 announcement was stated as $23 million in cash and $7 million in accounts receivable for a total of $30 million.

On 1st Jan 1901, Singapore's Local Mean Time (Singapore Mean Time) was adopted by the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States as the Standard Time.

In a letter dated 22 nd July 1951, the Edwesohene stated as a result of illness he has to decline the invitation and requested the Secretary to hand over the stool to Mr H.

On 1st June 1905, the mean time of the 105th Meridian (Longitude 105 deg East) was adopted by the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States as the new Standard Time.

In 3% of cases state for is used

Also we have a separation of church and state for a reason.

I couldn't help but notice the gemstone stated for good luck.

Last week, Grald Tremblay resigned as mayor after having stated for years that he unaware of the corruption.

Texas and Ohio have been described as safe Hillary states for a month, but suddenly they're must-wins for Obama.

She stated for my child behalf website which she has been a ham becoming a little woman plus the girl which has a pork today.

A person who has voted at an election shall not be required to state for whom he has voted in any proceedings questioning the election.

As everyone realized for a month (and some managed to suddenly forget last night ), Texas and Ohio are particularly strong states for Clinton.

As Lund (1997, 13) stated for the Burkina Faso case,? the development of a local common-property right is opposed to the tradition of law-making and risks encountering serious obstacles.

In 3% of cases state with is used

The only solution I've come up with is to separate religion and state with the state having absolute decision.

Accordingly, it is not possible to state with certainty what Excon will approve in respect of a particular transaction.

The founding fathers vision led to state with minimal poverty and more freedom than any state previously on the planet.

One thing I like about the way each myth is stated with a straight face on each article is that it seems to be an excellent google attractor.

It is possible to state with some exactness the conditions which must be met in order to initiate and carry through this releasing therapeutic experience.

After running this blog for 2 years and working in the field of research education for around 6, I can state with total confidence that inadequate supervision is a global problem.

But the lesson from this isn't that big government is an economy killer: Norway and Sweden both have roaring economies, despite being socialist welfare states with high rates of government spending.

In 2% of cases state from is used

They are our current servicer who states from qualified written request RBS citizens holds our prommisory note.

They roared as Linda McMahon went down in flames in our neighboring state Connecticut, saving that state from humiliation.

The court also deals with matters referred to it by way of Case Stated from a Judge of the CircuitCourt or of theHigh Court.

A consequence of this baptism was the bringing together of Church and State from which was born the monarchic government of the French divine right.

No reporter is completely objective in their writing and this particular reporter clarifies his subjectiveness by clearly stating from the outset his perspective and reason for being there.

In 2% of cases state like is used

Wake up and accept this is a failed state like no other.

He is losing support in several states, including swing states like Ohio.

For time being we do not want any more failure state like South of Somalia.

The reason states like MI and CA have super drunk laws (forgot that MI is 0.

In any case, in key swing states like Ohio, there's been no major erosion in Obama support among women.

But when battleground states like Ohio are so razor close, that itty bitty move can impact the projection in substantial ways.

But intense battlegrounds now encompass deeper blue 2008 states like Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Iowa.

As a citizen my idea of India is not what team Anna wants, they propose a dictatorial, police state like some gulf countries which are craving for real democracy like India.

For now, however, the president is polling strong in several battleground states, maintaining surprisingly comfortable margins in such Republican must-win states like Virginia and Florida.

In 1% of cases state about is used

At no point have I stated about how much warming might result from increased CO2.

As one respondent stated about his Mexican immigrant parents, ' My folks came over here for the Dream ' (71).

Indeed, the point you stated about our inability to keep possession was a major factor in the battery of attacks England had to defend.

And the fact you stated about Medicare declining more folks than the private-sector, well that makes sense to me, since it's free healthcare.

In 1% of cases state during is used

It was stated during the presentation that many of the (consumer) features would not be announced yet for Windows Phone 8.

And of course, this is critical because we are preparing the evolution of the generation of Solidworks to continue to unify our 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which was also stated during the announcement.

In 1% of cases state of is used

I've observed what it is like, she stated of film creating.

I appreciate your telling the truth about the real state of the economy.

Conversely, the mere stating of the absolute truth will have no effect.

But I do not expect you to change your beliefs for a simple stating of mine.

This Centre gives students access to state of the art technology outside of class time.

What people are willing or NOT willing to do for themselves and others is directly proportional to state of affairs we're in.

In 1% of cases state such is used

In the new nation's northern states such as Unity, heavily mined roads have compounded the problem of closed trade routes.

Clinton's been traveling throughout the country campaigning for Obama, most recently in swing states such as Ohio and Wisconsin.

As Romney's hopes of winning new battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan faded, much of the crowd was too busy drinking and chatting to notice.

In 1% of cases state under is used

Yet you clearly state under the photo that cannabis can NOT cure cancer.

Points will be awarded by Nectar within 35 days of delivery, unless otherwise stated under Important information below.

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