Prepositions after "starve"

"starve to" or "starve of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases starve to is used

Millions starved to death or were killed.

I'd not willing for my girls to starve to death.

If they worked for tips, they would starve to death.

The Great Famine of the 1930s in the Ukraine, which resulted in millions starving to death.

I was expecting the camps to be grim -- but I wasn't prepared to see children starving to death.

Playing Scrabble is extremely risky if it means you don't eat and consequently you starve to death.

His fasting worked because the British didn't want him to starve to death, for fear that war would break out if he did.

If they manage to avoid these dangers (by avoiding human contact ), then they will slowly starve to death within a week at most.

Even today, Russian authorities refuse to acknowledge that millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death in 1932-1933.

Letting people in Africa starve to death because they are poor, then claiming it is unavoidable because of ' overpopulation ' is pathetic.

In 22% of cases starve of is used

Cells starved of a good blood supply become damaged and may even die.

The roses, though, if not the grandchildren, are still starved of attention.

In the league, he never looked far away from a goal but was largely starved of service.

The Nigerian market was ready and had been starved of this technology for a very long time.

Village schools are starved of resources; students learn little, run around and sometimes run amok.

If the artery is narrowed (or blocked) then the blood flow is restricted and cells can become starved of blood.

Kenyan football fans are starved of good football, which has resulted in them switching allegiances to the European leagues.

Before long the fields were being starved of nutrients, while city streets and rivers stunk of human effluent and associated filth.

Often not only have the Councils represented by the opposition parties been starved of funds, they have also been discriminated against.

These same areas are starved of research investment because they lack the cachet of space travel or the fear mongering of the global arms business.

In 16% of cases starve for is used

C We starved for too long baby.

C We starved for too long baby Oh yes it will.

The earth has been Co2 starved for the past 500,000 years.

Awam is barefoot and without exaggeration they actually starve for days.

We are starved for messages of hope that give us permission to seek a Self.

It is high time adequate efforts are taken for rain water harvesting and recharging the aquifers so that posterity do not starve for water.

The poor man is dying; the whole day he is painting, starving for painting but nobody is ready to purchase his painting -- nobody sees anything in it.

Real hardcore Science Fiction fans, who had been starved for good stuff since Twilight Zone had left the air, seized on Star Trek as a genuine Science Fiction series.

Unfortunately, most people start out by restricting all carb intake, but once their body starts to starve for carbs, they may end up consuming more carbs than usual and end up feeling defeated.

In 9% of cases starve in is used

Half of humanity may starve in the coming glaciation, however, because rice does not grow on ice.

Does anyone starve? No, people do not starve in Sri Lanka, but some people do suffer from malnutrition.

In 3% of cases starve by is used

My Irish ancestors had all been starved by the Brits, so they were only used to eating dirt &; rotten potatoes as meals.

In 2% of cases starve because is used

People in Sri Lanka who live in the country areas don't starve because of the jak fruit.

No child should feel unwanted or have to starve because of ignorance or lack of legislation.

In 2% of cases starve on is used

Better those people starve on the third world than come here and take our jobs.

In this way the government can fudge figures and argue reductions in unemployment; when all they are really doing is cutting benefits and leaving people to starve on the streets or end their lives.

In 1% of cases starve before is used

And it means waiting until people starve before doing anything.

In 1% of cases starve during is used

I was starving during lunch break, and Niko even offered to give me fifty pesos LOL.

In 1% of cases starve from is used

While 16,000,000 children starve from the mortgage meltdown crime by all the bankers and the rating company people who got their fees from the mortgage rating fraud.

In 1% of cases starve with is used

Stay here and starve with the poor whites sounds very smart.

In 1% of cases starve without is used

Two thirds of the worlds population will starve without phosphorus.

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