Prepositions after "standard"

standard for, in, with, on or across?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases standard for is used

Prices are standard for Morocco.

Pretty standard for raid healing.

With google apps standard for $10.

PowerBooks established standard for everybody various mobile computing devices, www.

There is no unified election-administering body or even standard for voting in the U.

Growing up in apartments is standard for families in most of the world's large cities.

Apple isn't breaking hugely new ground with this announcement -- LTE has been standard for the last year on many.

Also, built-in patented laser sighting, switchablebetween laser dot or circle patterns is standard for all models.

The sonata form became almost standard for the first movement of a symphony, especially in the period 1780 to 1900.

The tourist season here is standard for the entire Mediterranean region - from May to late September-early October.

In 23% of cases standard in is used

It is standard in the Western elites.

That made it standard in the industry.

Apparently that is standard in Mexico.

By the mid-1930s electrical appliances were standard in the homes of the better-off.

Sanchez explained that the third brake light should have been standard in his model.

It is standard in many blogs/websites for a reason; readability and easy navigation.

Most of the main boards are standard in term of shape and size, most important, they allow user to stack shields J.

This technology was first introduced in 2009 by Intel under the name Light Peak, and it's now standard in MacBooks.

COLD DISH Marinated Japanese Octopus Decent since this classic pickled octopus is standard in flavors and textures.

The noodles were thin as is standard in Hakata-style; they weren't very hard, but the kaedama I ordered was better.

In 15% of cases standard with is used

Base MKT's come standard with a 3.

The Ti comes standard with the CVT.

Now it comes standard with iOS from Apple.

As standard with Drift, we provide multiple sensitivity settings and an external 3.

Your accommodation comes standard with air-conditioning and TV with cable channels.

Standard energy with fossils or renewables, half standard with fossil or renewables.

The Dell V725w comes standard with 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty * and a 1-year Advanced Exchange * Service *.

The clutch is basically standard with extra springs fitted to cope with the extra power the engine was developing.

Bespoke luggage has been designed specifically to fit this space and is supplied as standard with every 12C Spider.

The SLS AMG Electric Drive comes as standard with 265/35 R 19 tyres on the front and 295/30 R 20 tyres on the rear.

In 12% of cases standard on is used

That's standard on election nights.

A freewheel is standard on most bikes.

Buttons aren't standard on ARM devices.

We have the TFS 2010 and WSS on the app tier and SQL 2008 Standard on a separate box.

Stop-start is standard on the TDV6 but is not available on the other models initially.

ARM chips are standard on tablets, which is growing faster than the x86-based PC industry.

The WVGA spec is the same as you'll find as standard on Windows Phone 7 handsets and they're around half the size.

In new rules issued in 1891, the R &A; determined that the hole size should be standard on golf courses everywhere.

Bluetooth and a multifunction steering wheel also come as standard on the two higher trim levels -- Active &; Allure.

Drop Handlebars Drops are fitted as standard on quite a few models of touring bike, and offer several hand positions.

In 5% of cases standard across is used

The reverse is standard across the Eurozone.

Over-stretch is now standard across the forces.

This is now pretty standard across theme parks.

It is acknowledged that ECE qualifications are not standard across jurisdictions.

I think that this is pretty standard across the board in domestic medical schools.

In Southern Europe, or even our local suppliers, three months is standard across the country.

Of course, lockscreen controls are pretty standard across a whole lot of devices now but often it's still a convoluted process.

But right now, the -109 OBOGS is standard across the USAF's Raptor fleet--though some jets might still have the old -107 units.

In addition, efforts must be geared towards establishing and maintaining a standard across all schools within the public system.

In Thailand, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and dual front airbags are standard across the board, with the Executive adding on side airbags.

In 2% of cases standard at is used

Maybe they don't have standard at the moment.

This is standard at Sandals and Beaches Resorts.

The A standard at the time was 96 minutes and I did 94:59.

These practices are standard at all types of farms, including organic and small farms.

Time was Mozilla (Netscape) was standard at NCI, but even that holdout has given up the ghost.

Pool: Well the pool is very large and has a swim up bar that I believe is standard at any resort.

Quality end of trip facilities Are standard at city work places, educational facilities and other key destinations.

Some conditions may be covered as standard at no extra charge while some will require payment of an additional premium.

This was not the average football mob, lacking the tribalism and the incomprehensible rage that is standard at Premier League venues.

We decided to call this first ascent solo, No Dirty Tactics as a shot to those who would sully the area with lesser ethics than those already standard at the Gap.

In 2% of cases standard of is used

That level will force Europe to lower it standard of living hugely.

There's nothing you have to live up to, no standard of expectation to meet for him.

If the schoolboy standard of Prometheus is anything to go by he'll do fine, just fine.

In sunny countries, suicide rates seem much lower, regardless standard of life statistics.

No tests needed, thanks to the fact that bogus diagnoses are standard of care when it comes to gynocological health.

At home the immigrant has as standard of life higher than the average and now they find themselves below the average.

While this is standard of most visits to anyone's home here, on Eid or other celebratory occasions, the selection is greater.

If the politicians really wanted to help its own people and maintain a standard of living Citizens Income would be introduced.

Sadly, it is full of inane drivel nowadays and it's standard of coverage is barely any better than the average red top newspaper.

In 2% of cases standard to is used

Duck two tone boots also are very standard to the winter of 2011.

Either way you have to apply the same standard to every POTUS during his time.

This lens was supplied as standard to a US military model, the Nikon F KS-80A.

One fact that is standard to all the contemporary designs is daring and intense colors.

The zone requirements are standard to each planning scheme, whereas the schedules to the zone may differ.

The airbag is being fitted as standard to its V40 model from next month and will be on all new Volvos in future.

Card readers that are now being built in as standard to mobile phones can be adapted to access data from these cards.

This chapter outlines survey design concepts which should be standard to all species inventory surveys in British Columbia.

If you played on one screen you would get a large walleye with everything in view, would be quite standard to normal UT2004.

I du n no if I'd hitting the right reply button or not (noob alert) but WHATEVER, full steam ahead!! Haha, that sounds pretty standard to me.

In 1% of cases standard among is used

One or two is pretty standard among people I know.

As you can imagine, this is by no means standard among BIOS's.

While aggressive off-label marketing to doctors is standard among drug companies, it is routinely kept quiet.

This is fairly standard among stand-alone insurers, and for some mobile owners, the cheaper premiums may be worth it.

The portion is standard among the other Penang street food which is slightly lesser than the usual portion in Kuala Lumpur.

Perhaps I may not understand the Malay culture that well, but I think a handshake is also standard among the Malays (Muslims).

Masters, post-graduate or post doctoral degrees and diplomas Note: The 30 credit per year system is fairly standard among Canadian universities; e.

Suit-wearing was standard among those involved in the financial collapse, from lax regulators to bonus-hungry bankers to boom-cheerleader politicians.

It makes them more versatile, strenuous, and socially engaged exactly the direction you need your minors to live on! Now, one of the most standard among these tools is the swing set.

I was the educational and pecuniary beneficiary of an economic environment that meant master's degrees, professional qualifications and international travel were standard among my peers.

In 1% of cases standard by is used

This tool also verifies compliance with CSS 2 standard by default.

Stringent and better anti-piracy features Xbox Live will be a standard by the time the 720 ships.

Stellingwerff ran the fastest time of her life that day, 4:05:08, beating the Olympic A standard by almost a second.

It is still a steep hill to climb to reach the UK government's target of 50 per cent of new cars to have DAB as standard by 2013.

Cosc could also encourage the recording of information on disability status as standard by abuse support agencies receiving state funds.

Its not standard by any means (that includes old hohner double ray tuning) and there is one set that i cant even tell you what its supposed to be.

With all mistreatment of Nethanyauh was standard by Bill Clinton who day in and day out had Arafat come to the White House more than any other leader.

Achieving full literacy The good news, however, is that at the base of the system, we are very confident that we can achieve close to 100 per cent literacy at grade-four standard by 2015.

Though Fuller was undoubtedly ahead of his time - and encouraged ecological building as a whole - climate control in green buildings was almost standard by the time the idea came to Mayne.

In 1% of cases standard from is used

The AAAB seems to be fairly standard from what I've seen.

The supertough lenses are standard from Specsavers for under 16's too, with cool designs.

It was pretty standard from Cadbury; that weaker chocolate that they use for covering their products.

A new powered tailgate has also been introduced as standard from Luxury models upwards for 2012, enabling drivers to set their desired lift height.

Her plan is to fly up to Toronto, spend the night and fly back to the USA - stopping at the immigration to apply for a TN (sounds pretty standard from what I've read here).

For example, Suncorp, which led the industry by offering flood coverage as standard from 2006, also doesn't allow customers to opt-out of its brand-name product, Suncorp Insurance.

In 1% of cases standard throughout is used

This has been standard throughout history.

Men's coat fashion has stayed rather standard throughout the years.

Our courses and teaching curriculum are standard throughout New Zealand.

The decimal notation is the most common and will be standard throughout the rest of this workbook.

Nonetheless, by the early 19th Century, the 4-tine fork was fairly standard throughout the western world.

Therefore, spatial accuracy is not standard throughout the Atlas, and two CORONA images overlapping in an area may not perfectly match.

In 1% of cases standard within is used

Do not use anything thought to be standard within your design elements.

Avoid the use of anything regarded as standard within your design elements.

The ability to change cell phone batteries is standard within the cell phone industry.

And lastly, that tire pressure does not exceed 125psi, which is pretty standard within the industry.

You should be careful before buying the various exaggerated alternatives that happen to be standard within this marketplace.

Fast, Cheap and Inhuman Although Foxconn has drawn media scrutiny because of its size and high-profile clients, its working conditions are actually standard within the industry.

Views and Stored Procedures should only be used if designing a report from a database where such Views or Stored Procedures are standard within the database and not client specific.

I have come to realise that this kind of lies and perjury comes as standard within a primitive fear-based system (medieval government, bodged ad hoc up-to-date ), and that reform is not possible.

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