Prepositions after "stand"

stand in, for, on, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases stand in is used

Don't stand in the rain or fog.

Where do you stand in the man v.

I stand in solidarity with Prof.

Visit Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum in Ancaster to stand in an 1812 barn interior.

Frank was stood in front of the desk, also with a drink which he was nervously sipping.

I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

The school allowed students who didn't wish to take part to leave the room and stand in the hallway during that time.

Some parts of the NHS are a disgrace, i have not come to that conclusion because of Labours standing in the polls.

The paper's failure as a work of statistical genetics stands in contrast to its success as a work of public outreach.

She actually didn't even realise she was standing in the street naked until one of the firefighters pointed it out.

In 16% of cases stand for is used

I've no idea what you stand for.

They all stand for the Last Post.

I for one will stand for liberty.

You have the right to stand for the Trust Board and you get a vote in those elections.

He is a legend of country music and isn't shy about who is he and what he stands for.

This is complicated by the fact that acronyms can stand for more than one thing, and are often used interchangeably.

She stood for election last year as a councillor in East London where she failed miserably to turn the borough blue.

The last fight will be between the globalists and the individual who stands for the sovereignty of its own country.

BPM itself stands for Business Process Modelling/Modeling, Business Process Model, and Business Process Management.

In 15% of cases stand on is used

Roger is standing on the ground.

We were standing on the overpass.

She is shown standing on two lions.

Stand on your own as much as if you moved to a separate valley, like in Atlas Shrugged.

So what's with all the uproar? At first glance, this law seems to stand on firm ground.

From standing on a busy main road, you're suddenly in a cool, candlelit wine cellar.

You could stand on the strip where it had been, look left and right, and think you were between two different worlds.

Felix will fly to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon, then open the hatch and stand on the rim of oblivion.

If I was a betting man, I would hedge my bets that they are coming knowing very clearly where they stand on the issue.

Liverpool and United fans will stand on the terraces together and remember those who lost there lives at Hillsborough.

In 12% of cases stand at is used

A year ago, they stood at $503.

Earnings per share stood at $1.

Current production stands at 1.

Case in point: Gallup's latest measurement of Obama's approval stands at a glowing 53%.

Debt stands at $11 billion as of December 2010, up $800 million from the previous year.

S had poverty rates above 17 percent, with Mississippi's poverty rate standing at 22.

Probable reserves stand at 27 trillion cubic feet whereas daily consumption is about 101 million standard cubic feet.

He stands at the head of the lists of participants, and Athanasius ascribes to him the actual success of the symbol.

The best hill is right next to Chateau Lake Louise (on your left as you stand at the lakeshore and look at the hotel).

Standing at the Dutch Square, the Stadthuys appears majestically impressive with its big windows, doors and stairs.

In 7% of cases stand by is used

A chubby man stood by his side.

And I shall stand by you always.

We stand by grace or not at all.

Stand by side of an operator (experienced one) and see the operator how he is doing it.

Policemen were standing by the railings trying to prevent people from climbing over.

They can stand by the iwi by iwi approach, but that is an open invite for Court action.

You created me and I am Your servant, I stand by my covenant and promise with You according to the best of my ability.

However including anything, We all stand by my brand new crucial vehicles of individuals procure all you fork out for.

When PTI started taking in feudals and lotas, I stood by them because Khan convinced us that he knew what he was doing.

Failure of GSL to stand by its commitment to implement amendments, does not give much hope about other recommendations.

In 5% of cases stand up is used

Will any government stand up to.

It's okay to stand up for yourself.

There is no way he'd stand up to them.

You can't find a decent denialist sattack on AGW that stands up to scientific scrutiny.

Get me something that has the fat and flavor to stand up to all those tannins and fruit.

Alas! The idealisation of the February Revolution does not stand up to the least scrutiny.

Our heartbreak is not unusual, we are just two people who stood up to the people who destroyed our son's precious life.

We must sustain and increase the momentum she has created, and stand up for every girl's fundamental right to education.

He stays for months and defiles the house to the point where Marge can't take it anymore and decides to stand up to him.

Obviously we want the data to stand up to scrutiny if we are going to persuade the regulator or Government to act on it.

In 4% of cases stand with is used

They stood with big government.

Stand with feet hip width apart.

This is where I stand with Spain right now.

I stood with my lamp held out over the stair-rail, and he came slowly within its light.

Personally, I still stand with my earlier position of not allowing the export of the BMs.

You have extended a precious gift to me and many others simply by letting us stand with you.

To avail a berth in the train even Anna Hazare would have bribed the TTE if his wife was standing with his baby.

The non-Muslim world, who resents the military power of the west, was gathered to stand with the west against them.

I fervently believe that the entire nation with opposition members alike stood with him in prayers and wished him well.

He is pretty good on his feet, but, if he accepts to fight standing with me again he's going to get knocked out again.

In 3% of cases stand before is used

His soul is standing before him.

That's right--stand before the King and the Queen.

A man diligent in his work will stand before kings.

And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened.

I will stand before Him having made some mistakes in judgment because I can not read hearts.

Jesus stands before his accusers receiving and absorbing the questions and the accusations that they throw at him.

If you will be sincere, and can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer.

Aladdin's mother went to the palace, as her son had bidden her, and stood before the divan in the same place as before.

Detail of a miniature of two men standing before a bishop, from the Smithfield Decretals, southern France (probably Toulouse ), c.

In 2% of cases stand behind is used

LFC should not stand behind a plea of ignorance.

Everybody is standing behind him at the World Cup.

At least be woman enough to stand behind what you said.

I stand behind what I wrote as an accurate summation of Scribner's stated position.

At some point we will see whether Germany really will stand behind the entire eurozone.

You guys really stand behind your brand and it shows with great passion and love of the game.

Then he stands behind the six balls and explains that the numbers have already been written upon them in numerical order.

Some people have reported seeing another spiritual body standing behind Margaret's body and even that the color of her eyes change.

In 2% of cases stand next is used

Like I said, I was standing next to Mr.

COLEEN NOLAN: I stood next to Jimmy Savile.

There are two students standing next to the officer.

But Michelle now stands next to a man that may be elected president of the United States.

I tried my hand at underwear and she pissed in them, while standing next to the toilet.

I stole a glance at my sister standing next to me, raw determination fixed on her face.

The mean pollution level when stood next to a smoker at a bus stop was 16 times that when there was no smoker present.

It was large and orange - as big as the tip of a cigarette would be, if someone were stood next to you smoking at night.

Kristoff walks away (back to the direction from which he came) past a female officer standing next to a computer screen.

Although it sucks having a panic attack, I can't imagine standing next to someone feeling helpless feels very nice either.

In 2% of cases stand as is used

It stands as a protector of property rights.

Only if we stand as an United Country and fight for Peace.

I prefer to stand as a role model and a symbol of exploration.

Their ruins stand as a reminder of the cycles of devastation that have swept this region.

In many ways, Griffin stands as a clear dividing line between the Old South and the New.

So my humble request to all leaders of this country to stand as one and stop this terrorism.

For most of the 20th century FC Barcelona stood as a symbol for Catalonia, a region in the northeastern edge of Spain.

Thus, under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy's stability and balanced growth.

Murdered before the film saw its release, the film stands as a wonderfully bittersweet testament to her considerable talent.

That's the premise for Richard Linklater's Before Sunset, a lovely tone poem that stands as a bookend to 1994's Before Sunrise.

In 2% of cases stand against is used

They should stand against the fanatics solidly.

Surely Koreish is not able to stand against them.

It was a name that stood against time and nature.

In this sense, his willingness to stand against the spirit of the age is admirable.

When the villagers come, they, too, stand against the trees and the axemen give up.

Theoden thinks that Rohan can not stand against the army Saruman is sending against them.

It's bound to be a pretty comical sight, the Grey Hair &; Blue Rinse crowd standing against Big Oil and Ottawa.

Actually, every game I've played Kenko is always the lone survivor who stands against the enemy util the last turn.

Hats off to the lady for standing against the brutality and high headedness of the Director and the organisation.

IMO they were actually campaigning pretty hard to get party votes, and I stood against Dr Sharples in Tamaki Makaurau.

In 1% of cases stand between is used

What chance do you stand between two useless companies.

Only one thing stands between the sinner and hell; the Gospel.

Because, he told them, I'd standing between you and the pitchforks.

The men continued to stand between parked cars, I guess to wait for SOmeone else to hit on.

The only thing standing between our ancient, beloved continent and its descent into all-out war.

Goldman Sachs was simply standing between insurance buyer and insurance seller and taking a cut.

From the kingdom of Gondor, now all that stands between good and evil, to a thrilling conclusion at Mount Doom.

Bang goes to the front of the crowd, standing between them and the iron gate separating them from their families.

The necromancer general summons up and re-enforces a zombie horde to stand between himself and the approaching beastmen.

In 1% of cases stand beside is used

Students stand beside their desk.

Norma Liongoren stands beside artwork by her husband, Alfredo.

A woman was standing beside the road, talking to Alec at the wheel.

At least we are true to ourself and stand beside them whatever the road they'll take.

It had a matching jug too, but it just stood beside the sugar bowl and was never used.

Nick with his pipe standing beside the Christmas tree propped up with dozens of presents.

The press and photographers got a big kick out of watching the Secret Service man standing beside the cage of fowl.

But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me today,.

I think that's the one album I gave a great review to this year that I can firmly stand beside and still feel the same way about.

In 1% of cases stand outside is used

So here I stand outside the Bakery.

We stood outside the gate, bummed out.

Or did she? She stood outside the empty town.

Charles was stood outside the swamp with Nurse kelleye whom was looking at his arm.

I will have to volunteer next year and go and stand outside a Millwall or West Ham game.

No one would form a mob and stand outside Rhodes House and demand that the scholars go home.

James Nelson Kemp (husband of Alice Kemp nee Parnall ), standing outside his pub, the Royal Oak in Great Dunmow.

The Red Abbey, an Augustinian foundation, is the only surviving building from medieval Cork and it stood outside the walled city.

The two idiots, one a local and the other his wife / girlfriend who was a foreigner were still standing outside their vehicle.

Two miles later, my brain still standing outside Earlsfield, I realise I'd going the wrong way -- heading straight for Mitcham.

In 1% of cases stand over is used

Standing over me was Remi, from all those years ago.

I remember when I first came to Dharavi, I stood over the place and was astounded by what I saw.

The Archbasilica stands over the remains of the ' new fort ' of the imperial cavalry bodyguard.

I first used it when we were doing our survival training, and I used it in the toilet tent, standing over the ' P ' bucket.

There are some variations, but most of the time I'd standing over the Cup, seeing my own excitement reflected back in his eyes.

The first Seal violently moved the women out of the way and the other two stood over him and fired several more shots into his chest.

But here he was standing over the same sort of lies - he had a gun, he acted suspiciously, he made sudden movements - being told in London.

Then, like a ghost out of nowhere, a male Leopard came bounding in and stood over the kill! Male Leopard ambushes the Wild Dog and stands over the kill.

It's not just a smoking gun, the culprit has been caught standing over the body with the smoking gun in hand, with the act caught on DVD quality CCTV.

Then, like a ghost out of nowhere, a male Leopard came bounding in and stood over the kill! Male Leopard ambushes the Wild Dog and stands over the kill.

In 1% of cases stand to is used

As she stood to one side, she addressed him with a verse.

On approaching, having bowed down to the Blessed One, she stood to one side.

That will stand to them and with Craig Gilroy coming in, that will add to it.

Then two or three soldiers stood to attention and gave a satisfactory account of themselves.

Gulki has such a good screen presence that the only guy who can stand to her level is Varun's Vikram.

And not to mention the fact that our fans have been so bloody impressive that it may stand to us when we begin our bid for 2020.

You stand to a point that you don't know you are standing; you are more involved in the thing you are doing that you forget you are standing.

The Wee county are well capable are giving it a right go on Sunday and the experience of playing some big matches at Croke Park in recent times will stand to them.

I don't think I could ever be able to stand to much training! A very interesting topic! very informative I am surprised by all of the facts about people using the bathroom in space.

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