Prepositions after "stamp"

"stamp on", "stamp with" or "stamp in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases stamp on is used

The case has Bhejan stamped on it.

You will put US stamps on the envelope that is going to the UK.

The Visitors Pass is stamped on the passport free of charge for full visa holders.

Robert Huth stamped on him as he ran over to get the ball following an aerial challenge.

I just realized that i do nt have my old passport and there are no US visa stamps on them.

He attempted to stamp on it and crush it; but it became longer and larger with that attempt.

Those numbers stamped on the peoples arms were a less technological way to track the people, and why they were there.

In any case, your entire argument is moot because Melissa Tancredi didn't receive a red card for stamping on Carli Lloyd.

Merry Christmas greeting is stamped on to a die cut from the collection using Hero Arts Christmas Greetings in Royal Red ink.

Then they dragged me to the police station where they forced me to lie down and stamped on me, stepping on my ribs and my arms.

In 13% of cases stamp in is used

On the bottom left corner, Japanese characters are stamped in red ink.

Fun! I know there are still many people out there who like to collect immigration stamps in their passport.

When the Royal Mail wanted to produce a special edition of Punch and Judy stamps in 2001, it was Bryan who made the puppets.

So I found a place for the night in Kasesha on the Tanzanian side, even though I had a Tanzanian exit permit stamped in my passport.

The Stamp 5 states: Which Stamps Count towards WACTT? Only immigration stamps in a passport can be counted towards a Without Conditions As To Time application.

Not sure if the faint colour matched stamping in the background (dotted spirals on the main portion of the card and text on the right side) show up very well on here.

What do you call that? BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: By the way, folks, just to clarify, those Obama USDA commercials for food stamps in Mexico, they were run on Spanish soap operas on the radio.

In 11% of cases stamp with is used

His cheek is stamped with a skull and cross bones.

I have stamped with Wicked Black dye ink on the white card and White Stazon on the black.

The photocopy will be stamped with a certification statement and the Registrar's signature.

The cover was a white spray-painted cassette box hand stamped with a carved linoleum block design.

However comma we picked up on something last night in the debate coverage that simply must be addressed and stamped with our sticker.

And it's a not-at-all surprising Auf Wiedersehen to Ven, who was stamped with the Scarlet Auf back when he insulted a non-model sized lady.

Users are alerted when their packages are shipped and received, and every package comes with a customizable card stamped with a Facebook logo.

And then all of a sudden he broke out in a great flame of anger, stamping with his foot, brandishing the cane, and carrying on (as the maid described it) like a madman.

In 6% of cases stamp by is used

Every official Spanish authority accepts a photocopy stamped by a competent authority (e.

Instead, all Kenyans will only be required to carry a full length photograph stamped by the area chief.

This must be stamped by a Justice of the Peace and scanned for emailing and forwarded to us via our contact page.

How do you respond to an application? The respondent must receive from the applicant copies of the application stamped by the Court through a process known as service.

In 5% of cases stamp for is used

Now i'd yet to attend the visa stamping for H1B, all the above was in my old passport which got expired and i have a new one, and the old passport number is mentioed in the new paaport.

In 4% of cases stamp at is used

The organiser will check the route and provide the brevet cards which you will need to have stamped at controls along the way.

In 4% of cases stamp upon is used

Please ensure that there are sufficient blank pages for any visas as well as for entry stamps upon arrival.

In 3% of cases stamp as is used

Copies of the original are stamped as such.

In 1% of cases stamp into is used

All that awaits them is a boot stamped into their faces over and over and over.

In 1% of cases stamp from is used

Select the desired pen or stamp from Tools.

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