Prepositions after "stable"

"stable in", "stable at" or "stable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases stable in is used

The BIBAC clones were stable in E.

We're becoming less stable in work.

They are very stable in strong acidic.

The freezer has to be a separate door and compartment to keep things stable in it too.

Positive views remain very high and fairly stable in Nigeria (89%) and in Kenya (75%).

However the economy was stable in the years 1900-1914 and unemployment was fairly low.

Of course, cat-s and tri-marans are less stable in rough water and I haven't seen that many backwards-designed boat.

Technical experts told him it would be impossible to manage the water's mass and thrust to keep it stable in the air.

Palm oil's high concentration of saturated fat allows it to withstand high heat and remain stable in processed foods.

As far as prices are concerned, auctioneers predict that they will remain stable in 2012 after a tumultuous few years.

In 15% of cases stable for is used

PC hw has been very stable for me.

Has now been stable for over 11 years.

This level remained stable for decades.

However, connection seemed a lot more stable for me than on previous COD launch days.

Housing Bubble The years 2000 to 2007 were relatively stable for the Eurozone and Euro.

I think post-touch, and we'll be stable for a really long time -- for another 25 years.

At that junction there was another big house with two big gates (shape of a horse-shoe) and a stable for the Tonga.

The glaring exception to this statistic is California, where demand has remained stable for the last three decades.

The thicker part above the cliff is quite regular and flat indicating it has been stable for a long period of time.

I need to just stay stable for like six straight months so when Jace comes back, I know it's not going to go crazy.

In 12% of cases stable at is used

Core inflation was stable at 1.

Idle remains stable at these values.

The game seems to be stable at 30fps.

It handles well, and remains stable at insanely high speeds -- even with the top down.

Stop when it is stable at a level above your shavings and below the lip of the funnel.

The grant rate for visitor visas for the quarter ending June 30 remained stable at 96.

Ghee is the best cooking oil as it is stable at higher temperatures, and it enhances the flavor of spices and herbs.

Since then quarterly completions have been broadly stable at the slightly higher level of 27,000-30,000 per quarter.

Currently, the price of energy-saving lamps has been stable at $ 6-10, LED power price from $ 100-300 down to 30-80.

While he was young and used to work in that factory he used to sleep above the horses's stable at the time of night.

In 8% of cases stable over is used

The ratio is also relatively stable over time.

The price of fish remained stable over the week.

The size of populations remains stable over time.

Once the production is stable over the years, the other investments become possible.

The number of men in this sector remained stable over the period, at around 700 000.

Continuous noise is noise which remains constant and stable over a given time period.

The populations of the big settlement blocs of Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion and Ariel were stable over the past year.

Average ratings of China in the Asia/Pacific region also remained stable overall, with only slight shifts in views.

The population of Huron, Chatham-Kent and Perth are projected to be relatively stable over the 2011 -- 2036 period.

Second, the long-term test has stayed more stable over time, which makes it a better standard for trend comparisons.

In 6% of cases stable with is used

Diet is stable with some junk food.

Site is stable with infrequent down times.

Try to be much superior and stable with him.

The pottery is housed in a 16th century stable with its original pebble stone floor.

If one is mentally stable with oneself then one should move on with the course of life.

It will neither gain nor lose energy after that, and will be stable with no bulk motion.

That has carried through to present times and Somaliland is stable with political parties and democratic elections.

Brittnee Sledge added that her father was rushed to Delray Medical Center where he is stable with a breathing tube.

Overall, two-wheeler sales remained stable with most companies reporting single-digit year-on-year growth in sales.

Often crystal oven oscillators may be used to ensure that the oscillator remains stable with respect to temperature.

In 6% of cases stable of is used

A stable of lawyers, not editors.

With a stable of reviewers, Stevivor.

Currents is the most stable of these three.

Recon LED headlights and taillights were added, as were a stable of Vision X LED bars.

Slowly but surely, Moloney and McIntyre have attracted a stable of prominent supporters.

On the other hand, freelancers are always building and maintaining a stable of contacts.

Interestingly, rFKBP22D30 was the least stable, whereas rFKBP22I3 appeared to be the most stable of the five proteins.

We're hopeful that the boat can provide this for you -- especially the Frequency -- our more stable of the two models.

Independent authors, who want to truly compete with the big six stable of writers, must make quality their top concern.

The board have decided to invest in a stable of bullet-proof buses to try to persuade touring teams that they are safe.

In 5% of cases stable on is used

GIT is very much usable and stable on Windows.

They did not let their rivals stable on their.

I've found it to be more stable on away games.

You can have a have a transplant if you are medically suitable and stable on dialysis.

All in all, it was pretty useful, but not terribly stable on a Galaxy SII running ICS.

Whatever manifests will be about making your life solid and stable on the deepest level.

Using a raised toilet seat also has the benefits of being more stable on the toilet so you do not slip and fall off.

A tractor who stayed safe and stable on pot-holed (overseas) roads, whilst the Ferraris sped on smooth (home) tracks.

Episode 6 RT 1 October 9th 2012, 8:30pm In the dead of night a fire breaks out in a stable on the outskirts of Dublin.

Incredibly stable on the water, and the sit on top style means that it is easy to get in and out of even in the water.

In 2% of cases stable since is used

Ghana has been largely stable since 1981.

Job market has not been stable since 2008.

His condition has been stable since Wednesday.

Prime Minister Harper's personal numbers remained relatively stable since September.

In Botswana, patterns in sexual behaviour have remained relatively stable since 2000.

Significant regional variation +/= improved since 1998, stable since 2004 Inactivity 6.

Johannesburg-based AngloGold considers Congo to have become more stable since then, company spokesman Alan Fine said.

Germany is a republic which, like Japan, has been politically stable since re-adopting democratic government in the 1950s.

Public-sector spending represents 70% of the total health bill, a proportion that has remained relatively stable since 1997.

However, on a global basis the effect of aerosols has been stable since 2000 and there has been no global warming this century.

In 2% of cases stable as is used

These factors remain stable as the cohort ages.

She was looking for a stable as a working student.

The global economy is more stable as a result of this not being an issue today.

Exactly why are usually pretty obvious; they are both stable as well as loaded in plastic character.

Rohan said he would rather see the desktop ad business remain stable as the mobile ad business grows.

The downside is that it's still not as passively stable as the three classical seated poses, described next.

Even something as old, as seemingly stable as the Nicene Creed has for me in adulthood taken on a new level of perplexity.

The new information received from the environment forces it to keep evolving internally so that it can stay stable as a system.

The vegetation community in the western region found to be more stable as the hydrological regime in this area remained stable.

This storage pit is generally considered geologically stable as the original uranium deposit was about the same age as the earth.

In 2% of cases stable to is used

You don't look a hundred percent stable to me.

My mind wanders from warm stable to cold house.

The universe normally appears comfortingly stable to most of us.

And couples who divorce usually move from more stable to less stable economic situations.

Besides, mental state could be made tranquil and stable to some extent through estrogens.

Moody's Investors Service raised the Philippines ' sovereign credit outlook from stable to positive.

This is to ensure that your dependents will somehow be financially stable to the extent of shouldering the funeral costs.

Lorraine, stable to me sounds good! It has always been the best we could hope for given that surgery was never on the cards.

She said the most worrying aspect of treating patients with gunshot wounds is how quickly they can go from stable to unstable.

His Christmas sermon the year of the 9/11 atrocity was all about likening the birth of the baby Jesus in a stable to Ground Zero.

In 2% of cases stable by is used

Both can be modeled and made stable by theory &; experiment.

Demand from landlords was described as stable by 53 per cent.

An athlete can become more stable by lowering the center of gravity.

Let the new thermo system settle to equilibrium, it is obviously stable by inspection.

The answer is: we can pick up the smallest universe which is stable by these operators.

Advanced System Optimizer's Registry Cleaner makes your system more stable by cleaning out.

The rotator cuff mechanism also helps keep the shoulder joint stable by holding the humeral head in the glenoid socket.

We hurriedly donned a ponchos, especially to strengthen a backpacks even yet they were already stable by their sleet covers.

This is a proposition that can only make our region less stable by heightening tensions with China, our major trading partner.

In the past, prices were kept relatively stable by artificial price controls which were maintained at great cost to our economy.

In 2% of cases stable during is used

Assuming that rates are stable during our time horizon of 2.

The increase in weight makes them more stable during recovery.

Prep green and blue tones are a stable during this season outings.

Temperatures are expected to remain stable during the next two days over these parts.

In sum: stakeholder positions and alliances have remained fairly stable during the process.

Fortunately, the English teaching business has remained pretty stable during the recession.

Voltage-gated sodium channels get more stable during inactive state, which prevents unwanted excitement in them.

Prefixes that are stable during the query interval and have the same AS-path are shown with one single dashed path.

Further, genes are relatively stable during a person's life, while neurons constantly change in response to experience.

Hotels account for three quarters of total room revenues in the province, a ratio that has remained stable during the last decade.

In 2% of cases stable from is used

It should be stable from day-to-day.

The country is stable from end to end.

Family life will be stable from 28th Oct.

Controlling for inflation, national average tuition fees were stable from 1976 to 1990.

Mithras was born from a rock or cave and the stable from which Jesus is born is a cave.

In contrast, the Fed's balance sheet was reasonably stable from November 2009 to October 2010.

Ocean temperatures are stable from day to day and change slowly with the seasons, as opposed to land temperatures.

The number of background checks has gone up in every year since 2005, after being relatively stable from 1999 to 2005.

This parallels trends in income inequality, which was relatively stable from the early 1990s until 1997 and has now increased.

Mean football expenditures (adjusted to 1996 numbers) were fairly stable from 1993 to 1997 but rose 43% from 1997 to 2001 (from $4.

In 1% of cases stable throughout is used

Finances will be stable throughout the month.

Temperament is a given and remains relatively stable throughout the life span.

However, this does not mean that the climate has been stable throughout this time.

Once set, these perceptual patterns apparently remain quite stable throughout life.

Millet establishment was good and the population remained stable throughout the season.

Fortunately one thing has remained steady and stable throughout the history of husbandry.

It is not a requirement of expected utility theory that preferences are stable throughout life.

The global scores, however, remained relatively stable throughout the evaluation time (Figure 4A).

Why do you think house prices have remained high and stable throughout Western Canada, especially B.

The patient remained stable throughout the procedure and demonstrated no focal neurological symptoms or signs.

In 1% of cases stable through is used

These behavioral modifications remain stable through adulthood.

However, Australia's actual aggregate trade levels were relatively stable through this period.

So the situation has been quite stable through the season; however, we can not afford to relax.

Framed kites are therefore more likely to remain stable through to higher wind speeds than soft kites.

You especially have to eat protein in the morning so your blood sugar levels stay stable through the day.

My model first predicted this outcome on June 23, and then remained almost completely stable through Election Day.

The yield on the 10-year note has remained stable through this entire dramatic response to QE3 (and pledges for more).

Before I became stable through the use of talk therapy and medication, my depression rendered me completely unable to function.

Males have a lower ratio than females in the population, and this is held to be set during foetal life and remains stable throughout one's life.

In 1% of cases stable without is used

They can not remain calm and stable without food.

ISO New England Says Network Would Be Stable Without Yankee Dr.

Only when meditating, the mind will remain stable without flitting.

Elgar Watts is stable without being brilliant at flyhalf, and the Cheetahs need that kind of consistency.

Austrian banking, broadly speaking, is way for designing banks that are very stable without the need for any lender of last resort.

In conclusion, in term of the prospect of the industry I am currently working in, I can say it is very stable without much upward trend.

It was informed that before the failure of grid, power system of Uttar Pradesh was stable without any emergency condition or any known abnormality.

An important lesson learnt from the first 30 years of People's Republic was that a country can not be stable without agriculture and rich without industry.

Uruguay are making the correct decisions in keeping the pesos stable without caving in to panic merchants who can not see further than the end of their noses.

After further volume loading with 1500mls crystalloid and 500mls of colloid solution she became haemodynamically stable without the further use of vasopressors.

In 1% of cases stable under is used

Is Malaysia any stable under AMNO? NOT at all.

The software seems also stable under Windows ME.

Ironically, it was most stable under Gingerbread 2.

I think there are about 20% of the population that are stable under stress, if that.

All this water affects the minerals that are stable under eclogite facies conditions.

It remains dynamic and stable under all conditions, particularly in the rain and snow.

The fact is that prices have been far more stable under that dangerous inflationist Ben Bernanke than they ever were when gold ruled.

It was he concluded the triumph of Western capitalism and liberal democracy and a world that would be stable under free markets and liberty.

This NE is stable under learning by players in just the same way that a SPE outcome in a perfect-information game is more stable than other non-SPE NE.

But prices actually were much less stable under the gold standard than they are today, as The Atlantic's Matthew O'Brien and Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal have noted.

In 1% of cases stable within is used

Therefore, Rmd and Rmc are fully stable within 5,000 generations.

The weather, never predictable, was at least stable within recorded history.

We will offload shares if the market becomes stable within certain period and prices of our shares reached a certain level he added.

The ball at the top of the thighbone is not stable within the hip socket and the ligaments of the hip joint may also be stretched and loose.

One or two big sessions could lead to either a positive or negative re-rating, because the Nifty is stable within 200 points of its 200 DMA.

However the designer may find it undesirable to allow Vo to be stable within the dead band while off target (Vtar) for extended periods of time.

Nations with 25% (?) unemployment act as if they'll be financially stable within a couple of years and that borrowing billions more has no effect.

He can still establish a link to the Daleks? ship as long as it remains stable within the Vortex, but first he must deal with the two Dalek guards in the hall of mirrors.

Moreover, according to a variety of measures, the public's expectations of inflation over the long run remain quite stable within the range that they have been for many years.

Part of the problem with these systems is that they aren't very robust to perturbations -- that is, they are only stable within the very narrow confines of the experimental conditions.

In 1% of cases stable across is used

FAT modification times are stable across DST.

She was saddled up in her own stable across the road.

The school characteristics also seem to be stable across subsamples.

It must be embedded in wider energy policy, and be stable across the lifetime of projects.

Secondly, swing wings would allow the aeroplane to be more stable across a variety of speeds.

They are doing a set up change and trying to get the tyre temperature more stable across the car.

Police-reported robbery rates decreased or remained stable across most of the country, with the exception of Quebec (+4%).

The net increase in risk was about 24 individuals per election and was fairly stable across decades of time (see Figure below).

In fact, its psychometric properties were found to be remarkably stable across different cultural groups, supporting pooling of data.

One thing that we know is that infielder single-season ratings are more stable across time than are outfielder single-season numbers.

In 1% of cases stable due is used

If oil price get stable due to an demand destruction.

Gold and silver may be somewhat stable due to commodity rebalancing.

Neither one is dependent in any way, and are financially stable due to mother in laws income.

In European markets, selling offers for ACN was stable due to moderate buying sentiment and firm energy in market.

The defense is no more stable due to constant rotation and they should stop this nonsense Zonal marking during set piece.

Critics also complain growing levels of solar power make the national grid more less stable due to fluctuations in output.

For one thing, this type of stand up paddle board is not going to be as stable due to its smaller drag profile on the water.

The world of the mind is stable due to the power of the beliefs; people only hear what they like to hear, or what preoccupations of their minds are.

Most marriages, however, are comparatively stable due to the considerable social pressure and support of the kindred of both the husband and the wife.

In 1% of cases stable despite is used

Gross profit margin remained stable despite considerable volatility of rates.

Also, consumption has remained relatively stable despite the addition of new buildings.

The BC Jobs Plan has helped to keep our economy strong and stable despite global economic uncertainty.

Going forward, we expect industrial properties to remain stable despite a slowdown in Singapore's economy.

In the first half of the last fortnight, Spandex market was stable despite of bearish demand from downstream.

The lower transmission rate is what has enabled HIV incidence to remain stable despite increasing prevalence 1.

The partnership of Feng Tianwei and Elizabeta Samara was actually very stable despite the pressure from the crowd.

That's why Earth's surface temperature has remained pretty stable despite long term changes in composition and insolation.

According to the camp security department, the security situation in the camp is stable despite a few unpredictable incidents.

Tips on searching for Homes for Sale in NY, Mont Blanc PensReal estate trade within the US remains stable despite contemporary signs of economic downturn.

In 1% of cases stable between is used

Things seem more stable between us now.

The natural stable between Heyman clients is formed.

Reliabilities have stayed stable between samples 3 and 4.

For years annual harvests of the fungus have been stable between 80 and 150 tonnes.

Mirage Classic 3/4? solid will remain stable between 40% and 50% relative humidity.

Youth unemployment rates remained stable between 2000/01 and 2006, at just under 9%.

The pattern of innovation is quite stable between year 2004 and 2006, with only a few changes in group membership.

The unauthorized immigrant population from other regions of the world beyond Latin America has remained stable between 2.

Engineered flooring is more tolerant of moisture variations and will remain stable between 40% and 60% relative humidity.

HIV funding from the international community, on the other hand, has largely been stable between 2008 and 2011, at US$ 8.

In 1% of cases stable before is used

Reach there first and be stable before hitting the shuttle.

Ensure the shisha pipe is stable before placing the charcoal.

The process must be stable before the team goes on to the next step.

His answer: I love you, but first we need to be financially stable before moving on.

I've been waiting to see if the site is stable before posting again but all looks well.

I guess I'd somewhat forgotten that I was hardly stable before things fell apart in 2008.

It seems the horses have already run out of the stable before the President's attempt to close the stable doors.

You can try to convince him that you'll wait for him and yourself to be more financially stable before marriage.

I decided that it was working and that I'd wait until things were a bit more stable before changing to a neater setup.

Anyways, there is nothing wrong for women who wish to be financial stable before getting marriage or remain stable even after marriage.

In 1% of cases stable among is used

The TV audience remained the most stable among the legacy media, falling 4.

There are several doctrines that seem to be fairly stable among Jehovah? s Witnesses.

From 2007 -- 2010, the estimated number of HIV diagnoses remained stable among Hispanics/Latinos 5.

Broker share of mortgage originations has remained stable among first-time buyers at 48%, and repeat buyers at 32%.

It was assumed that the treatment situation would be stable among coronary patients some years after the onset of the disease.

HCV incidence was stable among injecting drug users tested at Kirketon Road Centre during the time period when the MSIC was established.

Results from these studies, taken together, suggest that malnutrition rose rapidly from 1991 to 1996 and has been roughly stable among those under.

We were among the top few countries attracting FDI, and our parlimentary and political systems were condidered the most stable among our neighbours.

Together they are unconquerable, even by death itself! Some people seek Jesus in a dusty stable among the mewing cows -- but He is not there, only on a Christmas card.

In 1% of cases stable against is used

That is assuming that the SDR remains stable against the SGD.

It is well known that natural mica is extremely stable against heat.

The euro remains stable against the dollar because America has debt problems too.

Sales in May were stable against Q1 resulting in an improved year on year performance of -2.

As a result, the carbon entrapped within these phytoliths is very stable against decomposition.

The euro has been very stable against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainties in the EU.

During the review period the Kenya Shilling remained relatively stable against major world currencies.

So this type of structure is, in some ways, the most stable against erosion and being washed away by heavy winds and tides.

More recently however, in the year before the 2002 elections, the shilling remained stable against international currencies.

And the recent storyline involving the Aces &; Eights stable against the whole of the TNA roster has been a breath of fresh air.

In 1% of cases stable after is used

He is stable after being shot at least once.

Ian Rivlin Astonishing that the colors are stable after 70 years.

Others may cease to remain stable after penetrating the skin's surface.

My husband has kidney cancer which is cuurently stable after taking the drug interferon.

And also the backend is so much stable after using personalized templates and other changes.

Even in much-divided Germany the religious frontiers remained stable after the peace of 1648.

City management currently appears stable after a recent departure of the mayor, finance director, and city manager.

He was airlifted to hospital in Graz where his condition was said to be stable after emergency surgery to seal the wound.

Many hypoglycemics have done this diet successfully and most even feel that their sugar levels are more stable AFTER the cleanse.

In sharp contrast with trends observed in the maize and wheat markets, rice prices have remained surprisingly stable after gaining 2 percent in May.

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