Prepositions after "stab"

"stab to" or "stab in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases stab to is used

Mukherjee was brutally stabbed to death.

Mary Ellen Coriell, whom she had stabbed to death.

A man living in a Gospel Mission was found stabbed to death in an alley in Oregon.

Lawrence was 18 when he was stabbed to death in southeast London in an unprovoked attack.

In May an Albanian was attacked with a sword by a masked motorcycle rider; in August a young Iraqi was stabbed to death.

James and Joan Briton, both in their 80s were stabbed to death attempting to defend their home from a man believed to be Mark Hobson.

While you smoked your first spliff of the day, a less fortunate mook got stabbed to death over a bottle of homemade vodka in Yakutsk.

Smith, 38, who was eight months pregnant, was found stabbed to death Saturday in her apartment, the day before her wedding, police said.

Details Our Correspondent, Khagrachhari A woman was stabbed to death by criminals in Alutila tourist area under Sadar upazila yesterday.

Efenji Efenji, was on Sunday stabbed to death while celebrating the Valentine with his wife and son at Oakland Garden, Karu, a suburb in Abuja.

In 30% of cases stab in is used

In November of that year, he was stabbed in the chest with a pen.

This had to do with a young bloke who'd been stabbed in the town camp.

She had been stabbed in the head with a knife, and the end of that week she passed away.

A dog walker in Milton Keynes was stabbed in the back, stomach and chest by five people.

The acting by the cast is brilliant and Miike himself even cameos as a person who's stabbed in the chest.

A fight broke out between Mr Lawlor and McDonald and he was stabbed in the hand by McDonald with the kitchen knife.

William Thomison, while working at Fort Edmonton, got stabbed in the leg and returned to England for three years to recover.

Mr Graham, 51, was stabbed in the neck at his home in Beaufort Mansions, Stallard Street, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Close Katherine Dunn Staff Reporter A 41-year-old man was taken to hospital Friday afternoon after he was stabbed in the back, police said.

In 10% of cases stab at is used

At last he let out a cry of anger, snatched back his hands from Trillian and Ford and stabbed at the light switch.

Around Valentine's day, I wanted to surprise the girls with a cute place-mat for breakfast, so I took another stab at it.

Because I just tried it for the 3rd time, and it has yet to work for me! We took our first stab at it over the winter break.

We see him stabbing at cabbages in time to the images he can see on screen and grabbing at vegetables to simulate the sound of witches ' hair being pulled.

And so long as you're gentle with the throttle - squeeze it like a rifle trigger, rather than stabbing at it - there's just about enough grip to stop the car spinning.

In 9% of cases stab with is used

Looks like the cause of death was being stabbed with something.

Then he showed them his side where he had been stabbed with the Roman soldier's spear.

Louis Perryman who played Pugsley in the movie was murdered in his Texas home when he was stabbed with a sharp object.

Tuanjai Sprengel, 43, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by Muhammad Shafi then had her skull shattered with a pair of metal shears, which caused brain damage.

In 7% of cases stab by is used

She was then threatened with stabbing by a second man.

She was stamped on, suffocated and stabbed by her father.

Unfortunately, this lead to poor Joel being stabbed by a bloke called Sampson.

There was a situation where someone was nearly killed by several men while being threatened with a deadly weapon and stabbed by a deadly weapon.

In 3% of cases stab through is used

After a few minutes, I began to tire, and a terrible, sharp pain stabbed through my side like a heated knife.

The teenager had been stabbed through the heart with such force that the blade had broken off from its handle.

By this I mean randomly making a list and stabbing through characters, ultimately killing them off for no reason.

In 1% of cases stab before is used

The incident comes four days after Tottenham supporter Ashley Mills was stabbed before last week's Europa League fixture against Lazio in Rome.

In 1% of cases stab for is used

Dr a new dagger stabbed for you to loss of life men droughts.

In 1% of cases stab from is used

A hypocrite is one who will be very sweet to the face, but will stab from the back.

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