Prepositions after "squeeze"

"squeeze in" or "squeeze into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases squeeze in is used

Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise.

What we wan na squeeze in our 2 and a bit days is.

This meant we needed only one car, even if we had to squeeze in a bit.

Sunday we took off early so that we could squeeze in a trip through Glacier, and that we did.

The visit was full of meetings back-to-back but I managed to squeeze in an early morning ride.

If you want to squeeze in one last attraction, you will want to see IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Take note that Rey and his wife were already in the front seats so we had to squeeze in 4 people in a 3-seater seat.

Played three of the four big-name courses, but couldn't squeeze in Nicklaus North -- not sure where my priorities lie.

Back to Colombo -- In pieces Early the next day, we were squeezed in a little van of sort, and transported to Hunasgiriya.

While pulsing, add water 1 tablespoon at a time until a little bit of dough begins to hold together when squeezed in your hand.

In 21% of cases squeeze into is used

They would squeeze into a corner where they couldn't be pried out.

Squeezed into the back of a day, the last hour of your day shift.

My body was squeezed into a latex catsuit that had an opening at my crotch.

I managed to squeeze into this one, but would be so much better with a side opening.

Keisha: You are right to stay back and not join the crowd as they squeeze into the lifts.

We realise we must go on a diet because we have to squeeze into our clothes instead of just slipping them on.

Also, one of the reasons the congestion happens is the idea that 2 lanes of heavy traffic can squeeze into 1 lane.

Be prepared to wait for a table, be prepared to squeeze into any available slot, be prepared to eat brilliant bread.

So long as he could squeeze into the Volkswagen beetle, sit on the soap box (that was the driving seat!) and close the door he was happy.

And during the trip, I managed to squeeze into the bag a jacket for my daughter, and later on a spare shorts for her to change just in case.

In 10% of cases squeeze out is used

Smaller players are being squeezed out of the market.

The juice can be drunk, and milk is squeezed out of the meat (endosperm).

You will be squeezed out of the journey -- -hence the name fat man squeeze.

There was not much left in Panama, which Americans could have squeezed out of them.

It's being squeezed out of existence by foreigners who rock up, move into an area and then devour it.

It will employ technologies like lean burn, cylinder management and turbo-charging to ensure most efficiencies are squeezed out of the power-train.

In 8% of cases squeeze by is used

People had to squeeze by him as he took up most of the aisle.

They are squeezed by stalled growth and threats to their jobs.

She had a sweet, loving heart that was squeezed by her upbringing.

They are squeezed by prices that keep rising when wages are stalled.

Squeezed by international sanctions, Kim reached out to China and Russia in a bid to revive North Korea's collapsing economy.

Above all, I'd say the episode illustrates the way that literature can be squeezed by ideologies, both conscious and unconscious.

That's been the biggest difference between both teams -- overall France is much healthier, which is the primary reason I think they'll squeeze by Spain.

In 5% of cases squeeze from is used

Juice squeezed from all kinds of fruit including sugar-cane except rice,.

I know many people who twirl their hair while thinking, need the toothpaste squeezed from the bottom, etc.

Bangladesh will be squeezed from the south by cyclones and sea level rise, and flooded from the north by the major rivers swollen by warming glaciers in the Himalayas.

Very fluid basalt lava can flow over long distances, whereas viscous rhyolite lava piles up around the vent, like toothpaste squeezed from a tube, to form steep-sided mounds called domes.

In 5% of cases squeeze through is used

Squeeze through a piece of cloth and add to this juice 0.

AGE was able to squeeze through the crowd and score a few precious interview minutes with LCW and Pandelela.

If you're going to squeeze through your hands, or you don't have any other tools aside from a knife, this is the fastest way to go.

Despite another one all draw, Italy were always looking to squeeze through the group especially since Slovakia had been utterly rubbish against Paraguay.

In 4% of cases squeeze between is used

We are being squeezed between the two.

They burned the house of Fatima, attacked Ali, broke Zubair's sword, and smashed the door of the house so that Fatima was squeezed between it and her baby miscarriaged.

Highland hills crowded nearer and nearer as we squeezed between the treacherous rocks of these famous narrows, before emerging amidst some of Scotland's most remarkable scenery.

Due to the Recession, The light at the end of the Tunnel has been Turned off! Mine did that too one day when I bounced off three buses as I tried to squeeze between them going by Trinity College.

In 3% of cases squeeze for is used

So you try again, squeezing for 10, 20 and finally 40 seconds, then it gives way.

In 2% of cases squeeze with is used

Oh! Did I mention waiting time? And having to squeeze with the hundreds of other students who also happen to be going to school? 7am to 7.

To remove the plant from its container, tip upside down and, whilst supporting the plant with one hand, squeeze with the other hand or tap the container and slide it out.

In 2% of cases squeeze under is used

I was walking along the dockside and lay down on the railway track and tried to squeeze under the gap in the sleepers.

The majority that is centrist continues to be squeezed under the two extremes, both of which are hopelessly intolerant.

In 1% of cases squeeze to is used

With the calendar squeezed to less than eight weeks before the scheduled outdoor game and no firm date for the next round of talks, the league on Friday pulled the plug on the Classic.

In 1% of cases squeeze over is used

These patterns result from brushing against a plant's stems or leaves when outdoors or from lime juice squeezed over the hand or down the forearm.

In 1% of cases squeeze onto is used

Smiles flatline as I squeeze onto the couch between several regulars, clacking a pair of needles like Edward Scissorhands.

In 1% of cases squeeze on is used

Light squeezed on a quantum scale An international team of physicists has pushed the boundaries on ultra-precise measurement by harnessing quantum light waves in a new way.

Nothing new there, the main thing is telco CEOs saying they are facing a revenue/cost squeeze on mobile broadband and that therefore the internet companies will need to / must pitch in.

In 1% of cases squeeze off is used

Swann appealed as Dilshan pushed forward to a ball that turned and the ball squeezed off pad, and perhaps a sliver of an inside edge, to James Anderson at slip.

In 1% of cases squeeze among is used

This time, Tisu Boy didn't join me as he didn't like pushing and squeezing among the sweaty army guys.

In 1% of cases squeeze beyond is used

Squeezing beyond a certain point actually degrades the performance of the measurement making it less precise.

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