Prepositions after "sprinkle"

sprinkle with, on, in, throughout or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases sprinkle with is used

Finally, sprinkle with flaked almonds.

Fresh pasta sprinkled with some flour.

Unmold and sprinkle with confectioners sugar.

It was then covered with generous amount of cheese and sprinkled with some herbs.

So far his favourite is houmous, sprinkled with smoked paprika and some salad leaves.

Spread over cooled pie and sprinkle with chocolate chips (although it is just fine without!).

Wipe the inside of the cavity with kitchen paper, then stuff, prick the breast with a fork and sprinkle with a little sea salt.

Across the street the rocking chairs on the porch of the inn were all filled, and the railing was well sprinkled with students.

Young Dandelion leaves make delicious sandwiches, the tender leaves being laid between slices of bread and butter and sprinkled with salt.

I like Brussels sprouts, mostly roasted sprinkled with a pinch of nutmeg but lately that's the only way I had them so I decided to make a gratin.

In 15% of cases sprinkle on is used

You can use these for different foods or sprinkled on top of salads.

Sprinkle on the yeast and let sit for 5 minutes until the yeast is dissolved.

Rub a slab of wet tamarind with some salt sprinkled on it on the object to be polished.

Sprinkle on a pinch of chocolate/toffee bits and repeat until all the cake balls are done.

The reason for this is that the salt, which is sprinkled on the herb mixture just after baking, will retain it's shape and texture.

Children can be administered (twice daily) dosage by separating capsules and sprinkling on soft food and following with some drinks.

INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food is eaten relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals.

The powdered blood is sprinkled on the floor some month before the crop and is made of animal blood (of course not slaughtered islamically and of course may contain pig blood also).

In 7% of cases sprinkle in is used

And then sprinkle in the potential problems of the U.

Over ginger powder sprinkled in coffee as black as the hand stirring it.

Sprinkle in a few pinches of glitter (this will make your tornado easier to see).

When all the egg has been added, sprinkle in the almond essence, almonds, flour and baking powder, and mix well until all the ingredients have been combined.

In 5% of cases sprinkle throughout is used

Lymphocytes are characteristically sprinkled throughout the tumor.

Sprinkled throughout the book is also Laura's own story of her turbulent childhood.

They both have their specific messages on their homepages and sprinkled throughout the websites.

Finding matches sprinkled throughout the game jam listings is actually a game in itself, so I've just pulled out one example to focus on.

In 2% of cases sprinkle onto is used

Other people get clever with celery pesto and celery salt (sprinkled onto buttered corn ), which is slowly winning me round.

This method uses a fine, dry powder-like substance called an absorbent that is sprinkled onto the rug and then brushed through with a brush.

For children who can not swallow a capsule, simply open the contents of the capsule and empty into juice or water, or simply sprinkle onto the breakfast cereal since it is virtually tasteless.

In 1% of cases sprinkle within is used

Comments (12) Have developers build apartments, condos, row houses, and small single family houses where 20-30% of them are affordable housing, literally randomly sprinkled within the normal ones.

In 1% of cases sprinkle across is used

The seeds for these flowers can be found at a home improvement center and sprinkled across large spaces or where it is hard to plant.

In 1% of cases sprinkle through is used

Sprinkled through this area you'll also find a number of doors which you can unlock with quests.

In 1% of cases sprinkle outside is used

This is why it is usually sprinkled outside homes, in temples and other establishments.

In 1% of cases sprinkle into is used

In terms of the fish farm, there wasn't a lot to see, to be honest -- though we did witness a feeding frenzy as fish food was sprinkled into the fish pens.

In 1% of cases sprinkle at is used

Cooked yam is sprinkled at the various shrines.

In 1% of cases sprinkle along is used

Through the exertion of his own amazing will power, Werner Herzog has brought us many astonishing film experiences - with some near-masterpieces sprinkled along the way.

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