Prepositions after "spread"

spread to, across, throughout, in or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases spread to is used

Then it spread to my legs and back.

Soon, the idea spread to North America.

The faith had not yet spread to this region.

After Bugti's killing, an insurgency has spread to the middle class and intellectuals.

Moderate to extreme dry conditions spread to fifty-five percent of the country in June.

The Idea Goes West Over the years, credit unions spread to communities around the world.

In the last 30 years of the 19th century, the global journalistic revolution reached its climax and spread to China.

Then comes the period of Hazrat Usman's caliphate and religion spreads to the far reaches of the east and the west.

Speculation was no longer limited to the pre-sale market, but had spread to the secondary market for existing units.

The fire, which broke out Wednesday evening, quickly spread to neighboring houses, most of which were built with wood.

In 15% of cases spread across is used

The heraldic colours spread across the pitch.

Castiel's hand spread across his breathing chest.

The glow from the torch spreads across the photo.

Urbanisation is spreading across the face of the planet at an unprecedented rate.

Their versatility spreads across parties, fetes, carnival bands and now HU Homecoming.

He heads the Zoe ministry spread across Nigerian cities and some other foreign countries.

By the end of the month, Gotye's song had reached the front page of Reddit, spreading across the web from there.

Today, sans the presence of a foreign partner, it boasts units spread across all areas of advertising and marketing.

It has an employee count of more than 1,000,000 people in over 74 nations in 3,083 branches spread across the globe.

Despite huge inequities and distortions, prosperity and market habits were gradually spreading across the country.

In 8% of cases spread throughout is used

It quickly spread throughout the Middle East.

Milking is spread throughout the full 24 hours each day.

As a result, all sorts of gossips spread throughout Dhaka.

Garland's reputation began to grow in Boston and spread throughout the country.

The villages of Chhattisgarh are spread throughout the 18 districts of the state.

I fear the cancerous practice of not paying rates is spreading throughout the country.

After this, European armies spread throughout the world forcing their religion on the people they conquered.

Soon after, several sushi bars opened in both New York and Chicago, helping the dish spread throughout the U.

He argued that there could be a magnetic field pervading the entire galaxy if plasma was spread throughout the galaxy.

In this way, goodness spreads throughout the community, and every person will have the opportunity to do whatever Allah (S.

In 7% of cases spread in is used

Spread in a single layer onto a cookie sheet.

It spreads in the same way pirated songs and movies.

The TB that spreads in prison does not stay in prison.

Urbanization is spreading in Indonesia and is an increasingly important growth stimulus.

Interestingly, as the clouds gathered over centre court, a sunny cheer spread in the crowd.

Inappropriate advertising, spread in mass media outlets by an advertiser is also one of the threats to business reputation.

Concerns about the banking sector's vulnerability continue to depress equity valuations and raise spreads in debt markets.

It's a leading bank in Germany and Europe, and is rapidly spreading in the North America, Asia and other emerging markets.

When the infection spreads in the body, the immune system is further weakened and thus causes many associated disease conditions.

In 7% of cases spread through is used

Milking is spread throughout the full 24 hours each day.

A great feeling of depression spread through the meeting.

And then they spread through the English language like the common cold in a small office.

The eurozone crisis has worsened, with the contagion spreading through Italy and Spain.

The infection tends to spread through special blood vessels in the body known as lymphatics.

A slight pulse of pressure spreads through the North American continental crust and dissipates with little effect.

This technique spread through the colony, fastest among the young, except for the older males, who never did catch on.

Although pulmonary (lung) disease is the predominant outcome, it could affect any organ by spreading through lymph and blood.

They did not care that the words blurred as ink spread through the Argosy's porous pages or the grey paper turned yellow in a month.

In 6% of cases spread from is used

The good news will spread from one household to the next.

The crystals may be parallel to each other, or spread from a point.

God helped our country spread from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean.

Parasites spread from goats and cows belonging to tribal people living in reserve forest areas.

A radiating beauty spreading from their faces and bodies, with comforting arms stretching forth.

The momentum of the debates in the early 1990s has spread from a small group of researchers to the general public.

Horace as Governor provides leadership to a District consisting of 53 clubs that spread from Northern to Central Virginia.

The virus was designed to spread from machine to machine via the removable memory cards administrators use to update the machines.

Recent events involved one of my clients contacting tongue cancer and within a span of 6 months, it has spread from stage 1 to stage 3.

In 6% of cases spread like is used

If left unchecked it can spread like a virus.

Now those flames have spread like a wild fire.

The rumor spread like the slander in the Barber of Seville.

This alarming news spread like wild fire and caused great grief amongst the Muslims.

What is most disquieting of all, this tendency to monopoly is spreading like a disease.

Students were notified of potential activities via these sites and word spread like wild-fire.

Introduced to Europe in the 16th century, these humble tubers spread like wildfire across Europe and the rest of the world.

But the news channels incessantly broadcast reports on influenza A/H1N1, fueling a fear that was spreading like an epidemic.

You are sorely mistaken if you think an issue like poor quality would not spread like wildfire among the people who shop locally.

As soon as the news of the registration was announced, speculations of Samini being a polygamist surfaced and spread like wildfire.

In 5% of cases spread by is used

Good books spread by word of mouth.

Eggs are spread by ocean currents everywhere.

There is no room for any form of compulsion and neither has Islam ever been spread by force.

More conservative traders could leg into a call spread by selling the March 160 call for $4.

Theres been SO much crap spread by the GOP that its hard to get people to listen to the real facts.

They said that the talk about conflict between Chen and the villagers was spread by guards pretending to be villagers.

We are then led to assume that the goo-infused DNA of the Engineer is spread by the water and creates life on the planet.

The refutation shall indicate which information does not correspond to the reality, when and how it was spread by the given mass medium.

Also, this gives them a very solid platform of responding to what they believe are lies being spread by Hamas about attacks on civilians.

In 5% of cases spread over is used

Held: re-sale could be spread over a few days to avoid distortion.

Combustion is disrupted as the same amount of heat is spread over a larger area.

Many varieties of ferns spread over the forest floor, while tree ferns rise above it.

This is because their strengths are spread over a narrow range of skills and/or stats.

In addition there are driving lessons that are spread over a period of 4 several weeks.

A wave carried by the medium too is spread over the different iterations it is not not just in one.

But the lower payments are often due to the fact that the debt has been spread over a longer period of time.

Our four personal, stylish camps are spread over some of East Africa's most pristine and uncrowded landscapes.

Following wet season rains, a sea of shallow freshwater spreads over the plains for hundreds of square kilometres.

It is ridiculous to suggest that there is a link between the death of Duggan and the looting that has spread over England.

In 3% of cases spread around is used

But these rallies are spreading around the country.

But it got spread around the net, and before you know it people think it's real.

His three children, their partners and three grandchildren are spread around the world.

Hydropower resources are widely spread around the world and are used in more than 150 countries.

He adds that since the rumours have been spreading around the parish, he has received threats on his phone.

Soon the article made its way onto the internet, and then it rapidly spread around the world, forwarded by email.

It spread around the Indian Ocean to the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, South Africa, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

As the fast-growing BaliSpirit event approaches its fifth anniversary, word of the Festival's magic and success continues to spread around the world.

As word of the relationship spread around the office, the source said, O'Reilly called his nephew in and instructed him to stop discussing his marriage.

Singapore has a very intense eating culture and with the hawker centers that are spread around the city, delicious food is accessible and very cheap too.

In 3% of cases spread on is used

Dip it in olive oil rather than spreading on butter.

A cheese is spread on the face, continue to bake in replace oven make 3-5 minute can.

U nfortunately for Singhvi, as soon as news spread on Twitter there was no looking back.

Among other initiatives, a movement occupation spread on the frames and farmland threatened.

Straws and animal manure, for example, are usually either retained or spread on agricultural land.

Close female relatives are expected to carry lesos that can be spread on the ground for extra seating.

The term originally referred to eating in a churchyard or cemetery with a picnic blanket spread on the ground.

In such a case, headache initially starts on a small area then it spreads on to scalp, upper neck and back side.

It especially concerns credits or percents, and sometimes it spreads on the cases when funds came from investors.

If the ink is spread on your skin then use cotton swabs soaked in nail polish remover to clear up the residual mess from your skin.

In 2% of cases spread about is used

There's white stuff spread about the floor, couches, and side tables.

This is how misinformation is spread about health claims, business scams, and social scares.

Students ' school attendance dropped every time rumours spread about impending terrorist attacks.

Though later rumours were spread about me,? he said in the exclusive interview with Rtv's Bayezid Ahmed.

Niles Van Holtz, a devilishly handsome lady's man, can't believe the load of BS his parents spread about mates.

In 2% of cases spread into is used

From here the view is of rolling moorland hills spreading into the distance.

Now you might be thinking that this huge wide spread term would have definitely spread into types as well.

Therefore, the language of these rulers and their religion spread into Afghanistan, Central Asia and Eastern Iran.

Its current operations spread into Hong Kong, North America, Southeast Asia, and is about to land on Europe, South America and other countries and regions.

If you consider Linux a kind of Unix, then you can argue that although Windows has spread into small and medium businesses, the Unix platform still dominates the enterprise server landscape.

For decades it's been a mystery why only about five per cent of dolphins in Shark Bay use sponges to forage, and why the behaviour hasn't spread into other dolphin populations or disappeared.

In 2% of cases spread among is used

The 30 beds are spread among seven cabins.

If Avian Flu is able to easily spread among humans, as experts predict, it could wreak havoc.

On the other side, disillusionment was spreading among Afrikaners and splits were appearing.

And this is truly Nigerian -- any sly idea, good or bad, spreads among the people like wildfire.

What matters is whether the custom is compatible with Islam, not how widely it is spread among people.

When sincerity spreads among a people, they are guided to the straight path; if sincerity is withheld, they will go far astray.

These exercises are spread among 3 DVDs and cover numerous areas like, yoga, abs, upper body, core, cardio, lower body and even more.

And given that many of us have personal relationships and talk to each other frequently, memes and ideas spread among faster than we're sometimes aware of it.

After the deal Hutton Collins had a 40% shareholding in the future value growth of the group, the founders retained 45% and the balance was spread among other executives.

In 1% of cases spread of is used

Early 1980s, the Taiwan local banks average spreads of about 3.

And we'll make another assumption that there is an even spread of those pet age-groups across the population.

In 1% of cases spread within is used

They are usually done to check for cancer spread within the pelvis or to other parts of the body.

Moreover, the destabilising effect corruption has on a developing economy does not stop at national borders but instead spreads within the region and beyond.

As living beings, the signs left by Peirce have finally spread within the semiosphere, and indeed the Project's environment provides the ideal sanctuary for their survival and publication.

In 1% of cases spread with is used

They prepared a delicious Jamaican spread with all the favorites included.

Crimble's corn cakes spread with Extra light cream cheese blended with smoked salmon and a cup of decaf coffee with Stevia Extra.

In the centre of a birthday table spread with delicious food, flowers and presents was my new grandson, a big shiny balloon tied around his middle.

New ideas, however ill formed at first, spread with ferocious speed at the moment making you aware of all sorts of thinking and giving you the ability to contribute to it.

In 1% of cases spread via is used

This is yet another urban legend, spreading via mails and social networks.

Platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are perfect for spreading via social discovery.

HS1 is spread via skin-to-skin contact, including kissing and sexual contact, and is similar to, but not the same as, the virus that causes genital herpes.

Another thing that we can do is be very careful opening any emails that come from people that you do not know, many of the viruses and internet worms are spread via emails.

In 1% of cases spread after is used

A fear that the disease could spread after its proven resistance to the best antibiotics they have.

To avoid extra risks, we will wait and set up the bull, credit put spread after the Q3 earnings and the U.

The industrial action in Kenya's second-largest city spread after Kenya Ferry Services workers also went on strike over pay.

In 1% of cases spread amongst is used

Today, 36 casinos operate in South Africa, spread amongst all nine provinces.

However, the resources for equipment repair were now generally spread amongst many Corps.

Since 2009, they alone have doled out over $10 million to the Y2Y strategy spread amongst 56 groups in the U.

Friday, September 21, 2012 Ever since the news of the objectionable video on Prophet Muhammad (sm) has spread amongst the Muslims, there has been a lot of anger and rage throughout the Muslim world.

In 1% of cases spread beyond is used

By the time the cancer is diagnosed, the tumor has often spread beyond the ovaries.

The ancient Kingdom would have definitely spread beyond the political boundaries of the two countries,.

This feature may reflect a lesson learned from Stuxnet, which was not meant to spread beyond Iran's nuclear.

By their very nature, small military engagements tend to get larger, and wars tend to spread beyond borders.

In 1% of cases spread between is used

Hewitt oversees about 200 churches spread between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and which are served by about 100 pastors.

Clever build-up play is obviously the Rodgers way, but as familiarity now spreads between the players, there's an increasing amount of penetration at the end of moves.

For instance, if a Fortune 500 client was working with four or five vendors and the work was evenly spread between all at the beginning of the recession, towards the end 50% of the work was with us.

In 1% of cases spread at is used

It was estimated at the time that the pear was spreading at the rate of one millions acres a year.

Cysts generally occur in the liver and their invasive nature stimulates malignant cancerous growth that spreads at such a rate that it is inoperable.

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