Prepositions after "spot"

"spot in" or "spot by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases spot in is used

A typhoon was spotted in the Visayas area.

And to have a pop star who could be spotted in Swindon library.

One never knows what spot in the order will come up at a critical time.

One of the things that's easiest to spot in public spaces is old people sheltering from the cold.

Up to 20 boar were spotted in a residential area near an old people's home and caused widespread panic.

Let me present my views on this ongoing debate that have been spotted in forums and amongst my friends as well.

Chellaguri is located 60 km south of Siruguppa taluk, where the bird was spotted in 2006 and sighted again in 2008.

Rashmi Lamba in charge of the film mart was spotted in full charge and busy all around attending to prospective clients.

It has been reported that a distressed woman and child had been spotted in the hotel's lobby shortly before the tragedy.

They are usually difficult to spot in the water and bathers get stung by coming into contact with the jellyfish's tentacles.

In 19% of cases spot by is used

The news outlet says the man was spotted by passengers.

He's already been spotted by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud.

Still circulating in high society, Maita was spotted by Pitoy Moreno in a party.

The suspects were spotted by Nyachae's neighbour who raised an alarm which attracted a crowd.

On that fateful day he was arrested, however, he was spotted by one of the complainants somewhere at Achimota.

That is why the girls are working from the internet and from home -- you are less likely to be spotted by the taxman.

One big cat, spotted by a roadside between the villages of Mark and Burtle, in Somerset, was said to be as tall as a car.

It's quite possible that hundreds of thousands of free games were downloaded before the mistake was spotted by EA's team.

Prosecutors said the incident started when Aiya was spotted by family members talking to a young man outside her high school.

Over 50% of those caught were spotted by ordinary citizens; one was even pinpointed by an elderly lady taking a guided tour of the F.

In 13% of cases spot at is used

You were recently spotted at a book reading session of Neeta Shah? s Bollywood Striptease.

Thanks to Katrina Kaif, Isabella has already been spotted at several high profile parties,.

Mr Martin was last spotted at about 8am when a friend on the beach saw him swimming close to the buoy.

He looked very pleased when I showed him a photo of Albert Adria, his brother, whom I spotted at Rafas the night before.

This bubbly lady was recently spotted at Mumbai International Airport leaving for Dubai wearing a casual yet comfortable outfit.

Later she was spotted at Pistorius ' side during the winners ' press conference, and at the end of the evening they left together.

The south suburban Dolton mom-to-be was spotted at her polling place Tuesday morning on her way to give birth at a local hospital.

At another date, she was spotted at a promotional event for the movie Fame for Khiladi wearing a peach peshwas with gota, looking rather charming.

The highlight of the day was SUPER PDA couple we spotted at the ShanXiNanLu Starbucks when we stopped for a tea break - here's a surreptious shot of them.

The ' Fringe ' actor, who was spotted at Katsuya in Hollywood with the actress last night (July 26 ), has admitted that their first date went from bad to worse.

In 7% of cases spot on is used

Ten had been spotted on one day alone.

Away from the Internet there will be other challenges as the foremost revolutionaries will be spotted on TV news reports.

Fife Coastguard were called to the beaches near Anstruther at around 7am on Sunday when almost 30 pilot whales were spotted on the sands.

Depardieu, who is often spotted on his scooter in the neighborhood, allegedly collided with the unidentified accuser's vehicle leading to the argument.

The actor was recently spotted on the sets of the film, the sequel to ' Yamla Pagla Deewana ', driving around in a beautiful, bright yellow Lamborghini.

In 5% of cases spot with is used

Last week, the actor was spotted with filmmaker Soham Shah and few other friends at a suburban coffee shop.

Amber was spotted with Macaulay Culkin at the event and although she had fun she didn't want her evening interrupted.

If you're spotted with them propped up on the dash or taped to the inside windows, you'll cop two demerit points and a fine.

We live on the half with the mountain range and when looking away from them, you see a huge open savannah spotted with goats, cows, and straw huts.

In 4% of cases spot from is used

A nice big wind sock is easy to spot from a distance.

However, because they turn stones nearby, they can at times be spotted from a distance.

Newspaper headlines every now and then warn of sharks being spotted from the air, but they're usually small specimens that are completely lost: they don't stay long in Hong Kong's fish-less waters.

In 3% of cases spot as is used

Some women will experience spotting as well as some cramping.

First spotted as a spike in 2007, it had grown into an 8-point by 2010.

Having grown up in a small village I knew perfectly well that I was spotted as a newcomer at once, and wished I were back in the seclusion of the little hotel room on the third floor.

In 3% of cases spot during is used

The slipper orchids are blooming as well and can be spotted during the mangrove trips.

The most exciting spotting during the mangrove trips was definitely the group of about 50 dolphins that we could clearly see from a not too far distance.

In 2% of cases spot around is used

The director has been spotted around city slums and today around Norwich Union building doing some shoots.

In 1% of cases spot without is used

These mutations are tiny and difficult to spot without knowing what mutations to look for.

In 1% of cases spot about is used

But she only spotted about ten of the 150.

In 1% of cases spot to is used

Yes the whole range from Blue Spot, Red Spot, White Linen, Kitchen Stripe and Spot to Arctic White and the new Canteen.

SOHO is the overwhelming leader in spotting sungrazers, with over 2000 spotted to date, aided by the fact that the sun's bright light is itself blocked out by a coronograph.

In 1% of cases spot throughout is used

Other chef-lebrities spotted throughout the day:.

In 1% of cases spot over is used

It was last spotted over the north Atlantic on September 15.

In 1% of cases spot out is used

Pisceans are known for spotting out of the way restaurants.

In 1% of cases spot off is used

Plenty of whales were being spotted off Sydney, in and around the heads, and even within the harbour.

Last year, beachgoers in Palm Cove stayed out of the water for a few days when a saltwater croc was spotted off the beach.

In 1% of cases spot of is used

No student or parent spotting of gymnasts.

In 1% of cases spot next is used

They are easily spotted next to the two-piece uniforms, distinguished by their prominent front zipper.

In 1% of cases spot near is used

The presenter of ITV's West Country breakfast bulletin informed astonished viewers that an animal more commonly spotted near the North Pole had turned up in the seaside town of Bude.

In 1% of cases spot due is used

Its right next to the Petronas Towers and ridiculously easy to spot due to the very bland architecture that is typical of Australian Government buildings.

In 1% of cases spot among is used

Wallabies, too, are sometimes spotted among the rocks.

Spotted among the attendees were prominent personalities such as Shyam Benegal, Kiran Rao, Ila Arun, Ranvir Shorey, Dev Benegal and Satish Kaushik.

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