Prepositions after "split"

"split into", "split between" or "split in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases split into is used

This is split into two targets 1.

The set was split into two halves.

The CVS ad will be split into a 4.

His family eventually split into two groups, known as the Nephites and the Lamanites.

The vehicle also split into two, with the car engine and bonnet separated from the body.

Twelve sixteen year old girls were taken on and we were split into two teams of six each.

A fractal is a rough or fragemented geometric shape of a unit of occurrence that can be split into parts from a whole.

Split into three sets, the opener sees Smith take to the stage for a solo performance of awe-inspiring weight and clarity.

We had to split into groups of 3 per pot, luckily my friends are quite easy going and it was easy to decided on a flavour.

We split into two teams and we were off exploring parts of the Gaslamp Quarter that most of us have never even seen before.

In 15% of cases split in is used

He's got a banana split in mind.

When the Volunteer Movement split in 1914 c.

When paramedics undid the straps it split into 2.

We had heard that the yard in Portland was split in two - a southside and a northside depot.

It works out to an even 50/50 split in the joint budget, but it certainly skews that graph a bit.

Chelsea fans I have been speaking to and getting feedback from are split in their opinions of Joe.

However, recent polls suggest that voters are evenly split in terms of who they think would better handle the economy.

The point is that both versions say that men and women were originally a single creature that somehow got split in two.

The look on his face in the span of fifteen seconds was such a sharp contrast so quick that his face should have split in two.

One of the greatest articles from a SQL Server Guru, Paul Randal, which explains about the cost of Page splits in terms Log operations.

In 13% of cases split between is used

Smartphones are split between Gingerbread (v2.

The set is split between two worlds, the entertainers and the entertained.

Its time is split between my 788T and 664, so I left the 4th SRa in the bag.

Split between full-time and part-time employment based on respondents ' self-classification.

The funds will be equally split between the dairy industry and rural broadband infrastructure.

All classes consist of entire major groups; no major group is split between classes of the variant.

In Macquarie, Labor vote split between Chifley and a Lang Labor candidate, allowing the conservative candidate to win.

Lack of energy (especially when split between 2 kids ), less patience, less tolerability, and less able to relate to my everyday etc.

For the other areas of votes, South America, Africa and Australasia the votes for Singapore were equally split between other options.

Another sister was pretty evenly split between playing superman by jumping off of incredibly tall objects and playing with dolls, lol.

In 8% of cases split from is used

At the time, Le Vell -- who split from his wife during his ordeal -- claimed.

We kept going and eventually split from the other 6 vehicles, leaving only us and one other La Torre SUV.

The once great Liberal Party was split from top to bottom and the fate of Ireland seemed settled for generations.

The couple started dating in December 2006, after he had recently split from his girlfriend of three years, Bridget Moynahan.

Popular wisdom has it that, since the island split from the continent, Malagasy animals and plants have been isolated from the evolution in Africa.

For a very short period of time, I could see my astral body splitting from my physical body and I could see both of my bodies at the same time.

An unlikely companion appears in the fine form of neighbour Knightley, who has just split from her deadbeat boyfriend and wants to return home to her family.

In 2004 Silicon Knights would split from Nintendo to side with Microsoft and set about working on Too Human for another four years? finally releasing it in 2008.

In December, 1970, it was reported in Spotlight that the Casino had split from manager Liam Ryan and were looking for a new manager, and found it difficult enough.

In 7% of cases split with is used

Church split with several new groups forming.

The Ravens will be lucky to split with the Steelers this year.

But then after Cheryl split with Ashley we started confiding in each other.

He split with his best friend and longtime coach, Billy Graham, who promptly sued him.

In 1903 Stalin joined the Bolsheviks who had just split with the Mensheviks, so dividing the Social Democratic Party.

Water is normally distributed at a 70%/30% split with 30% diversion to the Atchafalaya River for flood control purposes.

We stayed at the place where Old Beach Road splits with Athelney Road in 2007 because I thought Dad would love the mountain view.

Lopez, who famously dated Ben Affleck after splitting with the hip-hop mogul, has been friendly with another ex: Marc Anthony.

Bingo split with the Ducks ' affiliate last weekend and headed into Saturday night with the chance to improve on their 4-4-2 record.

Looking to trade for honey mustard left out of my order! ANY PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MID THAT FINDS A BOARDWALK WILL NOT SPLIT WITH YOU.

In 5% of cases split on is used

Those few that commented were split on the issue.

More worryingly, they are split on the future of the UK.

Virginia voters were split on taxes, and on whether the Obama health care plan should be repealed.

At that time the colonies were still split on the question of declaring their independence from Great Britain.

Democrats and Republicans were still split on issues such as whether the government should raise taxes on the middle class.

I think that when you move away from your country of birth your mind splits on to two tracks, and you exist both in the here and the there.

We are all led to believe that sauces are tricky creatures, prone to behaving badly, splitting on us or generally causing unwarranted stress.

In 2% of cases split among is used

Romney won the Iowa caucuses because conservative voters split among several candidates.

By geography, the bond allocation was almost evenly split among the US (36 percent ), Europe (34 percent) and Asia (30 percent).

He explicitly challenged the balance of power between the country's ethnic groups -- 37 million people split among some 40 ethnic groups.

In 2% of cases split by is used

Now it was split by a bitter civil war.

We are, of course, also split by a squeamishness about money.

By the end of the dry session the top six was split by just 0.

This is split by a carbon fibre fin, inspired by the iconic Jaguar D-Type.

Then around the 60 day level, My partner and i strike a level which i couldn??????? t split by.

Foundation and cellar walls were of old field stone; one hardly, if ever, finds a stone that has been split by drill or wedge.

This seemed to be each time a reliable source said he obtained expert the same thing and also can split by that with Shakeology.

In 2% of cases split down is used

It could also make you feel like you're split down the middle.

The results do still show that the country is split down the middle, so not much change there.

Our country is currently split down the middle and those divisions only seem to be growing stronger.

Americans are split down the middle with 46 per cent of voters saying they would vote for Obama and another 46 per cent saying they will vote for Romney.

In 2% of cases split over is used

The 27-member European Union is split over how to act.

In fact it is more than 20 years since I was first sent off to Canterbury to watch whether the Anglican Communion would split over women priests.

In 1% of cases split across is used

Support for legalization has hardly been split across party lines.

Hindus are split across linguistic, caste, regional and shirt colors (failing everything else).

In 1% of cases split after is used

She confirmed she and Pistorius had recently split after a year and a half.

Under increasing pressure, La Familia split after its founder, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, was killed in a two-day shootout with federal police in December.

In 1% of cases split amongst is used

One bottle of JD is approx RM350, split amongst 5 friends - that's RM70 per person plus at least 3 glasses of drinks each for the rest of the night.

In 1% of cases split at is used

Since the page is at the verge of split, we may have to perform a page split at a future time anyway.

Notice the pretty way they split at the top where you pull them from their stems, the juice already sparkling.

Split ends are formed on growing hair because the inside of the hair, also known as the cortex, splits at the ends, thereby getting the name ' split ends '.

In 1% of cases split away is used

The result is that the guy notices that the skin appears to be splitting away from the head, and it can look quite bumpy until it all settles down.

The first coincides with the point when toothed whales (like sperm whale and dolphins) split away from the baleen whales (like blue, fin and humpback whales).

In 1% of cases split for is used

If you were divorced or separated from more than one common-law partner during your life, you can apply for a credit split for each period of cohabitation.

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