Prepositions after "spiritual"

spiritual in, as, about, to or rather?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases spiritual in is used

True freedom is spiritual in nature.

It was spiritual in contrast to physical.

It is nothing magical or spiritual in nature.

The religious organizations often prescribe how to be spiritual in their teachings.

His own music was, perhaps by necessity, tuneful, accessible and spiritual in nature.

Whatever is spiritual in this paradigm is actually another name for human subjectivity.

If we have a foundation of the spiritual in which our success lies we will have a complete abundant and happy life.

They reflect practical experience and application of spiritual insights as recorded by thoughtful men in many ages.

If you believe in God, or a higher power, or are spiritual in any way, you wouldn't be putting down other religions.

In 14% of cases spiritual as is used

It's a spiritual as well as a musical experience.

In the house of God some are more spiritual as the.

She Herself as Vidya-Lakshmi enlightens the spiritual aspirant.

All spiritual aspirants get up at 4am during Brahmamuhurta and meditate on the Lord.

The Cultural Revolution brought moral and spiritual as well as political anarchy to China.

Of course we shall all go armed, armed against evil things, spiritual as well as physical.

Beyond the marketing TCM invokes ancient earth and body wisdom that portends spiritual as well as medicinal value.

As you visit your friends and neighbours show an interest in their spiritual as well as in their temporal welfare.

His writings have stood as a torch to the defenders of individual freedom, in spiritual as well as in worldly affairs.

French kings from Hugh Capet on had maintained a sense of the spiritual as well as secular dimension of royal authority.

In 5% of cases spiritual about is used

There's nothing spiritual about it.

There is nothing spiritual about it.

There is nothing spiritual about that.

What's Spiritual about it? Spiritual Healing is about treating the whole person.

I am a bit Spiritual about the other world, but I never learn or experience it properly.

But this French couple must have the old idea that poverty has something spiritual about it.

Follow the Stars to Freedom A spiritual about the use of quilts by the Underground Railroad that served as maps to Canada.

There is something supremely spiritual about meditating at the dawn of the day, before the natural bustle of the world awakens.

It seems like these special children of God are directly connected to Him; there is something deeply spiritual about their very existence.

It all seems to be a natural geological process but I do feel there is something spiritual about it as well -- perhaps a cleansing process.

In 5% of cases spiritual to is used

It's spiritual to me because I like an open mind about the universe.

The focus shifted from nature and the spiritual to people and the spiritual.

And we need such people in all walks of life from the spiritual to the dietary, to life style and.

So I picked a vacation spot that seemed spiritual to me and abandoned my research team immediately.

I feel &; sense things that others may not only because I try to be spiritual to the best of my ability.

The addition of the spiritual to the Divine merely prevents a reunion which would otherwise be unavoidable.

What is the good of appearing spiritual to others? What you appear to yourself, in your own closeted room, is what you are.

Raphael and Milton narrate ' what surmounts the reach Of human sense ' and they do so ' By likening spiritual to corporeal forms ' (V.

Ranging from the benign to the bogus, magical to the mafia, fakers to the fakirs, and spiritual to the sleazy, godmen of all kinds exist in India.

In 4% of cases spiritual with is used

I believe in balancing the spiritual with the practical.

They are philosophers, and spiritual with boundless devotion.

It keeps me right sized and able to appreciate each day and balance spiritual with financial gain.

A splendid action without faith is but moral, whereas one of a less glittering is spiritual with it.

And for me, this blog is about how to combine the spiritual with the secular, the soul with success.

Here you approach that which is physical in a practical way and that which is spiritual with reverence.

They are deeply philosophical, inspirational, and spiritual with a true genuine understanding, which gives them their wisdom.

He is clearly deeply spiritual with the details of that spirituality not for anyone else to fathom, but it does inform something about this song.

Holistic and integrated World religions have always been facing a dilemma namely how to reconcile the spiritual with the material or worldly life.

The tragedy of religion is when men think they can undestand the spiritual with the thought faculties inserted in their brains by The Great Maker.

In 4% of cases spiritual for is used

Be spiritual for all you want, but leave it at your door.

I am a passionate dancer and dancing is spiritual for me.

What is spiritual for me, might not be for another person.

A hut is very personal and, even, spiritual for the owner.

So we have fine arts and it is very spiritual for people as well.

This approach is also very spiritual for me Mobility is essential.

Perhaps an interest in the spiritual for the first time in your life.

Is she getting too spiritual for her own good? We are joined in the studio by Yoga teacher Mas Vidal.

In seeking a subtler faith for ourselves whose senses are too spiritual for the gross one, let us leave others that support which crumbles from us.

The four first Primordial Beings of Creation carry within themselves these radiations of the Animals, thus they form the Square in the Primordial Spiritual for the circling of Creation.

In 4% of cases spiritual from is used

Most find it hard to separate spiritual from religious.

How can we know spiritual from corporal works of mercy? A.

They broke out into song; ' Oh, Freedom ', an African-American Spiritual from the era of slavery.

I have given you both scientific reason and spiritual from the Scriptures, I am again going to quote the scientific reason.

We have separated the spiritual from everyday living, and thus separated ourselves from experiencing everyday spirituality.

He will become able to distinguish the spiritual from the ritual and festal aspect of Easter; chocolate eggs will no longer be sacramental.

I have a guiding light that is an enemy of darkness, i have the spirit of God that helps me discern right from wrong, Spiritual from carnal.

We can know spiritual from corporal works of mercy, for whatever we do for the soul is a spiritual work, and whatever we do for the body is a corporal work.

Spanish actor Bardem appears as a troubled priest facing a crisis of faith, extending the plot into the realm of the spiritual from the physical and emotional.

From the standpoint of Spirit, the diversity of being assumes the form of a differentiation of the spiritual from what might be called: the ' Life Force ' (7).

In 4% of cases spiritual rather is used

You consider yourself spiritual rather than religious Yes No 38.

Jesus ' blessings for us today emphasize the spiritual rather than the physical.

It helps us to focus our attention to spiritual rather than worldly things/matter.

But the themes are often deeply spiritual rather than religious, and deeply political from a personal view.

The purpose of fasting is not to make us suffer, but rather to help us focus on spiritual rather than physical pursuits.

Consider: Even the greatest Western music, on the order of Bach and Mozart and Beethoven, was spiritual rather than physical.

It serves as the mediating principle between life and substance, but is oriented to the spiritual rather than to the physical aspects.

The conditions of passing through, in this instance, will be spiritual rather than physical as the soul prepares to enter the metaphysical world.

But, we have to be wise enough to recognize that the greater deficits we face in this land are in the realm of the spiritual rather than the financial.

In 3% of cases spiritual without is used

They are spiritual without being exclusively religious.

Being spiritual without being religious, believing but not belonging.

She is spiritual without being dogmatic and she is kind without leaving truth behind.

I prefer being spiritual without religious which raises a host of questions in itself.

In conclusion, I would say that, one can be religious without being spiritual, but one can not truly be spiritual without being religious.

Knowledge is the key to remembrance which is the means for attaining Lord Krishna which automatically promotes one to the eternal spiritual without any separate effort.

Furthermore, Scripture says if a man does not work he should not eat, 2 Thessalonians 3:10 God will not feed you physically or spiritual without your own exerted effort.

Romantic without being sentimental, political without being didactic, and spiritual without being religious, it brings an unflinching gaze to the violence and hope it depicts.

While all religious traditions came out of a common Spiritual base, one can be deeply spiritual without following any religion, without practicing any rituals or holding any beliefs.

In 3% of cases spiritual by is used

We are non-material, or spiritual by nature.

We don't become spiritual by reading books about it.

You're able to find your regional spiritual by using such programs.

Women; like men, are allowed to be spiritual by their own free will.

Do not make your way spiritual by saying that it is in keeping with Christianity or Buddhism or any other religion, for you don't really know.

CHPF provided relief; physical, monetary and spiritual by impacting tens of thousands of the most desperately poor and homeless in our country.

It would not be incorrect to state that the precious lives lost, economic wealth destroyed and erosion of the spiritual by this ruinous war can never be estimated correctly.

In 3% of cases spiritual of is used

The third is the most sublime and spiritual of the three.

He takes interest in all the problems both material and spiritual of his murids.

I find ' The Tower of the Elephant ' (1933) to be the most spiritual of Robert E.

I myself feel its spiritual of some sort but im still lost for the true meaning of why.

Therefore it is said: ? He who desireless is found The spiritual of the world will sound.

Just because this is the most spiritual of loves the danger which besets it is spiritual too.

Practice daily acts relationship neglect or physical neglect or spiritual of kindness and respect.

This Way of the Chakras and way of chakra healing involves a lifetime and more spiritual of education.

So come now, and be a part of the action as the G-7 nations go plop, down whatever spiritual of financial sewer they eventually end up in.

There's a touch of sadness about it but it's incredibly uplifting, reaching a bittersweet joy that only the most spiritual of house achieves.

In 2% of cases spiritual at is used

It becomes spiritual at a high level.

You don't have to be spiritual at all to see them.

To be both practical and spiritual at the same time.

It is not an impediment for being spiritual at the same time.

The baritone had sung a Negro spiritual at a charity fund-raiser when a woman approached him.

While we are spiritual at our core, we still live inside of bodies that need to be taken care of.

Can one be both sexual and spiritual at the same time? The Bible certainly teaches us to shun fornication.

He came with a Marsian speech and a song of hate; gross, vulgar, and profane, although touchingly beautiful and spiritual at times.

Then if you feel there is something spiritual at play in your life, go and get prayer from mature Christian leader that understands the power of the name of Jesus.

In 2% of cases spiritual on is used

The earliest guidance then was spiritual on this ground.

I don't want to get all spiritual on you so I'll stop here, lol.

S-based production crew Green Lion ' s new riddim More Spiritual on September 18.

And then later in life, all of the annoying people who went new age and spiritual on us in rebellion to these science fiction stories.

One can be spiritual on an island, all by themselves, with no contact with anyone, whereas being a religious person means they have opportunities to learn though a variety of cultural interactions.

In 1% of cases spiritual like is used

Things must really be serious if my father, who is resistant to all things spiritual like a cat to water, resorts to oracles and psychics.

The soldiers ' ritual was not sombre nor greatly spiritual like the public ritual but then returned soldiers did not share the public's mythology of war; only its reality.

In 1% of cases spiritual versus is used

But what if your life's purpose is not spiritual? Does it make it any less meaningful? Who then decides what makes something spiritual versus something that is not.

In 1% of cases spiritual under is used

Hard to be spiritual under occupation.

In 1% of cases spiritual through is used

I'd not religious but Peale's turned me spiritual through his teachings of time tested common sense that reinforce the importance of having faith.

In 1% of cases spiritual over is used

Emphasizes the spiritual over the social.

Although priority had been given to the religious over the secular and to the spiritual over the intellectual, yet neither was neglected.

Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, etc (excuse my ignorance but it could be a very long list otherwise) get on down to St Paul's Cathedral for this battle of the spiritual over the material.

In 1% of cases spiritual during is used

E's music became more spiritual during the last three years of his life as he sought to add meaning to his content.

I have issues about people having been good, even quite spiritual during their lives and then they are imprisoned/tortured or attacked by evil spirits and it is all over for them.

In 1% of cases spiritual before is used

Ignatius always carefully puts the word spiritual before consolation and desolation.

If you would like to know the deadliest form of them, put the word spiritual before them-- spiritual pride, spiritual lust, etc.

In 1% of cases spiritual among is used

However, the most spiritual among us tends to be fairly dense without an appeal to Scripture.

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