Prepositions after "spin"

spin in, on, out, by or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases spin in is used

Barry Goldwater must be spinning in his grave.

Set it spinning, lift it up, then leave it spinning in space.

Hard news on fox is spun in much the same way as their opinion shows.

Just move a little slider bar and see your own images spin in 3D or float on a reflection.

In skating lingo and axel is a jump where a skater takes three and a half spins in mid-air.

Flanders Once upon a time an old woman sat spinning in a room at the top of a high tower.

To say Coco Chanel is spinning in her grave that the word fashion is even attached to these garments, is another understatement.

I snatched that album as soon as it was released when I was in high school and has been regularly spinning in my turntable ever since.

Our impending separation rushed toward us, but spinning in the black air, unable to see, we had no idea when the moment of impact would actually arrive.

If Bentham would spin in his grave (if he had one ), I dread to think what UCL's greatest alumnus - Mahatma Ghandi - would do! Couldn't agree with you more, Dan.

In 12% of cases spin on is used

If you're not getting spun on LSD you're not eating enough.

Indeed, this is precisely the way the poll was spun on its being released.

Fegan spun on his heels, found his target, and launched his fist at the big man's chin.

The Earth spins on its axis at 1,040 miles an hour while chugging around the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour.

In addition to orbiting the nucleus each electron also spins on its own axis while it moves along its orbit.

The truth wont lie down and die before the oh-so-reasonable tones of those spinning on behalf of vested interests.

If people are naive enough to believe Joolyas spin on this then I say they will deserve to have more of their income going to the government.

Concept of the earth's axial rotation giving day and night As the earth spins on its axis, only one half of the earth's surface faces the sun.

Another example of deflection, diversion and spin on the part of the Obama administration, with an ever-ready and willing lamestream news media to help.

The car was hit at speed at an intersection just behind the Lh front wheel, it then spun on the road and the right side wrapped itself around a roadside tree.

In 8% of cases spin out is used

Even good programs can spin out of control.

This season is rapidly spinning out of control.

I knew the whole situation was spinning out of control.

Within five minutes the barrel entered the Whirlpool where it spun out of control for more than an hour.

In addition to the risk of spinning out of control, Baumgartner's life depended on the integrity of his pressure suit.

They will examine the satellite navigation system built into the car to see how fast it was going when it spun out of control.

But since then, the situation has spun out of their control because their brains are steeped in 200 proof Arab/Islamist suicidal machismo.

Having spun out of Tyco, ADT's management is now free to grow the business and focus on it in a way that it could not have done as part of the larger conglomerate.

Those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are quite common in post-revolutionary Libya, and that then spun out of control.

The trick is to get these three drives into the right kind of alignment with one another, for certainly it is easy for them to spin out of whack and to work at cross-purposes.

In 8% of cases spin by is used

Some even ' turn around in circles or are spun by others.

Thomas Highs provided the solution, in the form of the water frame, or spinning by rollers.

In comparison the protesting individual has limited resources and lives at the centre of a web spun by the state.

John Wyatt and Lewis Paul established the principle of spinning by rollers, which was later appropriated and patented by Arkwright.

We never think to distinguish the two components; the engine that creates power and the wheels that spin by the strength of that engine.

Therefore I don't think it is time to celebrate our progress, but rather to mourn for those who became victims caught in the web spun by it.

Technologically, the invention he appropriated -spinning by rollers -is significant because it alone could facilitate the growth of factories.

As long you fools are caught up in the untruths being spun by your supposed intellectual leaders you will be out of touch with the Americans who don't buy into your fallacious theories.

Now what? If the pan were circular, it would be harder to start the water spinning by turning the pan itself, but by having the pan nearly square, the water must turn if the pan does.

Scraped articles are being hunted down by the Google algorithms, particularly those which are generated from snippets of other content published online or spun by changing individual words.

In 7% of cases spin into is used

Halicki was badly injured in the scene where the Mustang spins into a telephone pole.

And other offcuts of found detritus, picked up from the mental streets of Paris and spun into gold.

When confidence conspires and leverage ramps up again, the world economy could spin into hyper-inflation.

Watch sheep being shorn with the traditional hand shears and see the wool been carded and spun into yarn.

I can assure you that this individuals who risked their lives, the last thing in the world that they want is to be spun into that.

Richard Arkwright: the **27;12113;TOOLONG, who ' borrowed ' the invention of the water-frame and took cotton spinning into the factory.

Raw material for linen sheets is derived from the flax plant, making it harder to spin into threads, thus linen sheets are typically more expensive than cotton ones.

The Cuban missile crisis was thus a Soviet victory, which the Kennedy White House? by keeping the peace terms secret? managed to spin into an American victory instead.

When critics suggested that Zack Snyder's boring film suffered from sticking too closely to Alan Moore's mighty comic book, one felt a million brains spinning into a state of advanced geek-shock.

In 6% of cases spin at is used

Make them spin at high speeds to destroy them, use the spacebar.

The Sun has an additional peculiarity in that it does not spin at a constant speed.

Hot new 78 RPM records (hard vinyl records, 10 inches in diameter, spun at 78 revolutions per minute) were put on display.

It does this by taking advantage of the fact that in a strong magnetic field -- like those produced by superconducting magnets in the engine, ions spin at a fixed frequency.

In 5% of cases spin with is used

Yesterday's big announcement by Apple left us spinning with excitement.

This show has me sitting here with my mind just spinning with new ideas about how to think about her learning processes.

He crashed his VFR the first day he got it last year and three times that I know of while he's been out spinning with me.

Where is the compromise? Where is the discussion? Most of your major news outlets only provide opionion and spin with little balanced and honest reporting.

In 5% of cases spin for is used

He was spinning for a while at the start, but that was expected.

Virgin wool is simply wool spun for the first time, rather than recycled wool.

I try spinning for the first time: the wool thing, not the intense exercise thing.

But the 36-year-old French DJ has been spinning for stadium-size crowds around the world for years.

He flies across the globe week-in and week-out to spin for sold out crowds and represent electronic dance music.

If there are other contaminants, this may be remedied by better clarification of your lysate (try spinning for 1h at 35K).

The spinner shall hand the ringkeeper the amount of money the spinner wishes to spin for, the ringkeeper shall hold that money and the equivalent amount from a tail bettor to cover the bet.

In 4% of cases spin from is used

So my head is certainly spinning from this new bit of information.

As soon as the tire is in motion it appears like the chrome is spinning from the other.

Its head tilted up and spun from sensor to sensor, apparently imaging him in a variety of modes.

How exciting to be part of our new adventure! There is Sandi sharing her knowledge of the art of spinning from the ground up.

And the ' social license ' she talks about is simply better public understanding of the technology, in the face of lies and spin from the likes of Gareth.

My brain is still spinning from all of it and I can't wait to follow up on the connections I made and the ones I want to make for some of the people who were at this great do-gooder event.

In 4% of cases spin off is used

A sweet Aston Martin classic can be seen spinning off the truck towards a cop car.

They have also spun off the more profitable companies and assets from WATA to themselves and related parties.

Only then, with the wheels spinning off the well-oiled machine, does the crowd truly respond with reckless abandon.

The Defense Department has spun off some of NGA's applications with mobile-enabled versions, providing unclassified imagery data on the ground.

Last December, Expedia spun off TripAdvisor and has been focusing spending on technology investments as well as a push into Europe, a longtime Priceline stronghold.

In 2% of cases spin around is used

The water is rapidly spinning around the center of the vortex due to centripetal force (an inward force directing an object or fluid such as water towards the center of its circular path).

In 2% of cases spin like is used

In other words, if the engine isn't engaged with the drive shaft the motor spins like crazy to no purpose.

Come on now, there's only one way you can pull the trigger and it won't matter how you do so because it will most probably spin like it always does.

In 1% of cases spin under is used

If she didn't spin under braking, she ended up with wicked understeer as a result of not carrying enough speed.

In 1% of cases spin towards is used

This is actually the primary reason exactly why our venture spun towards Christian Louboutin reproductions of vintage designs.

In 1% of cases spin toward is used

It hit the barrier on the right side of the road then spun toward the center divider and hit the barrier so hard the Jersey wall (cement barrier) moved about ten feet.

In 1% of cases spin till is used

After Speed run through Will, he starts spinning till fall on the ground dazed.

In 1% of cases spin throughout is used

On the official handicap figures that Frankel's routing racing style has sent spinning throughout his career, none of today's opposition can claim to be anywhere near hollering distance of him.

In 1% of cases spin relative is used

Galaxies, solar systems and planets do spin relative to local inertial frame of reference though.

In 1% of cases spin across is used

This mosaic of NASA/ MODIS satellite images from August 5 shows a massive low-pressure center spinning across the central Arctic Ocean on August 5, 2012.

In 1% of cases spin onto is used

Parts of the web will need to be unhooked and attached to it, and many adjustments made to individual connections, and new minor connection spun onto it.

In 1% of cases spin of is used

A very important factor is certain though: Greater spins of pokies and online slots that you just make, the better your itrrrs likely that.

Another thing is definite though: Greater spins of pokies and online slots that you simply make, the higher quality your itrrrs likely that.

In 1% of cases spin against is used

In one triptych, an astronaut spins against the blackness of night, while in the other a parachutist falls through the deep blue of day.

In 1% of cases spin away is used

Based on his subjective perceptions from within the operating ' classic ' Time Machine, I used to picture him watching helplessly as the earth spun away from him.

In 1% of cases spin beneath is used

Nobody could explain the behavior of a Foucault's Pendulum other than by the Earth spinning beneath it.

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