Prepositions after "spend"

"spend on" or "spend in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases spend on is used

Best bucks spent on cycling for years.

Look, five years I spent on some books.

That is amount spent on items per month.

The evening which I spent on the other side of north London was even more enlightening.

Billions are spent on stupid projects like sending someone to tour the space on a whim.

I remember the two weeks we spent on skyline just three hundred meters short of Salala.

This should be done in a bid to avoid spending on unnecessary items which may take advantage of vital commodities.

If Romney wins, people start spending on consumption again because they're confident, but that's not a good thing.

Reclaim the VAT Did you know that you can save more than $ 17 for every hundred Dollars you spend on goods in Ireland.

For example, the amount you spend on eating out might not be necessary if you can cook at home instead for less money.

In 19% of cases spend in is used

Three years were spent in South Korea.

If you do have money to spend in Victoria.

Very little is spent in the local economy.

He generally advocated spending in tough times while preserving capital in the good.

He has added new shots to his repertoire seemingly every season he has spent in the NBA.

What little he did spend in the OF seems to be because they had nowhere else to put him.

Given that it's routinely ranked as the #1 waterfalls in the world, it was definitely money well spent in my opinion.

I thought that the years many of us spent in boarding school were supposed to neutralise these unnecessary divisions.

Now, a week later, he's elated that he's got tens of thousands of followers and thinks the short time he spent in the.

Consequently, government IT spending intensity is beginning to diverge from traditional operational spending trends.

In 9% of cases spend with is used

And Sunday is time spent with family and friends.

It is time to spend with your other children as well.

I will never forget the wonderful time spent with you.

Mentoring may involve job rotations or simply setting time aside to spend with mentors.

She often says her profession leaves her with no time to unwind and spend with the family.

This Fire has so many other features that most of my time is NOT spent with eBooks lately.

The Labour government there combined more targeted stimulus spending with investment in economic infrastructure.

Time to spend with his family and to refill the tank before he's going back to the court and starts practising again.

After a free afternoon (though we now have plenty to do! ), the evening was spent with a very moving testimony by Fr.

And the time I spent with my chinese friends compared to family, school and later work environment just didn't add up.

In 4% of cases spend at is used

Overnight will be spent at Kitumbeine Camp.

Yes BUT every minute spent at the seminar worth it.

Two (2) days are spent at Shira for acclimatisation.

In the end, I resented the time I was spending at half price, and we both ended up losing.

The extra doors allow an even greater reduction in time spent at the stop -- and make it even.

The time spent at the center is generally less than in a hospital because there are fewer delays.

This comes as no great surprise, but the amount of money being spent at the very end of people's lives probably will.

You might also want to start in a local area to keep spending at a minimum while also having a targeted ad campaign.

Most of her career was spent at the CBC, where she began as an associate producer and finished as senior director of CBC.

The total expended on consulting fees in 2007 was 913,889 -- so 0ver 48% was spent at firms connected to the Executive Board.

In 4% of cases spend by is used

We would need to increase spending by 6.

The rest was spent by the Kabbalah Centre's office in LA.

It is 8 times the amount spent by the next closest nation.

So let me start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight.

You also need to monitor what you are spending by using cash flow forecasts, or projections.

Bin Laden did say that, more or less, for every cent spent by him, it would cost The West $100.

Despite 10 years of govt spending by FDR the unemployment rate was 5 times higher in 1940 than it was in 1929, 17.

So looking after maintenance literally saves many millions of kina that can be spent by the PNG Government on other purposes.

I guess I am very frustrated that everyone just thinks overspending by the astronomical figure of a Trillion is no big deal.

That may be all well and good, but you can obviously see the next year or two will be spent by mastering engineers adding maybe 0.

In 3% of cases spend for is used

Noone cares how much is spent for a language teaching.

Compared it to the price and time spend for a family from Dublin.

In the end how much money can any one person spend for Lord's sake.

You agree to spend for insurance policies, licenses, taxes, repairs, and preservation.

These include all the cash that you receive and all the amounts you need to spend for.

Firstly, I would recommend that you pause your PPC spend for now -- while you re-assess.

On the other hand the time spent for cooking the food items was longer using charcoal followed by wood and corncobs.

The money that has been spent for research and development still is very high in the United States but it is falling.

It is well known that there have been more budget allocations and spending for Telangana region relatively in the past.

Free wireless internet access is offered most anywhere you go so you can easily go online without spending for anything.

In 2% of cases spend about is used

I only spend about 1 hour every other day.

We spent about 45 minutes changing the tire.

We spent about 10 minutes seeing its attempts.

I spent about an hour today with Google trying to locate the practices of the other Pt.

Back to our family's trip, we spent about one month vacationing in Taiwan in the past summer.

He spent about six hours cleaning up rubbish with the other temporary worker that had turned up.

With the user friendly architecture of KiSSFLOW, I hardly had to spend about 3-4 hours in realizing the workflow on KiSSFLOW.

One year, 1964, I spent about 35 days, from August into early September, flying sorties out of Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.

I remember waiting over six months and spending about 250GBP just to find out if I could cut down a tree in my front garden.

We spent about 20 - 30 minutes semi-carefully hiking down the slope where upon we met up with a small stream flowing in an Easterly direction.

In 2% of cases spend as is used

The years he had spent as a boy soprano in St.

It is pretty clear they see TV ad spend as the way to win the election.

It is estimated that citizens would each get $3,000 to spend as compensation for the tax.

Government spending as a function of GDP more than tripled under FDR's first four years.

During those visits I spent as much as time as I could mingling with as many natives as possible.

Since WOTTCC for various MOs were of various lengths, the length of time spent as a WOC varied greatly.

And the shape of Canada is changing -- government spending as a % of GDP in Canada is now lower than it is in the US.

Impulse spending as well as the urge to jump into projects is strong, but rethink and review all details before committing.

That first year was spent as a typical tourist visiting several of the most popular tourist attractions such as Dunn's River Falls.

The 14 day average of Gallup daily consumer spending as of November 29 was$81, compared with $73 last year for this week last year.

In 1% of cases spend between is used

I estimate that I spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours writing my notes every day.

You can expect to spend between $500 and $1,200 of your own hard-earned money cleaning up the mess.

It applies to the time spent between incarnations as well as third dimension incarnational experiences.

The IFAD Assessment of Rural Poverty estimates that the average woman in the region spends between 1 and 2.

But if you're spending between 1m and 10m on buying a business then an experienced professional will be invaluable.

Her account work includes ecommerce and lead generation, with accounts spending between four and six figures monthly.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that states need to spend between $1 and $3 per capita per year over at least three years to be effective.

Experience -- completing an enlistment means that you have spent between 2-12 concentrated months learning how to perform a particular occupation (law enforcement, supply chain, human resources, etc.

In 1% of cases spend from is used

When he was spent from that day's effort, he would come and ask me if I wanted a cup of tea.

User is responsible for all Spends from User?? Ts EuroGoldCash account, except as provided in section 2.

First, although de-linking government spending from current oil revenues is a big step forward, it is not enough.

Thanks very much Jonathan, I have found the sessions very useful and definitely money well spent from my perspective.

Figure 1 As recovery effort eases and it is business as usual for most enterprises, overall spending from the government and private sector is likely to increase.

Plan ahead in such a way that you spend less than you earn In business terms, what remains subtracting what you spend from what you earn is called a positive cashflow.

African managers spend from 5 percent to 10 percent of their time dealing with regulators, according to survey responses -- haggling over complex and corrupt licensing and oversight procedures.

In 1% of cases spend like is used

Not a little mind you, but spend like a sailor on speed.

And that they spend like democrats when they can get away with it.

I literally spent like 5 hours on this, usually it takes me about one hour.

Vote them in and they'll spend like drunken sailors on the things they care about.

They want to (Be) live like a rich, (Do) spend like a rich and (Have) buy to own big houses and cars and so on and on.

How shall i word it differently? *paraphrase* I literally spent like 5 hours on this, usually it takes me about one hour.

Bush spent like crazy, got us into a completely unnecessary war and presided over the biggest economic crash of our generation.

We keep hearing we have a tax take of 2000 and whatever but are spending like it is 2012, for example, spending must fall in line with income.

In 1% of cases spend over is used

Shantam, I spent over 10 years in India.

After spending over 9 (approximately $12.

The Indian Government through MHA is likely to spend over $ 7.

Fischer7331 I spent over 18 years in Rapid City and spent a lot of time in the Hills.

Ralph Fischer7331 I spent over 18 years in Rapid City and spent a lot of time in the Hills.

CIBC World Markets estimates total infrastructure spending over the next 20 years at $35 trillion.

I spent over two hours in Lodhi Garden and am planning a family picnic on Sunday if weather conditions don't change.

In the period 2002-3, India was spending over Rs14 billion every year on its Siachin venture, compared to Pakistan's Rs4.

He added that they also barred him from attending the burial of his late father despite the fact that he spent over N100 million during the funeral.

I did get back some money, but if I factor what I got back against what I spent over the period of 4 weeks, I got back around 3% of the costs I had laid out.

In 1% of cases spend per is used

The average spend per head was 60 in 2010 -- with 20 spent in the market itself and 40 outside.

During construction, US$8 million is being spent per day, and 10,000 local people are being employed.

This could be as simple as monitoring the number of customers you are able to process each day, or increasing the average spend per customer.

The average amount spent per farming season is one million, three hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and nineteen cedis (1,355,519).

Based on enrollment figures for June 2009 and average spending per person from the MSIS data for Florida, the Reform Pilot has saved the Medicaid budget up to $161.

Almost $300M are spent per year for cosmetics and yes, high-tech beauty treatments -- skin whitener, spa, steam purification, mud masks, and use argan oil for moisturization (hmmm.

In 1% of cases spend to is used

This is again in turn the money they can spend to consumption or non-consumption.

I really hate the comparison of space exploration spending to the military spending.

It is estimated that greater than 30% of IT budgets will be diverted from traditional application and infrastructure spending to the Cloud.

Wenger is reportedly on the verge of signing Santi Cazorla from Malaga for 16 million, which would take the Gunners ' summer spending to 39 million.

I'd not going to spend to much time harping on this, but Theo is stepping up his contribution again, both in his willingness to create and score goals.

On November 26, 2007 at the Alf Landon lecture then Defense Secretary Gates said military spending then by adding the costs of the wars pushed military spending to 4%.

Alvira bought the blouse that Mara thought is a very nice gift to her mother Susan (Mylene Dizon) but Clara wrecked it knowing that it was her mother's money spent to it.

In May, Travis Sharp from the Center for a New American Security worked for CNN Money to calculate that raising defense spending to that percentage of GDP would be the same as $2.

In 1% of cases spend under is used

All this after a couple of seasons spent under financial storm clouds.

Thus, government deficit spending under a gold standard is severely limited.

This was imprinted for the nearly 400 years they spent under Spanish authorities.

The 20 years he spent under the ministry of the uber-racist Jeremiah Wright is now coming to light.

My first 48-72 hours of post labor and delivery were spent under extreme stress and no sleep thanks to her.

It's a great day outing for the family, spent under the trees or indulging in Cape cuisine at the Fyndraai restaurant.

In 1% of cases spend without is used

It needs to be spent without waste.

They tell us to slash spending without any honesty on what.

I have spent without fail the yearly 40 days and the monthly 3 days outing.

Allowing workers to keep the soc sec taxes that should have gone into the Treasury IS SPENDING WITHOUT RECEIVING THE REVENUE.

I think most of us do it for almost the same reason - dying of boredom at home and also wanting a bit of pocket money to spend without feeling guilty about wasting your parents ' money.

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