Prepositions after "special"

special about, to, for, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases special about is used

What is so special about the D.

Nothing to special about the entrees.

There's nothing special about the dude.

However in my humble opinion there is something really special about the original.

Not to sound bitter but there wasn't anything that special about the beach either.

I honestly do not think there is anything new or special about the occupy movement.

It wasn't until I set out on bike patrol that I started to notice what's really special about the 14th district.

If I had to say what really is special about the Norwegian music scene, it is its tolerance and open-mindedness.

There is nothing special about the warnings I have given over the years, or the fact that they have been ignored.

To begin with, astronomers agree, there is nothing special about the Sun and galactic center aligning in the sky.

In 19% of cases special to is used

Hinojos, Special to The Monitor.

There was something special to it.

The venue was special to my family.

Batu Caves is special to the Indians, yet no objection over the years by MIC leaders.

Local Crafts In many areas you can find crafts that are special to that specific area.

He made her feel important and made her feel special to the tour and its participants.

Because little did you realize, the solution you may be needing can only be provided by individuals special to you.

Close Lorna Crozier special to the star Bobby Pins The man who invented them adored his mother and, later, his wife.

They would look at one another from time to time, obviously something in the lyrics meant something special to them.

Modern conservatories have got an extremely durable framework and glazing which adds something special to your home.

In 18% of cases special for is used

We are no less special for this.

Medjugorje is very special for me.

So I know it's very special for him.

Mom waited 94 years to see the falls, and you helped make this trip special for her.

Just like Your parents would be special for you but not for any other random person.

Nothing Special for the Price I stayed one night while in Boston on a trip to Maine.

I think it's special for a cricketer to go there and actually win a Test series because it is extremely difficult.

We have 2 of her bookcooks and on special occasions, would whip it out and create something special for the family.

The main areas of the lodge have an atmosphere which may encourage guests to wear something special for the evening.

Additionally, if you are looking for something special for your gathering, we also feature fun theme party packages.

In 13% of cases special in is used

We are all SPECIAL in His eyes.

Nobody is special in the party.

Each one is special in it's own way.

Make sure to check your budget carefully when ordering anything special in the hotel.

Allah allocated something special in this booty which He did not give to anyone else.

A very long time ago I had a special in, my great-uncle was architect of the Capitol.

There is something special in this team, and I am happy that will come out when they play with complete confidence.

Sony Xperia tipo but nothing seemed to be so special in it according to the preliminary information we are getting.

But most important: if an agency sees something special in your portfolio, they won't care about the design degree.

Many congratulations to Charlotte winning the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special in her first international in France.

In 6% of cases special on is used

Special on overstock heat pumps.

I saw a PBS special on this stuff.

Saw the 5-part DVD special on PBS.

This is a regular, old-fashioned, American standup special on HBO, like it should be.

The people went out of their way to make us feel special on our 10th anniversary trip.

Even e2o60 Minutese29d with Morley Safer did a big special on this home based business.

The BBC aired a half-hour special on last years conference and I believe it is still available for viewing on-line.

If you want to surprise someone special on their birthday prefer choosing online option of cakes midnight delivery.

This morning before work I watched a special on Bill Shankley and watched a look back at Mardid's win in a monsoon.

In 4% of cases special with is used

What's so special with Acme People Search.

These are extra special with apple butter.

He did a Christmas special with Dean Cain.

I just adore this yarn though, and I want to make something really special with it.

They're a little something special with the ability to transport you somewhere good.

In the most part the Google team have done something really special with Jelly Bean.

We got to celebrate his 80th birthday and it was truly special with lots of family coming together for the event.

Right off the bat Little Cop promises to be something special with the clever way the opening credits are delivered.

Cee Lo Green, judge on The Voice and confirmed space alien, is going to star in a Christmas special with the Muppets.

They have created something very special with this new movie and it deserves to be doing much more business than it has.

In 2% of cases special at is used

They're on special at the moment.

Doesn't seem special at all to me.

Do something extra special at times.

Indeed, he'd all but lost his patience when ABC, which begins its live special at 9 p.

This is special yet nothing special at the same time, making it a rather perfect lunch.

Make a plan to catch up with friends after school or do something special at the weekend.

Neither player looked special at the time, and both players were designated for assignment later in the off-season.

The premiere of the anticipated docu-series Married to the Army: Alaska will immediately follow the special at 10 p.

Every guest is made to feel welcome and special at Rekero - not just by the managers and guides, but by all the team.

The sleepy Swiss-French town of Ittre had a fairytale appearance which was quite surreal and special at the same time.

In 2% of cases special by is used

We felt very special by the way they treated us.

But they were special by being The Wailers, as a unit.

I used a workbook called I Am Special by Peter Vermeulen.

This day can be made special by organizing some fun-filled activities on this occasion.

Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 9 starts his x-ray special by throwing his sword at his opponent.

Help make this dessert time really special by designing some awesome cupcakes for the party.

And many times you can turn an ordinary customer interaction into something special by telling an interesting story.

We both had a fabulous evening which was made even more memorable and special by the marvellous welcome you gave us.

She remembers the special days of the child like birthday and makes him /her special by giving gifts and celebrating.

It's time for cosy sweaters, the crunching of leaves, and sitting with someone special by the light of a roaring fire.

In 2% of cases special from is used

Select EditPaste Special from the menu.

I demand nothing special from my servers.

It doesn't look all too special from the outside.

Nunak Ragang special from day to day growing more and more developed and populated.

Click the button below to share this infographic and get something special from us.

Two Rams fake punts, Akers missed field goal remove the special from special teams.

For music explorers seeking something special from the Canadian indie scene, On the Other Side is a solid choice.

The film to me was about the people and about what they possess, which was so special from the moment I was there.

At the moment we seem to run one set play and then hope the boys can conjure up something special from the recycle.

In 2% of cases special of is used

The special of the evening was a rib eye steak.

The special of the day was a duck in orange sauce.

Only the most special of friends were offered this.

The upset special of the night was Flintridge Prep beating Ribet Academy in overtime.

That one is parodied in a halloween special of The Simpsons, though it's a dream of Bart.

I found one of the special of this small village is the road direct us until ' The End '!

Special of the Day: Fish Cakes My friend Devon ordered this dish and it was GOOD!! So fresh, crunchy and delicious.

We were grabbing a beer before dinner and found an incredible special of $2 pints, about a third of the normal price.

We do not deep fry anything! But we are always looking for new ideas to add to the special of the day or even to the menu.

Ricky has already said that the Xmas special of AIA will be Karl cycling around the World with Warwick Davis in the basket.

In 1% of cases special as is used

We do nothing special as a country.

It feels very, very special as a result.

It's as unique and special as a snowflake.

Yes, I know he is a Gooner but I still don't think he is anything special as a manager.

It doesn't sound like anything special as a speaker, and it's not particularly powerful.

Even the locally made bread baps tasted special as the wind whipped sand around our heads.

An earlier morning or night time visit to the temple is special as the atmosphere is serene and incredibly peaceful.

But for me it will always be special as the place I passed along to start the most extraordinary adventure of my life.

Lincoln wasn't anything special as a child; he had to teach himself to a certain degree too? not much formal education.

In 1% of cases special because is used

It's special because of its ending.

The evening was special because of two reasons.

It's special because of the way it's processed.

Fox and Franz are special because of the low level snouts and speed of movement.

We start to see it as special because of the crucial truth that we've found in it.

Can we do blue butterflies too? It made our holiday so very special because of that.

For Kannan, working on Koothu in particular was special because of the involvement of his father with the project.

The concert is special because of the very strong connections between the Scott Expedition and the City of Cardiff.

The area belongs to the Little India is special because of its location, which is surrounded by the river Serangoon.

And whatever force there might be in arguments that some country's situation is special because of a current menace -- e.

In 1% of cases special like is used

Yeah, I'd a little special like that.

Raise something special like rabbits.

You make me feel special like never before.

Special like a Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Hulk Hogan kind of way.

No holiday can compare with the excitement of being part of something so special like this.

Choosing something special like a new top will be a great way to reward yourself for sticking to your fitness plan.

You may have to order something special like a veggie burrito, but it is absolutely possibly and incredibly delicious.

God and the Universe gave each and every and each one particular of us a thing extremely special and special like no a single else has.

Why Darwin and Dawkins did not evolved from humans to any thing special like superman why Dawkins is still same after thousand of years.

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