Prepositions after "speak"

speak to, of, about, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases speak to is used

I spoke to them and they agreed.

I recently spoke to a Christian.

They spoke to hundreds of people.

Romney discussed his plans while speaking to high-dollar donors at a private estate.

Aesthetica spoke to Ben about his work and his feelings surrounding his AOP nomination.

George Washington Carver's success was totally dependent upon hearing God speak to him.

Many NHS trusts that I have spoken to are acutely aware of the benefits to them of properly managed reserve service.

Mr Lowry who farms nearby and who regularly saw him flying, spoke to only once before seeing him using this approach.

You can hear and see for yourself the Apostles, Prophets and organization of the Church of Jesus Christ speak to you.

I was once again struck by how seriously the Oracle customers I spoke to at OpenWorld really wanted to get this right.

In 15% of cases speak of is used

Where is the? probity? we speak of.

Everytime you speak of your sin, i.

I spoke of Tartaros in my Holy Word.

Some feminists today prefer to speak of study of thea - feminine form - hence thealogy.

Even when speaking of his personal life, Leo always brings it back to the political.

To speak of the crisis of the historical-critical method today is practically a truism.

Musicians from all genres of music speak of their lives and work in In Other Words: Artists Talk About Life And Work.

The Prophet, says this author, does not here speak of a change of heart, or conversion, but of the spirit of sinners.

In particular he spoke of sunspots and of applications of the moon to the problem of determining longitude at sea: -.

The images of total destruction plastered on all national and international papers spoke of one thing only? mad rage.

In 9% of cases speak about is used

He spoke about the Irish tribe.

We've spoken about it in person.

I'll speak about this more later.

In addition to this, do not unnecessarily think that they are speaking about you.

I don't know which part of the world you are from but I can only speak about the uk.

Learn form my sciences Georgina and after perhaps we could speak about my equations.

Representatives from both BBC and CAFMI spoke about the various events of the week and announced a slogan contest.

I did it because I fear we are killing the planet and I can no longer be content to only write and speak about it.

The many years that have flown since that time make me unqualified to speak about the current UK education system.

One of the speakers that I found most valuable was Dan from Seed Head Design, who spoke about Food Forest Gardens.

In 9% of cases speak with is used

I'll speak with you again soon.

Jonathan is a joy to speak with.

They spoke with 100% confidence.

Researchers don't get credit for the time they put into speaking with journalists.

She saw one of the newlyweds and told a friend that she would like to speak with him.

But, having spoken with him, that was one name I could cross off my list of worries.

I had the chance to speak with them prior to their WEMF performance and went through the Pink Mafia Quick &; Dirty.

A spokeswoman for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt said Friday that she spoke with Roth and that he confirmed his remarks.

Those I spoke with seemed to feel it too and although it did calm down as the acts progressed, it was always there.

It is my understanding that you are the most appropriate person to speak with at your organization regarding MySQL.

In 7% of cases speak for is used

The facts speak for themselves.

And 2) I can't speak for all J.

His records speak for themselves.

P's accomplishments speak for herself -- but perhaps she needs to be reminded of them.

It takes it over, fills it out, runs over, speaks for it, moves before it like music.

I'd sure I speak for all OL members when I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

As some of us grow older (after all, I can't claim to speak for everyone ), we sometimes forget our sense of humour.

I speak for those whose land is being laid waste, whose homes are being destroyed, whose culture is being subverted.

You speak for a great number of people who despair of ever seeing an end to the greedy, resentful Maori gravy train.

I can not speak for him though and did not read the above posts as they were so ignorant, juvenile and full of hate.

In 7% of cases speak in is used

Hey Kurt, I saw you speak in Winona.

The voters spoke in the swing states.

He speaks in plain and honest words.

Many believe that purest form spoken in Zanzibar as it is birth place of the language.

Not that anyone in the clubhouse is speaking in those terms, at least not in public.

I have no problem to speak in English, but my spelling and grammar is a little bit bad.

The counselling relationship provides the space for a person to speak in a safe, trusted &; confidential environment.

It is your responsibility as a leader to embrace the ability to not only speak in public but also be effective at it.

What language is spoken in Kenya? The languages spoken here are English, Kiswahili and about 40 indigenous languages.

It is spoken in the Konkan region covering Goa and parts of the coastal regions of Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra.

In 6% of cases speak at is used

Speaking at the opening of a 1.

Speaking at the same meeting, Dr.

She's spoken at conferences in the U.

Stockholder has exhibited worldwide; we spoke at her studio at the University of Chicago.

After the first Gulf War, I invited him to Belgium to speak at the Flemish university VUB.

He was speaking at the official inauguration of the Bremen Chapter of the NPP in Germany.

He s not speaking at all about people who do NOT need a full computer experience to get done what they want to do.

So we spoke at some length about Bettys Tea Rooms there, and I may have agreed to send her some teacakes in the post.

Owen Marcus Sheridan recently spoke at our Optimization Summit in Atlanta and he absolutely knocked it out of the park.

President Obama with a copy of his job and economic reform plan as he speaks at a campaign event in Delray Beach, Fla.

In 5% of cases speak on is used

Speaking on the same token, Hon.

Goh spoke on a number of occasions.

He spoke on condition of anonymity.

The society asked him to come and speak on his book at their conference in three weeks.

He speaks on behalf of a number of people who have been ignored for a number of years.

When I speak on the subject of strengths, people ask me what I make of Philippians 4:13.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the annual full session of China? s parliament, the National People? Congress.

If the Islam Supreme Council has nothing to do with this group, then why speak on their behalf to request that the U.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the aide was not authorized to discuss the private discussions.

Damian this one a very inspirational piece it speaks on levels comprehensible to normal minds Fred This is inspiring.

In 2% of cases speak from is used

I can only speak from a US perspective.

In Exodus, God speaks from the top of Mt.

Enough has been spoken from both the sides.

Because -- and I speak from experience here -- the first step will help in your writing.

Whenever he spoke from the minbar about charity and refraining from begging, the Prophet (s.

He read some points from the paper he was presenting but in most cases he spoke from his heart.

Speaking from experience, nothing provokes extreme emotions more than protracted wrangling's in the Family Court.

Principles of Hallway Explanations There are nine basic principles of good hallway explanations: Speak from practice.

Thus, I speak from a lived understanding when I say this: no one, especially a grieving woman, talks like Eva! No one.

People in the society usually speak from memory, and what's more they usually speak in such a way as to exalt themselves.

In 1% of cases speak against is used

We can invite you to speak against vouchers.

More over, he spoke against Indian traditions.

If you speak against the McCanns, that doesn't make you a WH.

I've read about so many people being caught for speaking against the government.

These are also the ones who represent the ummah and who can speak against the ummah.

I have on a ga site watched people after people get booted for speaking against ga.

And we as sinners ourselves, must be able to swallow our tongues and our pride when our particular sin is spoken against.

False witnesses attested that Stephen never stopped speaking against the holy place (the Temple) and the Law (of Moses).

Well Its a country where gays are not given their basic rights, Its a country where you can not speak against Islam freely.

In 1% of cases speak as is used

Brill noted he was speaking as Gov.

The other two were spoken as a resting place.

And Paul does not speak as a Gentile ' outsider '.

Just like, speaking as a biological metaphor, Hey, your kids are here to replace you.

I speak as a citizen of the world, for the world as it stands aghast at the path we have taken.

Speaking as an almost German, I can say that your Wurst und Sauerkraut look superbly authentic.

I can speak as a consumer and say the sites that I am most likely to come back to on a consistent basis solve problems.

Speaking as Republican in favor of blanket Amnesty, I would urge the author to reconsider his anger and name calling.

Speaking as the father of a mixed-race family - the seeds of a new anti-racist movement - Christ! thats the last thing we need.

The singer spoke as the duo unveiled their new single Shame, which they recorded together, but without the other three band members.

In 1% of cases speak by is used

You can speak by learning alound.

Mursi said he had spoken by phone with U.

He spoke by blessing and by withdrawing His blessing.

Telugu is also a Dravidian language and is the spoken by the people of Andhra Pradesh.

But if your native language is spoken by few people, like Swedish, you have no choice.

English, the official language of Ghana, is spoken by the majority of Ghanaian citizens.

Negotiators spoke by phone on Friday before the NHL made its latest round of game cancellations and again on Saturday.

Renard The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle Top of the Pile Anthology by Nenagh Writers.

Most of us are familiar only with everyday language, the language spoken by the ordinary person, ordinary worldly language.

See on?????????????????) Strictly different, from their native tongues, and also different tongues spoken by the different.

In 1% of cases speak during is used

We know, however, that it was spoken during the 13th century.

We spoke during pre-season about the physical side of the Premier League.

He was speaking during a sports tournament that he organizes every year in honor of their late fathe r, Barack Obama, Sr.

President Barack Obama (R) speaks during a meeting with members of his cabinet at the White House in Washington November 28, 2012.

Odierno speak during the 2012 Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition press conference in Washington, D.

May 7, 2012 -- NAJIT Chair Rob Cruz spoke during a segment on radio station KNPR's segment on courts ' struggles with language needs.

Within 30 minutes fact checking organizations were digging deep on Romney and not one reporter mentioned the non-truths spoke during the debate.

Arranging for you to speak during these events and seminars will become easier when your contact list includes journalists and magazine editors.

Newfoundland, in eastern Canada, is also seen to have a minor dialect of Irish, closely resembling the Irish spoken during the 16th to 17th centuries (See Newfoundland Irish).

James Muir) Secretary of the Army John McHugh speaks during the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.

In 1% of cases speak through is used

He spoke through signs and natural events.

Thank you for allowing the Spirit to speak through you.

The will of God has spoken through the cardinals, and they are in no position to overrule Him.

You (Mr Roche) are speaking through your hat about issues of which you know very little indeed.

As she speaks through her diary, the audience learns that not all prisons are made of stone and steel.

He was not the head of HOE but second in command to the Big Man who spoke through him anytime he wanted anything done.

To have the wisdom of God speak through me and know that it is not from me but the the divinity of inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Both lawyers, they spoke through jargon and megaphones, barely spending time together in their own house and sleeping in separate beds.

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