Prepositions after "spanish"

"spanish in" or "spanish for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases spanish in is used

She took up Spanish in 1st year.

I learned my spanish in Nicaragua.

Quick facts about Spanish in Cadiz.

The Spanish influence also extended to architecture, language, cuisine and etiquette.

Learn Spanish in Spain and discover why fire is so meaningful for the Spanish culture.

While you learn Spanish in Spain enjoy this wonderful night full of magic and customs.

John Hawkins made three trips to West Africa in the 1560s, and stole Africans whom he sold to the Spanish in America.

Pol lives in Bangkok where he teaches Spanish in a couple of universities and from where he explores South East Asia.

It sounds like you are making a fantastic effort and I've no doubt that your daughter will speak Spanish in the future.

Next is historic Rio Nuevo battlefield, where the British first landed in Jamaica and clashed with the Spanish in 1655.

In 17% of cases spanish for is used

The Spanish for stamp is sello.

Alcatraz is Spanish for pelican.

I studied Spanish for ten years and used it all the time.

Anyway, I learnt Spanish for about 30-minutes and I taught my listener some English.

Luckily, I had brushed up my conversational Spanish for Italy, and I had a gala time.

Starter kits are available in English or Spanish for adults and children under age 18.

We argued in our best Spanish for an hour but it was pretty clear that this lady, and gentleman, were not for moving.

Doing things the hard way By throwing myself in at the deep end, I was able to really perfect my Spanish for one thing.

I took Spanish for years in middle and high school, while I only remember tidbits of the language I love latin culture.

In 8% of cases spanish at is used

Novak for Spanish at HACC last year.

I study Spanish at the University of Bristol.

I was very into everything Spanish at the time.

We'll be in Grand Canaria; it will help the kids as they are doing Spanish at school.

We are a family of four with a 3 and 6 year old who are both learning Spanish at school.

Within the US, a total of over 28 million people speak Spanish at some degree of fluency.

I'd now 22, and I've just finished my Bachelor of Arts majoring in history and Spanish at the University of Sydney.

I speak Spanish at a C2 level, speak Turkish at an A1 level (a lot of room for improvement) and am I good sport climber.

Economic Indicators Over 30 million American residents over 5 speak Spanish at home, that means one in every five citizens.

In 7% of cases spanish as is used

Spanish as a first language here.

Even had to take spanish as a mandatory class in school.

It was published in French and Spanish as well as English.

The proposal to add Spanish as a third working language was passed on 11 December 1948.

Both works will, of necessity, be multi-lingual, with Spanish as the dominant language.

Seve was never Spanish as such, he was a golfer first, loved by a lot of nationalities.

Some historians say these Africans were armed and released by the Spanish as part of their resistance to the invaders.

Seventy-nine percent of North American recruiters cited Spanish as the additional language most in demand by employers.

The example here is with learning Spanish as a second language but the lesson holds true regardless of language of choice.

Julio Foppoli, Teacher of English as a Second Language, Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language, Creator and owner of www.

In 7% of cases spanish with is used

Dominguez -- Svidler 1/2-1/2 Another Spanish with 5.

It's just a word from Spanish with a simple literal meaning.

It is in Spanish with a brief English translation (see the example on another page).

Aruba! What do speak there? A creole Portuguese, Spanish with immigrants, English tourists.

With enough research and tenacity, you can easily find someone who will speak Spanish with you for hours at a time.

Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services.

We were surprised to see one here and happily chatted in English and Spanish with the staff who were all from Mexico.

In 7% of cases spanish to is used

I made my order -- in Spanish to her.

It was carried by the Spanish to Manila in the mid 1500's.

I went abroad and had only studied French and Spanish to A level.

Taken by the Spanish to Europe in the 16th century, it quickly spread across the globe.

But for the job you do (Chef) I think you don't need to speak fluently spanish to get hired.

I taught Spanish to students all over Kingston travelling to their schools, homes or work places.

It literally changes Spanish to English when you hold your camera up to a sign/menu etc - even if it is handwritten.

The third meaning passed through Spanish to French as dovane, with particular reference by now to a? customs-office?

Why cant they have a hybrid column? I also hate it when I see another hispanic and they start trying to speak spanish to me.

I have since added Spanish to my list, as I lived in Madrid for a few years, and German as a result of studying it for a long time.

In 5% of cases spanish by is used

Translation from the Spanish by Rev.


Translated from the Spanish by the Rev.

You ll easily find out who is Italian or French or Spanish by the way they speak English.

Next year it will be published in Spanish by Granta en espaol and Chinese by Granta China.

Palma, translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am by Kjersti A.

If such is not the case, the same will have to be translated into Spanish by a public translator registered in Uruguay.

After the expulsion of the Spanish by the British, the city withered, but the bay was still used, especially by pirates.

The Golden Horse (El Caballo de Oro) by Juan David Morgan, translated from the Spanish by John Cullen November 8, 2012 I looked glum.

In 5% of cases spanish on is used

But Carmiol wasn't teaching Spanish on Thursday.

Sarita is speaking Spanish on the phone to me now.

He spoke no Spanish on arrival and learned little.

He said you can here more Spanish on the streets in NYC than you can hear Catalan in Barcelona.

You were talking to your mother in Spanish on the phone, and I was sitting next to you, crying.

The survey was conducted in both English and Spanish on cellular as well as landline telephones.

I wrote to Betty Crocker to complain about directions in Spanish on their products stating that this catering has got to stop.

Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks will offer the network in English and a separate network in Spanish on TV and on demand.

When the British defeated the Spanish on Jamaica in the same year, the original inhabitants, the Arowak Indians, were already extinct.

His second opera, Nootka, set at the arrival of the English and Spanish on Vancouver Island, has thus far been presented as an oratorio.

In 3% of cases spanish from is used

I'd sure he can get help with Spanish from Messi and others.

And before them it was Spanish from both sides of the civil war.

I'd certain he can get assistance with Spanish from Messi and others.

That's a clear difference but it's one that distinguishes Spanish from English football.

These people were using Spanish from Spain, and not the slightly weakened Spanish from South America.

In December 1762, Silang expelled the Spanish from the coastal city of Vigan and set up an independent government.

Hope will have learnt it someday! Where did you learn Spanish from? Colleagues? I am also trying to make a sense in Pashtu.

Pushed back in Hispaniola (today's Haiti/Dominican Republic ), they moved on to Jamaica, driving the Spanish from their new capital of St.

Who wouldn't want their child speaking Mandarin, English, Hindi, Arabic, and Spanish from a young age onward? Drew, USA Impressive - and heartwarming.

In 1% of cases spanish without is used

I've long been interested in the Spanish without.

Now I wish we had as the word for year in Spanish without an accent becomes too graphically medical.

This is perhaps the best technique when learning Spanish without having to go to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

The frequent use of Spanish without English translation barely disguises the author's contempt for people of non-Hispanic ethnicity.

I did an exchange program in Sevilla, Spain and also learnt spanish within 6 months and took Uni lectures in spanish without problems at all.

You can't expect yourself to speak spanish without ever learning it, just as you probably have found out when you started learning to play an instrument.

In 1% of cases spanish about is used

Recommended by: Geoff There s nothing Spanish about this place.

We publish a lot of stuff in Spanish about respect and sensitivity.

I attach a file in Spanish about that: http: **28;601;TOOLONG (valle.

Spanish Criticism Provides a list of articles written in Spanish about Ian McEwan and his works.

Many feature Romney's youngest son, Craig, speaking in Spanish about his grandfather's immigrant past.

Could be a coincidence? At Kroger the couple was driving a 2012 4 door BMW and the woman said something to her husband in Spanish about my eyes.

Hello all my friends i am very happy to announce that one of my blog readers in Argentina has made a blog in Spanish about Artrogriposis and you can check it out at http: //artrogrip.

I overheard two girls speaking in Spanish about how one girl's boyfriend was asking her to have sex, but refused to use a condom, and she was too young to get birth control on her own.

In 1% of cases spanish through is used

I am hoping to learn some Spanish through audio books too.

He placed two men on each of 200 horses and had them ride around the Spanish through the night.

However two key saves from Casillas sent the Spanish through and marked the lifting of a weight from their shoulders.

Learning Spanish through Argentine Tango When one studies Argentine Tango, he can pick up another language -- Spanish.

It seems bizarre that the Portuguese should keep Ronaldo back to take the fifth penalty, which is never going to happen as Fabregas ' effort goes in off the post and sends the Spanish through.

In 1% of cases spanish Like is used

But alright, maybe the Spanish like their tea a different way than the Irish, so fair enough.

I am saying that trying to develop/imitate the Spanish like most want us to try and do would NOT be beneficial.

When it comes to favourites, most ' best food movies ' lists include the 1992, Spanish Like Water for Chocolate.

See the Japanese and the Spanish like eating Tapas style and if I could bring one law in to Ireland it would be that.

The Spanish course that I recommend that you use in conjunction with it is Learning Spanish Like Crazy (http: **28;141;TOOLONG? af=217.

With the combination of glorious sunshine and the Spanish like atmosphere of the ' Caf Flamenco ', Minister for the Gaeltacht, Dinny Mc Ginley, T.

In 1% of cases spanish into is used

In one encounter, they lured the Spanish into a trap.

I have been experimenting with on line translators to turn Spanish into English.

There are frequent vaccancies for translation work from Spanish into other languages.

The simultaneous translations from the Portuguese and Spanish into English in the text are quite brilliant.

When the material was translated from Spanish into Latin (the common European language) the (chi) became the Latin (x).

But if your 1st vocabulary is Uk plus you've got a substantial demand or are bilingual in Spanish language, you must read from How to speak spanish into Uk for optimum results).

The Spanish language itself has been greatly influenced by Arabic, particularly in terms of vocabulary, and many terms of Arabic origin passed on from Spanish into English in the New World.

In 1% of cases spanish instead is used

Also, it's very possible that we might be speaking Spanish instead of English.

That kept me going en also forced me to think about things in Spanish instead of forcing me to speak and thus forcing myself to make errors.

So when we started to organise a wedding from Seoul by email / Skype in a town we had never been to and with Spanish instead of Italian I started panicking a bit.

In 1% of cases spanish during is used

Keith Law, however, responds to questions in Spanish during his chats for ESPN.

Brown got involved when his ship was commandeered by the Spanish during the revolution of 1810.

Most visitors to the resorts tend to be Germans during the winter months and Spanish during the summer.

The Philippines have been occupied by the Spanish during its colonization and by the Japanese during World War II.

This speach was live translated into English from Spanish during the conference, and is reproduced from exptensive notes.

Shawna was one of the Portland crew, she may have got frustrated but she did learn a lot of Spanish during those two weeks.

When I became a fluent in Spanish during my early twenties, I realized that I had been speaking a foreign language my entire life.

In addition to elementary, we have a very comprehensive middle school curriculum which is used by our integrated teachers who instruct Spanish during the school day.

He helped his father with the weaving, but he always wanted to sail the seas He didn't get to go to school very much, but he learned to read and write Spanish during his travels.

In 1% of cases spanish before is used

You won't be fluent in Spanish before the end of the week.

I've studied French and Spanish before and German is definitely easiest as it's quite like English.

The language is very much like Spanish and this is an advantage for me, as I studied Spanish before this year.

They were slaves who either ran away from or were released by the Spanish before the English invaded Jamaica in 1655.

I grew up with a smattering of Spanish words/phrases/epithets, because my mother spoke Spanish before English, via her Mexican maid.

In 1% of cases spanish after is used

I was to visit Cuba and speak, Spanish after all,.

Many Europeans ask me if I speak Spanish after learning that I lived in Brazil.

Arawak Indians were the original inhabitants exterminated by the Spanish after Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1492.

Spanish Town - Spanish Town, built by the Spanish after Sevilla Nueva (New Seville) was abandoned, dates from 1534.

FIRST STOP - Spanish Town Spanish Town, built by the Spanish after Sevilla Nueva (New Seville) was abandoned, dates from 1534.

Now I am in the City, Valencian is hardly spoken by anyone, I am now fluent in Spanish after 7 years, and at the least, know how to curse in Valencian.

I thought at first that the problem was the rustiness of my Spanish after a few decades of disuse, but Sandy Spanier said she had trouble comprehending him as well.

I had a great deal of trouble conversing in Spanish after seven years of classroom instruction in junior high and high school, even though I got As all the way through.

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